25 Nov 2016

[FOTD] Green Asian Style - Rainbow Makeup Collaboration x SBB

Hi readers! It's good to be back again! :)

This post is going to be another collaboration and now I am featuring Surabaya Beauty Bloggers. :)
This collaboration is hosted by Nindy with the theme Rainbow Makeup with Asian and Western styles. So there are 7 pairs of bloggers to create each look for each color that are in rainbow with different style--western and asian.

Actually! I think this is a bit failed. ^_^;; I got the part to make green-asian. But I don't think I really represent Asian look here. But well, practice makes perfect right? :) I promise I'll do better next time!

So wihtout further talk, let's get down to the business. :)

[REVIEW] Trisia Cosmetics (Soy Bean Brightening Series--Facial Foam, Scrub, Serum)

Good day everyone! I love it that now I start being productive in blogging world again. xD
Even it means more work! 

This time is going to be another review about a local brand cosmetic, Trisia. 
In some local thread/forum, women starts to talk about this local brand. Trisia has many kind of tempting natural skincares and so does make up products with super affordable prices. 

For a form of collaboration  between Surabaya Beauty Blogger and Trisia Cosmetic, I got their 3 (facial foam, micro scrub, serum) products which are in their Soy Bean Brightening Series line. Care to get to know them better and what do I think about them? Let's keep reading. :)

23 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Djati Family Spa

Hi everyone!
I'm so excited since this is my very first time trying a spa. Lol
Because actually I'm not really comfortable being naked in front of people even my own mom. Hahaha.

In this post I will tell you about my experience in this amazing freshly new spa which is located in the centre part of Surabaya, Djati Family Spa--a spa with facial service too! 
If you want to get away from your hectic schedule and have a relaxed mind for a while, refresh your tired muscles, relieving stress, this is what you are looking for. :D
To know more about their promo, prices, packages, services and many more, please keep reading. ^_^

ps: get ready for a traditional minimalist interior of this spa which will mesmerize you like it did to me. xD

me and Nessya--my fellow beauty blogger

22 Nov 2016

[EVENT REPORT] Blobar Instant Beauty

Hi girls!
It's another post related to Blobar after my review about my unicorn ombre hair by Blobar.

Blobar just can't stop to amaze me, so that's why when I got the chance to attend the event they just held for free as a part of Surabaya Beauty Blogger, I was so excited and immediately said yes to attend. xD

So, what kind of event is it? *psst this one is a unique event!

Blobar held an open house event on November 18th-20th. This event called Instant Beauty. 

For only IDR 100K , you will receive:

18 Nov 2016

[REVIEW] Unicorn Ombre Hair by Blobar Salon

Finally, another blog post with sooo much hard work lately. *cries*
I can barely pay attention to my cyber stuffs anymore since I get into the college. T_T

No more intermezzos, I am very excited to share with you guys about my latest review on a my (very first) ombre hair and everything, by Blobar Surabaya. I did my hair actually already quite some times ago but this is a highly requested post so I decided to post this.

In this post I will tell you from the very beginning, the process until after the color has faded. *there will be a lot of pictures. :)

Enjoy! :)


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