28 Aug 2013

REVIEW / SWATCH : The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick no. 11 Lovely Pink

Hi guys. It's been long time since I stop writing posts on my old blog which I forgot the password T_T

And now, directly to the review..

I bought this lipstick in The Face Shop counter in Bali for 90K and I believe I'll get much cheaper price if I buy online. You can find it online or at the nearest malls.
The one I choose is the Black Label Lipstick #11 Lovely Pink.

So this is the advertisement :

I actually saw this advertisement after I bought it in the shop. I was looking for a nude soft milky pink or peach color. The tasters in the shop was very limited and had no nude color :(
So I just picked based on the color that is shown on the bottom part of the package.

Here's my personal review :
For the packaging, I think it looks very nice and elegant. It doesn't look cheap, but high-end. It comes in glossy plastic packaging.

  On the upper side of the cap, you can see "The Face Shop" brand. Simple yet elegant.

 It doesn't come in a box, it was only sealed with plastic wrapper. In the lipstick packaging there is no weight description on it, so.. sorry I have no idea the exact weight! ㅠ But I think it is about 3.5-4 grams.

I had no idea about the lipstick before, so I just picked the color that I thought will gonna match my expectation, nudy pink/coral color. I picked this shade based on what I see on the bottom sticker of the packaging BUUUT.. when I opened the lipstick..

The color is so different and much deeper than the bottom sticker :'(
I was a little disappointed about it. It was sealed and the shop had no tester for this shade, well.. just don't really believe lipstick's bottom sticker T_T
So this is how it looks in my room with a bright lightning bulb ><
And below it, under natural sunlight.

  1. Color : rosy, really rose pink. Has very small shimmers if you look closely, and a hint of slight glossy finish. Not nude.
  2. Durability : At me, without drinking or eating, it lasts about 5 hours.
  3. Price : reasonable and worthy
  4. Packaging : Nice, simple, elegant. The cap attach nicely.
  5. Texture : Glide on easily (better than Sariayu's, but not above MAC's), creamy but not sticky. But sometimes makes dry lips' crack more visible. But it's not a big problem. And you can use lipbalm to overcome it. It is quiet moisturizing, but not all day for me. I have dry lips and it only moisturizes about 3-4 hours?
  6. Others : I've been using this for about a week and I didn't really use this because I wanted a nude color. That's based on individual opinion :) I didn't see any irritation or discoloration on my lips after using this product. It also doesn't have any taste or scent.
Please let me know if there is something I missed here or you want to ask! Feel free to comment :) Thank you, have a great day <3


  1. oh I think it was a MAC (by the packaging) haha.. and thanks for your comment too, I've been using cherry pink bioglo to lighten the pigmented areas of my lips. :)

  2. hi, I tried to reply here, ahah. about cherry pink bioglo, I bought it online. LIOELE also got something similar like the cherry pink bioglo (lioele magic lip treatment)

  3. I bought it at "marie care" shop cuz the owner is my friend. but the olshop is closed already >.< u can search it by entering the keyword "bioglo" on facebook though. good luck ^-^

  4. Can I have the link to your other blog ? I'm just curious. >.<


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