30 Jul 2013

FOTD.... My Fav Photo Editor on Apple / Android 28/10/2012

Hi everyone ^ ^
How's your day? I hope you had a wonderful blessed day.
Since I find my interest to post articles on blog again, I want to write something even though I don't have any viewers right now! T_T
I'm not into designing blog (T_T) and sometimes don't have time to make a post of product reviews and so on although I want :'(

Well, just wanna share some selcas that I took on October, quiet long ago hehehe ^ ^"
I didn't use any bb cream, foundation, powder, lip stuffs and whatsoever. I just use an eyebrow pencil, a  black and a silver pencil eyeliner and put on a little hint of lipstick on my cheek. Umm, since I believe the lipstick can be used for multiple function. Hahaha ~(-o- ~)
Oh, and I edited my selcas with my favorite android or apple application, Camera360 :)
I use the "Magic Skin" effect -> "Fresh" to 50%
The second pic is "Magic Skin" black and White 100% and "Sexy (?) Lips" 100%
And so rare I found myself braided my hair \(^o^)/

On face : Sariayu Eyebrow Pencil - Brown
Etude House Proof 10 Auto Pencil - #01 Black
Etude House Jewelry Proof 10 Pencil - Silver
So what's your favorite photo editor? ^ ^


  1. Hi !
    This is MuShii from Pudding.to ! I'll start reading your blog then ! (I started mine yesterday, but I'm still working on it >.<)

    I'm busy right now but I'll take the time to read in a little while. ^^

    See ya ~

    1. Really nice! Send me your blog url and I'll read your blog too <3

  2. I think my favourite photo editor is Fotorus... and pixlromatic. ^^

    1. Really? I should try those too then ! ^^
      Photofy is nice too ! :D


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