25 Jul 2013


Hi girls. Now I'm back with another post about weight-loosing in a natural way. I really do this as a routine and 'thin me' still can cut down my weight because of several things. Every girls want to have slim curvacious body with flat tummy and healthy proportional look right? So check this out :D

First I'm gonna tell you about my condition first because everybody has different metabolism and body work(?)
I am 45kgs after I eat something (lol-.-) and currently 44kilograms now. My height is 167cm tall. But it still not easy for skinny girls to have flat tummy if they don't watch out what they eat and their routine, including me too. Also sometimes food that I want to transform into something in my hand or wheresoever can be in a place that I really don't want them to be, like in my legs. Having fats in thigh is unpleasant right?


The first thing is what you eat.
Try not to eat NOODLE. Any noodle. Noodle contains a layer of candlelit so it is hard to be digested in our bowel. So for sure, it'll bigger your stomach and need longer time than vegetables to 'get out' from your body. It is proofed, I have some relations. They were very thin, until they started selling noodle and eat noodle everyday, they are now about 90kgs!
And also try to eat more VEGETABLES and FRUITS that easy to digest.
In the morning you should eat only about ONE SCOOP of WHITE RICE. If you have RED RICE, it is wayyy better than the white one because the white one is full of glucose and carbohydrate. You should eat more white rice before you go to exercise or going to have a long tiring trip because you'll need energy.
A little meat and pork is good because they contains protein. But shouldn't take too much! Fish is better!;)
Don't eat after exercising! It'll gonna weight you more and more. I tried it in a month and my weight increased about 3 kgs! :-|
After 6pm, you shouldn't eat rice anymore. Go take fruits. Red apple is good one.
Don't eat heavy foods before you sleep because you're not gonna burn the calories while you're sleeping XD
Try to substance white rice with UNFRIED POTATO. Boiled one is nice and actually kinda taste nice :)
Low-fat milk is nice and it gives you 'full' feeling:)
The second one is exercise.
 Everyone knows that this one is going to help. Try to do skipping every week on minimum 5 mins. It gonna make you taller too!^^ I used to be short but after doing routine skipping everyday I grow muuch taller than before^^
Run and sit up really helps.. I never go to gym but by sitting up at home I can start seeing better tummy shape of mine, I mean I start seeing muscle on my tummy ._.
I do this at home for 30 minutes, not everyday but try to do it as often as possible. It helps making your thigh slimmer. You don't have to use something under your feet like this girl use anw ._. plain floor is just fine^.^
For more thorough tips about exercise, you can click here

Sorry for the long post!I've tried everything above. I cut down my weight, really. 3.5 kgs in a week! But i am too thin for it XD
So for you who want to cut down your weight, you can try them at home. Just don't force yourself not to eat at all. It's a wrong way! >.<
I really hope this help and inspire you. ^^
Thanks for reading and leave your opinion/questionresult/experience/discussion down below
xoxo Jessie^^


  1. oh my... NOODLEEE... I love Noddle
    Makanyaaa nggak turun2x beratku malah naik hehehe.
    Nice post ^.^


    1. Thank you for reading dear^^
      Kalau aku makan mie bbrapa kali berturut2 perutku membuncit meskipi un beratnya gk bgitu naik T_Tv

  2. masa sih jes km cm 165cm? kyny lebi tinggi deh :O
    oh ya sit up cm 30 detik? bkn 30 menit ya? klo cm 30 detik mau ah cobain hahahah :P

    1. oh iya yaampun salah ketik hahah xD untung ce Rini tanya hihi :p
      iya waktu itu ngukur pake meteran segala *gawat* masih 165 ternyata /sobs/ hihi xD

  3. gilaaa... kurus banget.. abis lahiran nih badan kaya toren air 1000l hahaha.. AKu cuma olah raga ringan kalo kuliah turun dari lantai 8 lewat tangga, alhasil BB sekarang minus 3 kg dari sebelum hamil hehehe..

    1. wah iya.. dimana2 pda bilang kalo habis hamil susah.. guruku ada udah anak 4 beratnya skirar 50an dan tingginya skitar 165an.. termasuk kurus kan :p ak byk bljr dr dia nih:)

  4. Kalo makan nasi brrt ga boleh lbh dr jam 6?? Makan siangnya apa dong (•_•♧) saran dong kak :")))

    1. makan siang nya bisa dicoba karbohidrat sekitar 200kalori-an. Bisa didampingi makanan bernutrisi dan berprotein seperti ikan rebus, dada ayam :)

  5. Kalo makan nasi brrt ga boleh lbh dr jam 6?? Makan siangnya apa dong (•_•♧) saran dong kak :")))

    1. sebaiknya nggak dear:) kalo laper mending makan buah. trutama apel bagus.. di ngenyangin tp low calories^^ semoga membantu :D

  6. wah nice tips,pengen langsing cuman ya itu musuh terbesarku malas.. haha
    boleh dicoba nih :D

  7. I agree to not eating after exercising,, we shoul eat first before doing that.. Nice review.


  8. klo lwat dr jam 6 sore boleh ngemil snack gitu gak?

    1. Kalau bisa snacknya juga diperhatikan ya :) Dibiasakan nyamil buah, yoghurt, roti gandum juga enak kok :D


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