25 Jul 2013

OOTD, Simple Night Farewell Party Fashion

Hi everybody
I know it's been long time since I didn't post any entries. Been really busy because of school stuffs!
And about my reviews, so sorry there wasn't any swatches. I'll try to update them with swatches when I get my camera back^_^
And just wanna share with you about OOTD on the Farewell day in my school.
with beauty blogger Jessica Alicia <3


The Farewell party's dress code is simple yet elegant. Above, my beautiful friend Reditha Saras match the dress code better then me! lol.. Anw she has a nice body so everything will look great on her^^
I tried not to do anything with my hair. I wore a black blouse and matched it with black peplum skirt and 3 bracelets, also small square black purse. On foot, i wore a black ankle heels. At first I was afraid that I didn't match the dress code but thanks God -.-" many of the attenders wore more ornamental-y outfits than mine! XD I know it isn't clear to see it here. I'll try to make a post of their details next time^^
whoops! Ugly me ><

 Okay so that's all for this entry >< hope you guys visit http://jessicaalicia.com/ too^^ she's a beauty blogger too!
xoxo Jessie~


  1. Nice ootd.. anw you looks like Yoona (SNSD) in here~☆

    1. Hi Nia! Thanks for reading^^
      ah its still too far but thanks! It made my day♥^^


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