24 Jul 2013


Hello guys, long time no post. So busy these days T_T
I can't even really take swatches because my camera was broken T_T so sorry!
But I'm here to write about some honest review to you guys 헤헤~

Well, let's just get to the review now^^

This auto pencil eyeliner comes in 5 shades and produced by famous Korean cosmetic brand, Etude house.
The 5 shades are :
1. Black
2. Blue
3. Brown
4. Grey
5. Purple

If you saw my last post http://iamfoodeater.blogspot.com/2012/12/selcas-of-day-28102012.html , I used this eyeliner. Only the eyeliner without primer, foundation, base or anything else. It doesn't smudge for about 3 hours and the color quite intense but not glossy or shimmery.

What it claims from the ads:
It is waterproof, last for 24 hours, scale 10 (-.-" ?)

Packaging : nice, sleek, travel friendly.You just need to twist the packaging to get the use the liner. But be careful not to twist to much while using it or it might broke. The sharpener in the bottom easily unattached if you bring it traveling (but I dont really use the sharpener, since the residue supposed to be use too T_T lol)
Durability :  Well for me this lasts for a year. Nice!
Function : It does smudge if you have oily skin. I live in Indonesia which is hot and humid all day. My skin tend to be dry to normal but it still smudge after about 3-6 hours with foundation/bb cream but without. I love to use this to tightline my eye. But it feels a bit irritating on my eyes after several hours. I don't know why :/
Color : No shimmer, quite intense for a pencil liner, not glossy.
Price: Very reasonable! I bought it only about IDR 60.000?

Rate : 3.5 / 5

Would I repurchase? Nope, I think I'll try the Holika Holika one ^^

So have you tried this one? Was it good?
Different experience? Comment down below!^^

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