20 Sep 2013


Hello ^_^

Today I'm going to update this old review of mine since now I can upload swatches XD

Such A Flare lipstick by MAC is a limited edition lipstick by mac. The color is bright sexy red and very wearable for night-party! This lipstick is similar to Mac Ruby Woo lisptick which is sooo famous :D

ps. idk why the color turns out this way -.- they look okay on the phone and on my laptop.....until i uploaded it here -.-
Well but the lipstick color looks like that, just a bit fresher ^_^

i was in rush so I didn't take more swatches TT
anw I looked up on google and I find this ^^ (cr. http://www.vampyvarnish.com )

Gorgeous right?
In real, it is not that glossy I think. It is more to a matte finish, but just because it glides so smoothly maybe it looks like a glossy lipstick one. And the lightning can cause it too ^.^

Packaging : nice, elegant, sleek
Color : very pigmented bright red, giving a sexy nice matte look. If you like gradient lips this lipstick would turn out very nice and a little bit pinky. Just.. the best lipstick to make gradation lips ever with the best texture--for me :D
Texture : very smooth and easy to apply. Very very good texture! Doesnt make lips crack ^^
Durability : It last for about a year !
Smell : has a hint of sweet smell but doesn't bother you, and doesn't really taste bad. Just a hint of....sweet?><
This lipstick doesn't dry my lips about 3 2 hours. I have very dry lips so I have to use lipbalm. This glide on very nicely and pigmented on my lips without making crack on lips. It is longlasting. It last for about more than 4-5 hours without eating.

overal rating : 4.8/5!

would I repurchase? Yes yes!>< if i had another chance to buy. Since its pricey T.T

It's a bit pricey, I bought it for about IDR 200 or 300K (i forgot the exact price sorry T_T). But yeah...it's worth trying ^^
Have you tried the other colors?
Let's share ^^


  1. wow..mahal juga yaa hehehe..
    tapi red nya keluar <3

    1. iya ce huhuhu T_T my first mac lipstick. pingin nyoba warna lain tapi mahal XD

  2. Woah the color is so pretty, but it's pricey meh >__<
    Followed you back ♡


    1. Iya kak><
      tp bagus banget loh kalau jd gradient lips. Srius >.<

  3. I want a Mac lipstick, but are so expensive :c The color of this is very pretty, I like it! Your blog is very cute, I follow you! follow me back? :)

    1. Yeah T.T
      not healthy for our wallet lol xD
      thanks for visiting!ill follow you back^^♡

  4. merahnya sexy keliatannya xD aq juga punya lipstik merah yg warnanya kyak gini, tapi mereknya Etude :D
    new follower here <3

    1. Wah iya? :D matte / glossy?
      thank you ^^ ill follow you back :D

  5. wooww merahnya elegant beud <3 kayakny ini dupe nya ada deh di nyx alias cari yg lbh murah, km beli mac dmn ?

    1. wah serius say? Moga2 aja warna dan kualitasnya mendekati yah :D soalnya kalau mac mulu gak sehat buat dompet :-'D wkakak
      aku lupa dear tapi itu belinya di online shop kok :D
      www.drollypop.com dulu smpt buka PO sih, gatau skrg masih ada apa gak PO Mac ^^ hihii
      thanks ya udah mampir :D


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