24 May 2013


I've been searching for eyeliner that has intense color, doesn't smudge, waterproof, has reasonable price and can be use to line hard part of eyes, I mean to tightline ><
It is very hard since I live in humid place --"
I've been trying Etude House Code B Gel Liner in no.2 Secret Black which is now upgraded and transformed into Etude House Drawing Show Gel Liner ( I think?)
This tony moly comes in 9 shades :

And mine is number 1, black :

The under part of the pot

 Under the running water. Yes! it is waterproof ^^

After I tested it under the running water and rubbed it for about 10 times x)

 I let this on my hand for about 10 hours :o Of course you won't touch your eyes as much as your hand touches things x)

 You can pull the brush to make it longer :D flexible!

Packaging : unique, sleek, come in a brush and plastic container
Color : intense black, a bit glossy but no shimmer. One time application is enough to make a bold intense black eye line XD
Texture : very creamy, glides on smoothly on skin
Durability : about more than 1 year after everyday use

It does waterproof (i've tested it) and it doesn't smudge after you let it dry for about 10 seconds. For better durability and non-smudge itself i think you should use eye primer first. However without eye primer, only bb cream on me it only smudge a little. Like I mentioned before, I live in a humid place so this is a nice eyeliner. This is not flaky at all and less transfer-full compare to other gel liners I've tried so far :)

Free attachable brush with nice quality. I must say the brush is much better than the Etude House's one. The EH's brush not so soft and one of the hair of the brush hurts when I applied the eyeliner -.-

Price : very reasonable! I bought this below IDR100.000 for this good eyeliner! The brush is nice too and make a pretty winged eye. Much better than the Etude's one! >__< But it is a bit hard using this one to tightline my eyes, but no problem. Can be overwhelmed by pencil liner^_^
See my Etude House Proof 10 Auto Liner here http://iamfoodeater.blogspot.com/2013/05/review-etude-house-proof10-auto-pencil.html
Overall rating : 4/5

Would I repurchase? YES! And I wanna try other shades as well^^

Did you see my Jessica SNSD Mr Taxi Makeup Tutorial? (click the pic down below for the tutorial and details of the eye makeup with the eyeliner^^)

I use this eyeliner and took the pic on the tutorial after hours of my friend's birthday party x) doesn't smudge as much as the other eyeliners ive tried so far.

This is my FOTD wearing the eyeliner after about 5 hours and after performing dance (which might ruin my makeup! lol) but it only smudge a little and doesn't turn me into a goth ghost panda eye-_- I didn't edit the eye circle or whatsoever. It is my dark circle, not the eyeliner smudge hehe T__T

Have you tried this one? or maybe another color?  tell me!^^

Thanks for reading ^_^ will be back with another reviews!!^^
xoxo Jessica Ie


  1. Wah waterproofnya keren abis. Next wishlist nih :p

    1. iyah kak xD aku jadi pingin beli lagi :p huhuuu

  2. tapi bner2 ga smudged kan jess? misal kita kedipin mata yg kuatttt dan lama gtu dia kebawah2 mata ga??? T__T aku benci bgt eyeliner bgtu, kaya etude codeB aku

    1. iya ce, bener gak ngesmudge KALAU sudah kering...soalnya dia butuh waktu bbrapa detik biar kering dulu :D
      apalagi kalau dikasih eye primer tambah gak ngesmudge..
      aku sebel banget juga kalau gitu >< aku juga punya yg Code B etude house, itu emg ngesmudge kebawah mata padahal gak diapa2in -.-
      Kalau yang ini sih sejauh pengalamanku sempet ngesmudge cuma diujung (winged eyeline) ce.. itupun kalau aku udah pake berjam2 melalui terik matahari xD

  3. aaaa ini kayanya bagus yah :D
    klo ak skrg lg pakenya k-palette yg 24 hours, bagus jg looh
    thanks for the review jess~

    1. Yang produk jepang itu ya kalau gak salah? hihi iya dia terkenal yah x)
      pingin juga nyoba tapi kayaknya mahal ya T.T huhuu

  4. Jess.., tunggu review ku tentang eyeliner ^^ waterproof + oilproof ada 5 warna aku baru pesen 2 sih hehe... pgen beli yg lainna... asli keyen <3
    ku jarang pakek tony moly dulu sering beli K-palette, bagus sih cuma ya gitu deh.. barang na kadang ready kadang ga >,<

    new review up on my blog =) kindly visit if you want to

    1. Okok ci Melissa x)
      K-pallete itu brush eyeliner ya kalau gak salah ?._.
      Thanks for visiting ^^


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