30 Jul 2013

FOTD.... My Fav Photo Editor on Apple / Android 28/10/2012

Hi everyone ^ ^
How's your day? I hope you had a wonderful blessed day.
Since I find my interest to post articles on blog again, I want to write something even though I don't have any viewers right now! T_T
I'm not into designing blog (T_T) and sometimes don't have time to make a post of product reviews and so on although I want :'(

Well, just wanna share some selcas that I took on October, quiet long ago hehehe ^ ^"
I didn't use any bb cream, foundation, powder, lip stuffs and whatsoever. I just use an eyebrow pencil, a  black and a silver pencil eyeliner and put on a little hint of lipstick on my cheek. Umm, since I believe the lipstick can be used for multiple function. Hahaha ~(-o- ~)
Oh, and I edited my selcas with my favorite android or apple application, Camera360 :)
I use the "Magic Skin" effect -> "Fresh" to 50%
The second pic is "Magic Skin" black and White 100% and "Sexy (?) Lips" 100%
And so rare I found myself braided my hair \(^o^)/

25 Jul 2013


Hi girls. Now I'm back with another post about weight-loosing in a natural way. I really do this as a routine and 'thin me' still can cut down my weight because of several things. Every girls want to have slim curvacious body with flat tummy and healthy proportional look right? So check this out :D

First I'm gonna tell you about my condition first because everybody has different metabolism and body work(?)
I am 45kgs after I eat something (lol-.-) and currently 44kilograms now. My height is 167cm tall. But it still not easy for skinny girls to have flat tummy if they don't watch out what they eat and their routine, including me too. Also sometimes food that I want to transform into something in my hand or wheresoever can be in a place that I really don't want them to be, like in my legs. Having fats in thigh is unpleasant right?


OOTD, Simple Night Farewell Party Fashion

Hi everybody
I know it's been long time since I didn't post any entries. Been really busy because of school stuffs!
And about my reviews, so sorry there wasn't any swatches. I'll try to update them with swatches when I get my camera back^_^
And just wanna share with you about OOTD on the Farewell day in my school.
with beauty blogger Jessica Alicia <3

24 Jul 2013


Hello guys, long time no post. So busy these days T_T
I can't even really take swatches because my camera was broken T_T so sorry!
But I'm here to write about some honest review to you guys 헤헤~

Well, let's just get to the review now^^

This auto pencil eyeliner comes in 5 shades and produced by famous Korean cosmetic brand, Etude house.
The 5 shades are :
1. Black
2. Blue
3. Brown
4. Grey
5. Purple

If you saw my last post http://iamfoodeater.blogspot.com/2012/12/selcas-of-day-28102012.html , I used this eyeliner. Only the eyeliner without primer, foundation, base or anything else. It doesn't smudge for about 3 hours and the color quite intense but not glossy or shimmery.


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