1 Aug 2013

Clinique Turnaround Body smoothing cream REVIEW and SWATCH

Hi guys, I know it's been a while /phew/
I was busy with my exam and my birthday preparation /will share later/ :D
So I decide to start being active again /yeay/ and update last posts with clearer product swatches since now i get a better device to take pictures /chuckles/

Maybe some of you are not familiar with this product--me also --" -but I got it from my mom--it's a gift from Clinique.
As you know, Clinique products are -almost- all allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. So less fragrance, the saver for your skin :)

cr: search.ask.com

I have very dry skin, especially elbows and legs so I decided to try this out.
Because from what it claims I can expect exfoliated and moisturized elbow and dry skin on me.

Here's the swatches :
So, here's the -quite- small light blue tube.
 And the backside.
 So that's the lotion. -forgive my bag TwT
 And after blended. Just like usual lotions

Review :
Size : 50ml
Price : I got it for free okay -w-
Effectiveness : Lol no! -.- It claims : Unveils silkier, more refined skin. This gentle continuous exfoliating cream reduces dryness and rough patches. Deflakes dry skin, evens out skin tone overall. For best results, smooth on all over body twice a day. Do not use on face.
I've been using it regulary for quite some times, but it doesn't change anything on me. It doesn't even out or lighten my skin. It just moisturize it not even for hours.
And it smells horrible -.- but it doesn't bother you unless you are trying to smell it :p
It smells like plastic, just like Clinique Liquid Face Soap for dry to combination skin, but stronger.
Durability : ofc, clinique always wins. 24months after opening.

Pros : Moisturize
Cons : nothing special like it claims, no improvement for my dry patches skin

Would I buy it? Nope....

Rating : 1/5

Have you ever tried it? Have a different opinion about the product?
Let's share!

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