7 Sep 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Bath and Body Works Carried Away Shimmer Body Mist

Good morning everybody!
This is the first time I am reviewing a shimmer body mist and yes!
This is my first shimmer body mist from Bath and Body Works^^

The packaging is very nice. It is a transparent plastic bottle with painted-look-alike flowers on it^_^
When we shake the bottle we can actually see the shimmers are moving inside and it's so cool^^
The color itself is a gradation of light turquoise until deep turquoise on the bottom.
 These are the front and the back packaging. As you can see, the bottle quite big. 236 ml!^^
 The glitters are very small and colorless but it does really show up under the sunlight. Very cool! You should see it by yourself because I doubt you can't see anything from the pictures below T_T You can click them to see clearer ^^
under indoor lighting

under sunlight
Oh yesss, and since this is a body mist too it smells really nice. I think the smell is quite similar with Body Shop's body mist the Japanese Cherry Blossom one ._.

Okay so here's the verdict :
Pro :
  • Nice packaging
  • Smells nice
  • Really cool to use for summertime and under the sunlight
  • Natural finish, so you can use it for daily routine too
  • Generous amount
Con :
  • Nothing ^^
Few FOTDs ^_^v

    Coming Soon XD


    See you on my next post ^^


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