12 Sep 2013

JESSICA SNSD MR TAXI Make Up Tutorial (Collaborative Project)

Good morning everyone!Hope you all have a great morning to start the day^_^

So just by looking at the title you all must have known what this post gonna be XD

This is my first collaboration with other Indonesian Beauty Bloggers (IBB) and the theme is just match my taste so much XD KPop! I felt honored honestly because I'm still a beginner but Sasyachi asked me to join the collaboration :D

The theme we picked is.... SNSD Mr Taxi. :D

Down below you'll find the tutorial ^_^v


At first I was so shocked and immediately felt not confident.....at all T_T Because I got Jessica's makeup to 'imitate'. My face is soooo sooooo different from her. Different shapes. Totally. *sobs* TT___TT
But I've tried hard and.... here's the result \( ^/////^ )/
*Sasyachi edited the pic...thank youuuu so much ^_^*

I know T_T
I made a mistake here...
Actually I made a double-winged liner... I didn't checked that after I took the photo, aaand it doesn't show up...at all T_T
Because I smiled, my eyes lifted a bit and it made the wings looked one T.T I just realized it after I erased everything ToT
Well I can show the clearer one on the tutorial ^_^

So this is the pic before edited :
Sorry I used front camera T_T not HD T~T

This is my fiiiirst tutorial XD
I didn't slept thinking of the design lol -.- and I came with classic simple design :I
I'll try to improve my tutorial better next time and prepare more ^_^
Hope you guys enjoy and find it helpful, easy to understand ^^

For the makeup base, first I applied my Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus as the moisturizer. Then I used Clinique Moisture Surge and mixed it with Clinique's foundation to have a semi-matte finish.
 The next step is covering my dark circle with Lioele Mix Concealer. Since it has 2 shades in it, I can use the darker one to shade certain areas like the sides of my nose. For my cheek bone I only use orangey blusher. Here I used Clinique Blush in Super Coral.

 For the eyes :
1. Draw your eyebrow straightly with a little arch at the end. I used Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Brown.
2. Apply eye primer and shimmery champagne eye shadow over your lids. Here I used Etude House Prof10 Eye Primer and Revlon CustomEyes Colors in Naturally Glamorous.
3. Don't forget to line your eyes and winged it a bit long. Don't make too long line. I used Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner in Black.
4. Make a small wing under the upper wing, so you'll got double winged eye effect.
5. Line your waterline. Put on mascara. I used Clinique Lash Power Mascara in Black Onyx. 
Apply fake lashes (natural) up and also lower lashes as well. I used The Face Shop Beauty Daily Beauty Tools lashes. Up no.5 and down no.10.
My HG mascara XD

The last one! Only nude lips with my lovely Revlon Colorburst Lipstick in Soft Nude ^^

Aaaand you're done ^_^

Picspams XD :

Oke narsis ya XD

Yak...narsis adalah bagian dari manusia juga kan XD wkakak *suddenly*
If you saw my Revlon Lipstick Soft Nude review, I actually wanna use that one but I didn't think it is good enough XD

Check out also my amazing peers' too that joined to collab (click the images to go to their amazing blogs^^) :

RINI as SEOHYUN : http://www.rinicesillia.com/

SASYA as TIFFANY : http://www.hellosasyachi.com/

YOZELLY as YOONA : http://yozellynj.blogspot.com/

CAROLINE as HYOYEON : http://carolinelle.blogspot.com/

Thanks for reading ! ^^ xoxo
Jessie <3


  1. love what u did! i like korean make up too..
    follow ur blog now...
    wanna follow each other?
    let me know


    1. Hi! Thanks for passing by ^^
      of course^^ ill follow you :)

  2. ooh wow! what a collaboration! :3 it's so nice i like all the makeups, you look really nice! :)))
    anyways, thanks for the follow, i followed you back! <3 :))

    1. Thank you Oleta^^
      hope we can share many things about makeup ^^
      Xx jessie ♡

  3. wahhh cantikkk! mirip sama jessica.. jessica oh jessica hihi
    tp klu diliat2 km lebih mirip yoona lhoo ^^


    1. Waduhh nggak kak jauh XD
      wah aku dulu ngebiasin yoona banget tuh XD hihihi tp mirip dr mananya yah XD
      thankyou udah mampir kak^^ ♥

  4. Mirip sama jessica.
    Foto yang kedua pake baju biru mirip krystal xD
    cantiik ^^


    1. Hi Bella^^
      Iya mirip namanya XD
      Huhuu enggak krystal cantik banget T.T
      Btw thanks udah mampir♡^^

  5. Poto yang pertama cantik bgt ka.. :)


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