28 Oct 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Good evening readers! :D
Now it's time for a toner review, yes.. A very well known toner from Korean brand Etude House, Wonder Pore Freshner /yeay/ 
There are soooo many reviews about this product outta there and that's why I decided to buy this. Many people said good things about this product. What is my opinion about this 7 in 1 toner after using this for 7 months? ;)

Here are the swatches first :D
This is the plastic packaging :
(click for larger image)

Here's the 250 ml's tube version. No pump like the biggest one, and not a spray. It is made of plastic container.

About its effectiveness
i once had an acne on my forehead but not yet developed. i thought before it went worse I should take an action(?) lol xD
I put the toner on a cotton an rubbed it several times, and stick it to my acne for a while. The next day I can saw that the acne was disappearing^_^

What this product claims and how I feel it:
  1. Maintain ph 4.5 +-1 (I don't really know about this but my skin just feels good and fresh...and cool! But the cool sensation is just enough, not too cool like my Clinique toner ._.)
  2. Refine the skin tones (This slightly work on me. I used to have worse skin complexion because of the sun -,- But now my skin looks a bit better after using this for 7 months :)
  3. Keep the elasticity of pores (Not like the other toners I've tried, this one moisturize my skin :) )
  4. Deep cleanse pores (I can see the dirt on the cotton after I swipe it on my face xD clean clean! )
  5. Minimize appearance of pores (A bit I think.. I can see my pores around my nose are getting smaller a bit. Well, the rest of my pores are not big thou)
  6. Control a large amount of the sebum (After using this, my skin gets oily lesser than before ^^ )
  7. Moisturize inside and outside of skin (I don't know inside! lol XD but from the outside, yes it feels moisturizing more than the other toners I've tried)

This toner also claims that it can eliminate "Demodex". It's a kind of tiny parasite that live in our skin especially near hair follicles that can cause acne, itchiness and so on. I used to feel some itchiness before when I used the wrong BB Creams, then I started to use this regular-y and stop using the BB Cream

Pros :
  • Affordable price! I bought it only for about IDR 120K in an online shop with this generous amount, 250ml. You can saved it up until a year I guess^^ I've been using this for 7 months and there are still about 50% of the products remaining :)
  • Travel friendly. Quite big I know, but it doesn't spoil when I brought outta town x)
  • Keep me free from breaking out!
  • Moisturizing toner
  • Cleanse my face
  • Doesn't dry out my face
  • Can be used as a face spray to freshen up our face during the humid day
  • Diminish itchiness! x) Like it so much
Neautrals :
  • Does what it claims but not so effectively. Doesn't really see significant great result on my skin but it keeps my skin healthy, acne and pimple free, moisturized and clean :)
  • 12 months expiry date after opening. So so, just like other skin care products:)
  • Has a light alcoholic smell but not so strong
Cons :
  • Nothing x)

Would I repurchase?
Yes yes yes :D

A week ago, my fellow beauty blogger and bestie-junior in school, Jessica Alicia went to Japan and Korea. T.T Luckily, she's so nice that she wanted to help me by bringing the products from Korea for me to buy. Cheaper price than in Indonesia right?^^ She also spare me some samples such as EH Baking Powder BB Cleanser which I was looking for >v<)~, Pomegranate Face Mask and Body Bath Milk Talk ^^ 

Loving this Wonder Pore so much, I bought again this product even though my old one still a half remains xD Stock for next year :3 Jessica Alicia bought this wonder pore too in 250ml! Also, I repurchase 2 Etude House Drawing Eyebrow in Brown because my old one almost come to its end xD I also buy some other products as well. Can't wait to try x)

So that's it for today^^ 
Hope it is helpful and see you on my next post!
Have a nice sleep^^


  1. Waahh aku jadi pengen cobaa *keracunan*<3 .
    mind to follow me back?;;)


  2. aku jgua pake ini jes, enak sih seger tapi aku ga suka baunya xD

    1. Masa ya? :o kata kak dewie juga gitu xD pdhal mnurutku baunya gak trlalu nyengat sih :3
      thanks for reading^^

  3. ini emang terkenal banget tonernya soalnya bisa membunuh demodex dipori2 gitu, tp belom pernah nyoba juga sih :D hehe. thanks for review ^^

    1. Nah itu bener banget!!itu juga salah satu alesannya aku beli x) tar coba kuperlengkapi deh infonya soal yg 1 itu. Makasih ya udah ingetin^^
      thanks for reading :)

  4. Enak pake ini..segeeert!!

    Moga proses pembangunannya cepet selsai yaa

    Join giveawayku yuk^^


  5. pgn cb ini loh sbnernyaa, pori2 cc segedai gaban.. wkwkkwkw.. tp krn ad alkoholnya yg baunya jg agak nyengat kalo b review2nya jd msh galau.. mau cobain secret key witch hazel toner...
    bagus kalo cocok di jessi, krn skincare emang cocok2an ^^

  6. nice review jes ^^
    btw kok kamu pakenya bisa awet sampai 7 bulan jess?aplikasinya pake kapas ato gimana?
    soalnya aku kmrn beli yg 500ml aja gak nyampe 6 bulan X(
    anw salam kenal yah ^^

    1. Wah ngga tau yah :o kadang sehari aku pake 2x kadang cuma sekali.. :D pake kapas, soalnya di aku kayaknya gak medti penuh sekapas aja udah cukup :D iyaa^^ salam kenal juga. Thankyou udah mampir:)

  7. very strong scent >_< alkoholnya nancep bgt dihidung jes haha
    kulit kamu berminyak ya?
    di aku yg dry bener2 bikin kekeringan.. >_< seri wonderpore ini emg lebih cocok untuk oily skin.. :D

    1. Wah masak ya ._.menurutku nggak sih kak x3 orang kan beda2 yah :D
      nggak.. aku dry combination kak ._.

  8. aku dulu jg pakai ini, tp suka ganti2 toner.. hahhaa..
    dulu aku pake 2x, yg 250ml sm yg 500 ml :D
    trus bosen ._.v

    1. Ahahah xD aku juga rasa aku bakal bosen tp pingin coba2 yg lain tkt ga cocok :(
      thanks for reading^^

  9. Nice info jes! will consider to give it a try! heheh..

    1. Thankyou^^ hope youll gonna like it as i like the product!^^

  10. Aku masih penasaran sama toner ini Jes. Takut tar udah beli malah gak cocok hahaha. Soalnya ada alkoholnya juga sih jadi takut bikin mukaku kering banget kayak Tea Tree Toner. Gak betah muka kering, kurang suka T_T. Lihat reviewmu jadi kepengen lagi coba hahaha

    Aku juga suka cepet bosen sama kayak Rini hahaha.
    Btw, Nice review Jes ^_^

    1. Nah itu dia.. ak juga suka bosen xD tp ak sm ce rini malah beli lagi yah yg gede xD
      coba aja dulu yg kecil atau trial kitnya :D
      wah kalau tea tree blm pernah nyoba._. Tipe kulit cc apa?^^

  11. say... belanja yuk di https://www.facebook.com/bellebunnyshop?ref=hl

    setelah mencapai 200likes kita bakal cari satu blogger untuk disponsori.. hihihiihi

  12. This looks like a nice product! I've been seeing nice reviews on it lately. Hmmm, may be I should try? Thanks for the review! :)


    1. yeah, hope it works on you too dear^^ thanks for visiting <3

  13. Hahaha, aku pake mask nya jess. Bisa ngecilin pori-pori x) belum pernah nyoba tonernya ._.

    1. oh ya? mirip innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask yah? bagusan mana lin? :o jd pingin nyoba xD udah sempet kamu review belum?

  14. Nice revieww~ Banyak bgt yg bilang ini bagus yah :D Jadi pengen coba ><

    mind to follow back?

  15. aku juga pakeee ini.lumayan sukaa sih,cuma aku hobi gonta-ganti lol
    btw dah ku follback,saling support yach dear....winkwink

  16. My favorite toner ever! I use it daily and I love the cooling effect so much ^^ and i always feel so cleansed after using it <3 thank you for the review Jess ^^ I'm always lazy reviewing this one haha

    1. Hahaha me too at first xD mau review ini nggak jadi2 pertamanya :p
      Really? Ternyata banyak banget yah yang suka xD
      Udah pernah nyoba yang Clinique? itu jauh lebih cooling loh menurutku x) hihihi

  17. Kemarin q juga beli yang ini di Etude semarang tp yang 250 ml
    Mahal Bgd ya???288rb, di Bali brp??
    Ini emang enak banged sih di muka, jd Lembuut

    1. wah masak ya dear? ><
      aku lupa harga counternya.. T.T

    2. mau tanya y dear,.
      sbnarnya,.kode yang tertera d bawah botol itu kode produksi ato kode exp. nya y?koq aq brsan beli tp kode nya 20130429 y?

    3. mau tanya y,. kode yg ada dbwh botol itu kode produksi ato exp. ya?
      soalnya aq br beli,.tp koq ta liat kodenya 20130429 y?
      kl punya mu gmn?

    4. mau tanya y,.
      tanggal yg ada dbawah botolnya itu kode produksi ato exp. ya..soalnya aq br beli tp koq tanggal dbawah botol tertulis 20130429 y?
      kl pnyamu gmn?

  18. sis, mampir-mampir ke nihonmartbeauty.com ya kalau mau beli etude house wonder pore freshner dengan harga terbaik :)

  19. Dear, sekarang wonder pore freshner tersedia loh di nihonmartbeauty.com

    mampir-mampir ya dear ^^


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