6 Oct 2013

[REVIEW & SWATCH] Skin79 Hot Pink Label Super BB Cream

Good morning readers^^
Today I'm gonna be reviewing this Korean famous BB Cream. Yup!
Skin79 Hot Pink Label Super BB Cream~

I heard so many many many people love this product so I decided to buy this one. Becareful on buying because there are so many fake products out there. I bought this on my favorite online shop and for me that online shop is trusted so, no worry about the authenticity :) When I bought this I found the hologram that shows it is authentic too :D
So this is the packaging :
The 'BB' text has faded -.-

 Not like other tube bb cream, this bb cream has cylinder hot pink container. You just need to press the top a bit to squeeze the product out.
 Here is the color on my hand

 And this is the oil control. Sooo oily after 3 hours! -.-

* sorry for not taking swatches on my face because I don't even dare put it on my face anymore since it breaks me out like crazy! Small pimples started to show up everywhere even the parts that I barely had a pimple! My skin is not oily and I rarely got pimples but whyyy T_T
Pros :
  • Quite generous amount
  • SPF 25 PA+++
  • Feels light on the skin
  • Doesn't make dry patches
  • It stays quite long, about 6 hours?
Neutral :
  • Life span after opening : 12 months
  • The price is reasonable. I bought it for about IDR 130 K
  • sheer - medium coverage. Buildable and covers some of my flaws. Not really covrrs my dark circles
  • Floral scent
  • Travel friendly - so far I've never find it spoiled on my bag :)
Cons :
  • Bad oil control
  • Brakes me out like crazy -_________________________-
  • Contains paraben and fragrance
  • Too grey-purple on me
However, people who might like this :
  • People who are looking for anti-wrinkle bb cream
  • People who has skin tone that match purple-greyish bb cream shade
  • People who don't break out easily / not sensitive
 Repurchase? Nooooooo ._. 
What do you think about this product? Have tried this one?
Share with me!^^

anyway, remember my Hyeri - Expectation Makeup Inspired? My full dance cover is up on my youtube channel, Jessica Ie. Please kindly visit / watch^^ Thank you so much! Would be uploading other vids soon ^^ Have a great day :D

GIRLS DAY - EXPECTATION ( 걸스데이 - 기대해) DANCE COVER by Jessica Ie
lol it was more tiring that it seems and dancing with heels is not my speciality XD however, hope you enjoy ^^


  1. dance nya keren jeeees *salah fokus* XD
    sayang ya bkin breakout pdhal pada review bgs >_<

    1. aaaa thank yooou xD pdhal itu udah teler gara2 hawa Bali yang puanasss sama pemanasannya duluan wkaka xD
      Iya nih T.T mungkin kulit aku aja yang sensi huhuu :'(

  2. Aq pake travel size nya sampe abis (2 minggu non stop) untungnya cocok banget sm aq, malah salah 1 fave aq nih... sayang banget yahhh ga cocok sampe parah gt di kamu say!

    1. Aku waktu pake samplenya juga cocok say. Makanya beli fullsize eh taunya TT

  3. yaampun jess :( sayang banget bisa breakout gitu. jangan dipake lagi, sayang2 kulitmuuu mulus gitu. btw badannya ngiri deh --" kaya gitar spanyol abis jes haha

    1. Iya nih kak udah gak berani pake sama skali lagi. Sayangnya bb cream etudeku juga sempet kubuang krn ak pikir bakal cocok sm yg ini. Taunya :'( tp ada untungnya juga sih jd gak kseringan pk bb cream :D heheh haduh makasih kak xD kalo disekolah ud abis dikatain tengkorak :x

  4. padahal ini di raved banget kan sama orang korea? kalo ga salah masuk top 5 recommended bb cream deh.


    1. Wah seriusan?:o
      iya nih ngetop banget padahal :(
      sayangnya kulitku tidak mendukung T.T

  5. BBC ini kan padahal populer banget yaaaaa.. ga cck brrti ama km,,weeee,,buang dong? jual aja jess ahhaha

    1. Iya ce mau gimana lagi :'( ahahah masa udah tak pake tak jual lagi xP

  6. ga tau knp aq ga gtu cocok pake bb cream... kdg muka brasa kya berat.. truz klo bersihkannya kurang bersih suka jd jerawatan.. skrg hirjrah ke cc cream

    1. nah iyaaa. aku kalau terus2an juga gak cocok.. Aku skrg akhirnya pake Etude House Be Clear Moisturizer sm conceaeler doang ke mana2 kak :s

  7. I think maybe you are allergic to something in the bbcream then. I noticed sometimes I would get little small dots whenever anything with citric acid gets on my face. Good think that you stopped using it! There are always other ones out there to try :)

    1. yeah it might be ^^
      I hope I won't end up like this again with other bb creams in the future :D

  8. Wah tp ini msh mending oil controlnya di banding BB Cream ku. Next bakal aku review kalau sempet eheheh

  9. ebuset? smpe parah ya breakout nya? hadeh itu bb cream mgkn emg krg ccok kali yaa

    1. iya kak -.- aku gak pernah breakout separah waktu aku pake bb cream ini sih... tp banyak yg cocok huhu T.T

  10. sama jes, aku juga pake ini langsung breakout -____- untung cm cobain samplenya, gak beli full. bisa mubazir. oil controlnya mmg parah yg pink, tapi yg vip gold lumayan oke loh jes, aku pake itu :3

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