22 Nov 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Kjinco Eyeliner Injection

Good evening lovely readers :)
Today I'm reviewing my new favorite eyeliner from Kjinco!^^

[FASHION] Get Korean Look With Simple Things (Eye Catching but Low Budget?)

Are you a Korean Pop or Korean wave lover?--just like me *coughs* xD
There are many things that is actually can turn you into Korean look-alike!
Of course, we want to get NICE, HIGH QUALITY but CHEAP products!
But that kind of stuffs is kinda hard to find lately these days. :/
However, I found a solution that work for me and I hope this would work for you too! ^^

17 Nov 2013

INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY: Dressale.com x iamfoodeater

Good afternoon readers!
Yeay, it's time for a giveaway :D
This giveaway is hosted by me and www.dressale.com
Why do you should join this giveaway?
See my post HERE about what you can get from dressale.com ;)

dressale review

[FASHION] Glamour Wears for Your Special Events

Have you ever dreamed on wearing something that WOWs everyone who sees it?
Or have you already planned a big day for you and want to make yourself the princess of the day?
Is it wedding? Prom night? Fashion event invitation? Parties? Your sweet birthday party? Or any other special days that you will always remember in your life!
You will hope for show your best right?

On my 17th birthday, I used to look for the best dress I could find, and of course! Everyone hopes for the best budget right?
I was so confused looking for glamorous dress here and there. Some matches my taste but doesn't match the budget or...simply doesn't match my mom's taste :p

Now I know a site that can overwhelm them all! --I wish I knew them earlier :p


16 Nov 2013


Hello lovely readers<3
Today is another makeup collaboration after my SNSD Mr Taxi Collab one (as Jessica lol ._.) with another gorgeous Indonesian Beauty Blogger members!
Yup, and again. It is about Korean makeup inspired....and SNSD! xD
This time I got Seohyun's makeup in the teaser Twinkle to copy. [서현 소녀시대] and the idea to make this collab was told by Icel x)

*lol TTS become JJS xD* Before looking at mine, let's look at my 2 awesome collaboration partners :D :

7 Nov 2013

November Giveaways

Good morning readers!
Today is another post about some amazing giveaways that were held by amazing beauty bloggers too!
Check this out ;)

1 Nov 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Tony Moly Party Lover Tint no 2 Apple

ATTENTION! T_________T
All of my old pics has gone from my blog and replaced with that round mark :(
I have to repair everything one by one so please be patient if you want to see my old posts pictures /sobs/
and idk why the background color changes! There are so much stuffs I have to work out :'(
Thank you for your understanding!


Good morning readers!
Woah... It's November already. Tomorrow (November, 3rd 2013) is Jessica Alicia's birthday! Wish her a great day tomorrow on her beauty blog! xD
And...today I'm going to review about my new favorite lip tint. Yup! Tony Moly Party Lover Tint no 2 Apple. More pics and details? Read below! :D


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