22 Nov 2013

[FASHION] Get Korean Look With Simple Things (Eye Catching but Low Budget?)

Are you a Korean Pop or Korean wave lover?--just like me *coughs* xD
There are many things that is actually can turn you into Korean look-alike!
Of course, we want to get NICE, HIGH QUALITY but CHEAP products!
But that kind of stuffs is kinda hard to find lately these days. :/
However, I found a solution that work for me and I hope this would work for you too! ^^

Above are the pics of beautiful well-known Korean ulzzang, Do Hwe Ji.
See her elegance with everything on her right?
But do you notice? They won't be complete without the accessories.
Why? They're might small and be forgotten sometimes because some people thinks they are not that important.

How would she look without accessories?
Still pretty, of course. But it decreases her 'feminine' look, isn't it?

Many Korean actors, singers, ulzzangs wears cute and classy look-a-like jewelries or accessories.
It would be the same for you too!
Simply with what you wear, even the smallest things might turn you into goddess too :D
But wait!
Everyone wants expensive and classy look-a-like jewelry with low budget right? :D
and the most important is the quality worth the price.

What I want to share with you is that I found a site that sells many Korean, Japanese and Chinese jewelries with high quality and low prices. I mean it!

Before, I used to buy online jewelries to but none of them has better quality than what I found in www.twiinkles.com
play the the video to see the sparkling accessories. They reflect the lights beautifully and easy to match with any outfits, formal nor informal events. They turns you into princess-y style in a second! :D

When I wore them, they caught my friends', my teacher, my mom and even my boy friend!
My mom is not a fan of online jewelries but she's attracted just in a second by seeing them xD
The necklace is plated with REAL GOLD and has beautiful diamond-look-a-like ornaments on it which reflects beautiful blue, pink and other tone of colors from light. So beautiful ><
For the bracelet itself, the small crystals-look-a-like ornaments also can reflect lights beautifully which really match with the pink and white flowers and pearls there.
You can see the detail (price, details, materials, other jewelries) here for the necklace
and here for the bracelet

Only them? No! Look at my other favorites ><

Be a smart buyer guys :D
The pictures on the ads are not exaggerating the product!
They are just as good as in when it arrives in my hand. I hope you'll think so too ;) 
When the quality, design and the prizes are awesome? What to wait?;)

See more awesome jewelries with awesome quality and price on www.twiinkles.com
Instagram : @twiinklescom ♡ 
whatsap/sms : 0816934121
BBM : 25BE146D
facebook : www.facebook.com/twiinkles.shop


  1. ak sll ngiler kl ada yg posting ttg aksesoris, hihi tp susah nyari yg bgus tp good quality >_<
    koleksi os nya bagus2 ya jes, kayaknya kualitasnya jg lumayan tuh..hiks pengeenn

  2. hmm this is a good idea... i never noticed the difference but you're right, the difference is in the accessories! i need to learn to get better at this...i always have a hard time picking out things because there are so many options but trends go so fast...thanks for the post =) just followed you on bloglovin today

    -sample hime

    1. hi! Thanks for reading and following!^^
      I've followed back your bloglovin ^^ <3

  3. Nice ^^
    Mind to follow each other?


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