22 Nov 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Kjinco Eyeliner Injection

Good evening lovely readers :)
Today I'm reviewing my new favorite eyeliner from Kjinco!^^

Here are some information about the eyeliner if you haven't heard of it Kjinco Eyeliner Injection

All of the explainations are clear right? Now just let's move on to my experience with this eyeliner :D
As you can see, the packaging is just like usual eyeliners. I'm so so with product's packaging, what does matter for me is its work! :p
The picture on the left is the eyeliner after being rubbed about 10 times ._.

This eyeliner is the best eyeliner when it comes to smudgeproof, among the other eyeliners I've ever tried so far.
It only fades a bit after I rubbed it hardly many times, but it doesn't flaky. I prefer fading eyeliner instead of the smudging one -.-
It is also waterproof :)
The Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner --which many beauty bloggers love-- still gives me panda eyes after 4 hours and so. But this one stays longer ^^even without eye primer! 
 Just, I hope that the color would be bolder/blacker/more intense in 1st application. However, the color is buildable so it's not a big deal for me :p I hope I can use this to tightline my eyes too so it would be perfect! But all brush eyeliner tickles xD lol. It's not this eyeliner's fault :p
Even my current holy grail eyeliner still smudge a bit and have to wait longer for it to dry.
Isn't pen eyeliner should dry longer then gel eyeliner?
This eyeliner is also the fastest brush eyeliner to dry I've ever tried :D
And what I love about this eyeliner, we don't need a brush because it is flexible and pen look alike :p.........AND...its brush diameter only 0,1mm!
It makes me reach the hardest part and let me create winged and sharp edges eyeline. My other eyeliner can't do this better xD
Ah! And another one thing I really love about this one! This is also the easiest eyeliner to remove beside other eyeliners I've ever tried!
I don't really need makeup remover sometimes xD gonna save my money ! XD
Sometimes I don't want to use eyeliner in short distance time (like today and tomorrow using eyeliner again) because the residues are still there until the next several hours or even days and leaves panda eyes on me. ugh I hate it -_-
But since I have this eyeliner, no need to worry! I can apply it anytime I want x)

FOTD with the eyeliner ^_^

Super recommended for every eyeliner lover >< a must try :D This suits for me that have to do makeup in 10 mins -,- suits for you too, busy woman xD Can't wait to use this on my upcoming tutorials :D

Here's a little video about the eyeliner. Sorry for the editing errors! T_T

Even though this is a sponsored product, all the things I mentioned and wrote above are based on my own experience and very honest opinion from me and the result in every person may be vary :)

KJINCO Eyeliner Injection
More details and where to get :  www.perfectbeautyshop.com
Instagram : @kjincoid♡
BBM: 237E9F6C
YM: cs2.perfectbeauty
SMS: 0818 829 110

Accessories by : (more infos about the accessories and my review here)
Instagram : @twiinklescom ♡ 
whatsap/sms : 0816934121
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facebook : www.facebook.com/twiinkles.shop

See you on my next post ^^


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