1 Nov 2013

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Tony Moly Party Lover Tint no 2 Apple

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Good morning readers!
Woah... It's November already. Tomorrow (November, 3rd 2013) is Jessica Alicia's birthday! Wish her a great day tomorrow on her beauty blog! xD
And...today I'm going to review about my new favorite lip tint. Yup! Tony Moly Party Lover Tint no 2 Apple. More pics and details? Read below! :D

There are 2 shades available, they are Cherry (pink) and Apple (red). Mine is the apple one.
cr : lynlynshopaholic.com

I don't know why is the packaging different from the pic above but I know mine is authentic too because I bought this from a trusted online shop :)
Here are my swatches : (click to enlarge picture)
Packaging : Sleek, nice, simple, travel friendly, doesn't spoil :) The brush is not too big nor too small
Price : reasonable! I bought this only for about.. IDR 60K
Color : Very bright red, like vampire red x) love it so much! Bloody red :p
Durability : Long lasting just like other tints. Hard to remove even after being rubbed and using makeup remover BUT not as long lasting as my other tints. Don't know why :/
Amount : I don't know how much is it (ml), it is not written. But I think I can use it up to 4 months
Scent : It has a hint of floral scent which is okay for me. I found it on The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex Tint too, but this one is just not that strong. /yeay/

Pros :
  • Does dry my lips a bit BUTTTTT faaar less than my other tints so I consider it as a pro x) and FYI, my lips are always dry. So maybe that's why :3
  • Nice packaging, travel friendly
  • Pigmented, lovely bloody red color!
  • Quite generous amount
  • You can use it as blush too but beware! You have to spread it very even or your cheek will end having red spots like you were having acnes :/

Neutral :
  • Not too strong fragrance / smell

Cons :
  • Nooooooo.....thing I think xD

Here are my narcissm selcas with my fav tint lol xD

sorry, blur....... :/ my front camera is only 2MP -.- And I love the 2 makeup base I used in this pic! Will gonna review them soon so stay tune(?) on my blog ^_^
ps : that's the real color so you can really see how the product works

Will I repurchase this tint? YEEEESSSS XD And gonna try the pink one as well!^^
 see you on my next post^^ Thanks for reading :)


  1. km pake kamera hape apa jes?
    hwaa bagus liptintnya..ga begitu keirng yaa ^^

  2. perna g sampe kena gigi jess ? aq sebelny klo pake ini hrs ratain pake jari, kaga bs main ngecap aja T.T

    1. Pernah skali tp gak banyak sih :p
      kadang kalau ak mau gadrasi ak pk jari, tp kalau mau agak full ak gk pk jari lg bt ratain :p hihi

  3. Aku punya yg cherry, tp kayaknya yg apple warna merahnya lebih cakep ya *o*
    Thanks for sharing ^^

    1. Iya aku jg entah knp lbh suka yg merah gt xD kadang2 coba pink boleh kali ya biar kliatan lbh feminim:p

  4. aku juga punya lip tint ini,,kalo ratain warnanya lewat ngecap bibir warnanya nyeplak di gigi boww,,xixixi :-p

    1. Lah kok bisa say? XD mungkin kamu makenya kebanyakan atau terlalu dalem? Hihi x) thanks for visiting^^

  5. I had that tint but did not like, dry much my lips, is not creamy, but the effect is very pretty. Your front camera is 2MP really? these is so great, the mine is VGA, that poor jajaja xDDD

    1. yeah really xD
      woaah it is drying on you? Yes it is so watery ._.
      VGA? :o
      anw thanks for visiting ^^

  6. warnanya cerah bkin muka jadi lebih fresh ya :)

  7. banyak bgt yg suka produk ini ya tp aku sndiri ga pernah cb XD

    1. Wah cc produk lippienya udah buanyak xD tp yg ini emg bgus loh gk nyesel beli menurutku xD

  8. Great review! I'm searching for which lip tint last long and I found your blog.
    Anyway, I would like to invite you on my giveaway: http://secretsofcamille.blogspot.com/2013/10/birthday-countdown-giveaway-open.html

    1. Thanks for visitiing! Ok ill look forward to it ^^

  9. Wonderful post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  10. u have pretty nose <3 <3 <3
    iri banget hihi

  11. Gorgeous red color on you Jess <3 too bad I can't wear red lips haha but love to see red on your lips ^^ very chic!

    1. Really? But I think you suit all styles x) I cant wear nudy lips as good as you! hahah T.T you just suit them perfectly :D I saw most of your pics wearing nudy lips color :D
      anw thanks for visiting ^^

  12. produk ini sukses bikin bibir kering padahal udah oles2 lipbalm mulu hehehe


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