3 Dec 2013


Hi everyone! Its been quite a while since my last post isn't it? ><
Sorry... I was busy for school final exam and other stuffs T.T
And today...........
Is another special post :D
My blog has been nominated for the 'Liebster Award' for the 3rd time and now is by Stella from http://blushindaisies.blogspot.com/! ^^
Thank you so much Stella :D
She's a beauty blogger too that always update about cosmetics reviews. *ps : she's pretty like Yoona SNSD XD

So if you don't know what is Liebster Award and how it goes (the rules) you can see my previous post here (liebster 1) and here (liebster 2)

let's just get to Stella's questions directly :D :

What is your favorite skin care brand? Please share a must-have from that brand. 
Hm.. for skincare I think it is Etude House :D Be Clear Moisturizer! >v<)b

If you can only apply one make-up product on your face, what would that product be?

um.. this quite challenging since I think one is not enough xD I think BB Cream xD

Which celebrity is your role model/ inspiration in beauty and fashion?
Kim Jiwon! Her makeup is simple, yet natural and nice, girly and elegant. Her fashion looks really fashionable and chic ><! 
OMG ><

One thing you like about yourself? 
um.. I think my ability to make people laugh without effort maybe xD lol

Heels or flats? 
Heels. Actually it depends on the circumstances (place and time). I know flats are much more comfortable to wear but I care so much about how do I look *honestly ;w;)v* But for usual events and place I'll just go with flats^^ sometimes using heels might attracts people too in my place since I don't party often xD

What are the top 3 destinations you want to visit? Why?
 lol you might wonder why all in Asia xD
1. South Korea (especially Cheondamdong and Myeongdong ><).

I want to see Korea's shopping center and see how do they live, their culture and see music entertainment places ><
2. Japan
My friend Jessica Alicia said that people in Japan has unique fashion styles like harajuku, and also they are thoughtful about others. She said they barely have cleaning service for public toilets but all are clean :D It might be simple thing but it really makes me curious about Japan :D I like to pick up random trashes and put them in the trash bin xD so I think I can find many people that have the same 'habbit(?)' like me in Japan :D
3. Thailand
I saw many beautiful people that come from Thailand and makes me curious about what they sell there. Maybe their 'drugstore' or other beauty stuffs x3

If only one of your wishes can be granted, what would that be?
Being a singer and dancer to praise God too ^_^
Tea or coffee? 
Tea :D tea somehow feels lighter for my throat and relaxing. It tastes less bitter too I guess :D

If you can live anywhere in the world, where would that be? Why?
um.. I don't know since I haven't know too much about the bad and good things about the place I wanna live at but I think it is Korea or Japan :D
I love dancing and singing and I think there are many good performing arts school in Korea :D
and Japan, like my friend said, because the people are thoughtful about other and even small things^^ People say that Japanese are hard workers too :D

Do you prefer shopping alone or with a bunch of friends? 
I prefer going with bunch of friends :D Especially that has same interests as mine! xD 

What do you usually do when you are free? 
Having quality time with my family or friend or doing my hobbies ^^

Once again, thank you so much Stella for nominating me and for the questions :D
I love to know more about you by reading your Liebster Award post nominated by Mira and Rain Chan^^

Hope you enjoy knowing more about me too ^^

And have a great day readers^^


  1. I really enjoyed reading your answers! :D And, you actually look more like Yoona hehe. But thanks for the compliment <3 Also, I'm from Thailand! Glad to know that you would like to visit there ^.^

    1. thankyou Stella! ah I dont think so xD
      wow :D really? no wonder youre pretty too x) ♡

  2. OMG Jessica! Lama banget nggak ngepost :|

  3. kalo diliat2, kamu mirip kayak Kim Jiwon loh *.*


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