17 Dec 2013


Hello guys xD
I'm back with another Liebster Blog Award nomination and I feel so thankful and blessed that I've been nominated for the 5th time by kind bloggers^^
This time I've been nominated by Sherly Stephanie^^ Thank you so much xD

Liebster Blog Award Badge - vintage edition


Okay, let's just go to the question :D

Which feature(s) of your face that you hate? Why?

Well, hate? Honestly my jaw lol T___T *ashamed* What do you call it? Cross bite? Yeah.. Hopefully I can fix it next year T_T
I dislike my eyelid and lips too. I prefer having smaller lips and further eyelids so I can express with eyeshadow more xD 
I dislike me teeth too. Dislike it so bad :s 
Overall, my chubby cheeks and too wide face shape.
My skin is not perfect too -_- or even near to perfect lol
 ARGH so many! w(;w;)w
I have so many imperfections :'D
And which feature(s) of your face that you’re proud of? Why?
Idk.. I like my nose but it feels just so so xD however, I am thankful of everything I got ;'D
Let’s say I will give you a chance for plastic surgery in a trusted place and I will pay 
for everything. Where will you get the job done (nose, eyes, jaws, etc) and why?
Idk but maybe in Korea. They can loosen fat cheeks and reshape the jaws and everything so good, also eyelids! Every of them looks far more beautiful after doing it :'D lol but who knows the side effects ._.
Why and when did you start blogging?
Because I think it's fun sharing with others ^^
um.. Way back then in Dec 2012, but I took a long long long hiatus and really start and being active in August 2013.
Have you found your HG skincare and/or makeup products? What are them?
Yup. Really really HG.
Clinique Moisture Surge
Clinique Lashpower Mascara
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion ><
Do you have anything that you regret buying?
Of course xD 
Etude House Magic Tint Balm :s
and lots of other products as well but can't really remember it since I've thrown them off ._.v
What is your biggest splurge on beauty stuffs? And how much is it?
I can't write it here! Lol my mom might read this xD #slapped
Which makeup look that you prefer, all dolled up or natural no makeup look? Why?
I prefer natural look. Keep being fresh, variative, but natural and wearable for daily looks ^^
Tell me 5 things in life that you’re grateful for.
People that care for me
I think that 4 are complex enough xD sorry :3
If you can pull off any hair colour including the unnatural colours (pinks, blues, greens, etc) which colour will you choose and why?
I think red! Because my bias is Krystal Jung and she once used red hair in rumpumpumpum mv xD

In your opinion, what is the secret of clear healthy skin?
Wash face diligently and good products xD

Thats's all for my answers and hope you enjoy reading them xD sorry for posting so many awards posts lately xD These questions got me thinking quite long xD hihihi so fun, Sherly :D

Thanks for reading and I'm going to post about EH's product. Can you guess what is it?^^
Have a great day <3

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  1. Wow this is a really neat and fun post to read! Thank you for answering the questions ^_^ When I scanned through the post at first, I though "Wow this girl looks a lot like Krystal with neon pink hair!" Sorry, my bad >_<
    I also have a crossbite, well had. I got it fixed when I fix my teeth hehe But still after the fixing, I don't look good in side profile photos XD (who do I think I am, a Kpop star, duh?)

    This might be weird since this came from a girl, but I actually like your eyebrows, eyes, cheek, and your smile! My cheek doesn't even move when I smile, it looks like I have a forced smile hahaha

    Thank your for the post ^_^ I really enjoy reading it hehe


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