26 Dec 2013

[REVIEW & SWATCH] Etude House Baby Choux Base no 3 - Peach

Hello everyone^^ I hope you had a great day :D
Today I'll be talking about Etude House Baby Choux Base no 3 in Peach.

Firstly, what is a makeup base and why do you need it?

Makeup base, also referred to as a primer, is a cosmetic product that is applied to the skin before foundation or concealer. It is typically simply a clear, matte finish or a very light tint. Its purpose is to smooth out lines, wrinkles, or blemishes, and give the foundation or concealer a smooth palette for application. It also helps to absorb oil, and cuts down on shine throughout the day, which can help the makeup last longer. A makeup base is typically oil free, and may include some moisturizing ingredients as well, to condition the skin even as it serves as a base for makeup.
For some people with relatively smooth skin, makeup base might be unnecessary to achieve a smooth look with foundation and concealer. Experts generally recommend only using the makeup products that are needed, because too much makeup can potentially clog the pores. For people who have wrinkles they want to cover up, or significant redness or blemishes on the face, applying a makeup base can provide a smooth canvas to make it easier to cover these things up. In stores, it is typically located near the foundation and concealer products, and is comparably priced to these items.
A  makeup base is intended to be applied after a daily moisturizer onto clean, dry skin. It should generally just be smoothed over the face, and it will dry to a matte finish. Liquid or powder concealer may then be applied over the makeup base to cover up any remaining areas of redness, followed by liquid or powder foundation to finish the look. This makeup primer might have a slight tint, but generally these products do not have color so they do not interact with the color of the foundation, and make it look too dark.

This product may also be referred to as a photo primer or makeup primer, because it can help to give skin that smooth, airbrushed look that is often desired in professional photography. Because it is intended to absorb oil and shine, it can also make other types of makeup last longer throughout the day without needing to be reapplied. Makeup base is typically intended to be noncomedogenic so it won't clog the pores, and it may also include certain moisturizing ingredients to treat the skin; however, it is still important to wash all the makeup off the face at the end of the day to prevent blemishes.
*source : wisegeek.com
what does Etude House claimed about the product? 

1. Moist inside! Smooth and downy surface!

Create Baby choux skin!
Hold the moisture inside and remain the surface of the skin
smooth and downy to create brighter and white skin!

2. As if you put choux cream on the skin!

Light and downy texture
Offer light and downy adhesive power as if you applied
sweet choux cream on the skin!

3. Make-up base + Primer recipe

Adjust skin tone + Adjust skin texture 
Create brighter skin by Soft Focusing Effect that reflects the light in various angles 
 and specailly coated Line Filling Agent Pigment fills up curve of the skin to complete soft skin texture.

4. Freshen up your mood with dandelion extract and cotton ingredient!
Make the skin soft and downlike skin by containing cotton extract and
help expressing bright and soft skin by dandelion extract.

There are 3 shades with their own functions available : 

At first, this make up base was released with the jar type. Thanks God they have the new tube type now :p more hygienic, easy to bring and lighter :D

How to use :

Okay then, that's all about the product's background.

My swatches and review :
*click to enlarge pic

I've never used the sponge to spread it on my face, so I only use fingers :)

 as you can see above, it has yellowish/orangey color. 
it appear more dewy when using this with bb cream rather than using bb cream alone.

Pros :

  • Diminish dullness on yellow skin tone quite nice
  • Gives smooth base before applying makeup
  • Makes my face dewier rather than using makeup without this base :D
  • Has SPF 30++
  • Give moisture (?)
  • Easy to blend, light texture
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Evens out my skin tone

Neutral :

  • Well.. It smells nice, sweet and like a cake(?). But I don't really like to put on sweet stuffs on my face -.-) But it depends on personal opinion so I put this point in the neutral category :p however, the smell will disappear after you put bb cream on top or several mins later
  • Expiry date after opening 12 months

Cons :

  • Only 35grams
  • Doesn't really make my makeup last longer than usual
  • Makes my face much oilier than using bb cream alone :s (it becomes so oily in the nose area. I've never has oily nose like this before T_T but since this makes my face smoother and dewier I still like it :p )
  • Appear a bit cakey over the undereye area, makes some wrinkles look more visible
Well, however, above all, I love dewy makeup so I'll just bear with the cons :p
They're not big problems for me. I have dry combination skin. It really makes my nose super oily, I mean it. So I think for you who has oily nose already, maybe you won't like it :s
Would I repurchase? Um.. I think I'm going to try the Faceshop's Lovely me:ex base first :p But if I don't find it good, maybe I'll come back to this base or try another one that will gonna catch my eye xD (?)

Me with this base, Holika-Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream #01 Light Beige
*100% no edit except the watermark xD

*sunny day lightning, in car ._., no flash*

I love the natural glow it gives :p

Thanks for reading^^I hope you find it helpful. Have a great day :D
God bless you..


  1. Thanks for the review! This looks nice but I have oily skin so I'm not sure if this is good for me since it makes your skin a bit oilier... Anyhow, you look good in the photo :D

    1. yeah.. it might not suits you :o but maybe you would like to try the other versions or the samples first :D

  2. nice review ci :P
    bisa jadi whislist selanjutnya nih XD wkwk

  3. Aku punya yang hijau Jes. Lumayan bagus sih yang hijau, biasanya aku oles dijerawat yang merah supaya pas pake bb cream jerawatnya gak merah banget haha. Nice review Jes ^_^
    Kamu cantik ^_^

    1. Lumayan banyak deh kayaknya ce yg bilang yang hijau bagus :D ini aku juga mau nyoba x) tp sejauh ini masalahku lebih ke dull skin sih drpd redness ._.) jd takut mubazir juga nyoba xD
      You too ce ><
      Thanks for visiting ^^

  4. My face is kinda oily too, so this is just not for me hahah. Btw, nice review :D You are really pretty ><

    1. Yeah, maybe you should try non SPF makeup base since more SPF makes it oilier (my sister said so xD) Thankyou Stephanie ^^ Thanks for visiting too^^

  5. hihi kalo aku lumayan suka sama wanginya, bikin laper :p
    following you back dear, thanks for visiting my blog ^^

    1. Thankyou dear^^
      Yup tapi itu dia! Karena manis hahaha xD

  6. I really loved reading your blog. It was very well authored and easy to undertand. Unlike additional blogs I have read which are really not tht good. I also found your posts very interesting. In fact after reading, I had to go show it to my friend and he ejoyed it as well! free of future acne scards


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