11 Dec 2013

[REVIEW & SWATCH] Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion in w13 - Natural Beige

Good afternoon lovely readers :D
Today I'm going to review a product that has been booming lately :D
Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion! yeay xD
Thank you so much, Yevi Ng for letting me to win this product as the 2nd winner prize for her latest makeup Challenge :D 
She held a KPOP look-makeup challenge ^_^
If you want to know about my entry for her makeup challenge :p you can click here ^^

So let's get started to the review :D

I got the shade in Natural Beige w13.
This product is available also in other shades, such as :
#n02 Light Beige -new shade-
#w24 Honey Beige

Swatches :
*click to enlarge pics

My swatch for the ingredients one was unclear (sorry T_T) so I borrow Winter Blossom's side box swatch of this product^^ You can also read her review here

you can see above, it quite covers my dark circle. It evens out my skin color and I don't need makeup base to achieve the look that this product gave me ^^ It gives a slightly dewy finish which I really like <3 For some redness and dark spots I still need a bit touch from concealer^^

Pros :
  • Doesn't oxidize, just fades a bit
  • Good coverage (medium but buildable)
  • Brighten up my complexion, like using makeup base already :p
  • Feels light on skin
  • SPF 50PA++ ! >v<)~
  • Flexible, efficient, easy to use especially if you have no time to apply this and that xD Can be used everywhere! ><
  • Puff is washable
  • Big mirror :p
  • Moisture my skin
  • There is no paraben! yeay ^^
Neutral :
  • Quite dewy (which I personally would put this as a 'pro' xD)
  • Oil control just so so, but doesn't make my skin too oily too
  • The puff smells weird :s
  • I don't need powder to set it. This just enough for me ^^
  • The packaging quite bulky but hygienic (it has division between the puff and the cushion itself)
  • I don't feel any cooling effects :\
  • For dark circle coverage just so so
Cons :
  • Redness still quite visible
  • Contains fragrance ._.
  • Unhygienic if you don't wash the puff ._.
  • Appear a bit cakey on the eyes area while tapping with the puff but it's fixable with your fingers^^
  • Only 15grams :(
Overall, I LOVE this product^^
All the cons are minor cons for me and I don't really mind them since the product is nice^^
And I'm curious about the white version one in Light Beige ><
I prefer white than pink, idk why :s

For me that seems usually chased by the time (?) xD this is a great product. No need to apply base or bb cream or sunscreen with hands and try to make them even carefully with fingers :D This product really saves time :D 

Repurchase? of course YEEEES! Maybe the light beige one :D I'm craving this xD even though it runs out fast and a bit expensive for me but it is worth buying xD

Love love love >v<)b

Under room lighting :D love the coverage ^.^ *no edit 100%* please ignore my ugly chubby cheek TwT*

Did you try this product too?
How's your oppinion?^^
Thanks for reading and have a blessed day^^!

ps : coming soon my new fav base makeups beside this one xD


  1. Thanks for the review! Too bad this product doesn't cover redness that well :(

    1. yeah... but thanks God i didnt really get a problem with rednesses, but dark spots.....TT np! thanks too for visiting^^

  2. kulitmu undah kinclong sih jess, jd pake ini tambah bagus gituuu.. haha

    1. sepertinya efek lighting itu xD hhi thanks for visiting ^_^

  3. Iya Jes kulit kamu jd tambah glowing pake ini. Nanti mau coba jg ah kalo udah mulus hahaha

  4. iya bener udah gausa pake bb cream ud mulus jes :p

    1. ahahah nggak cel xD masih banyak dark spots huhuuT.T

  5. aku juga cakey pake ini, jadi kadang aku mix2 hahaha
    complete review dear <3

    1. iya ce sama... tp ak tkt kalau trlalu banyak mixannya tambah cakey?._. hihi thankyou ce ^^

  6. Then it works well with oily skin? I'd try this product, I find very interesting format :)

    1. yes it does, I think ^^ but its not really matte.. i heard ppl with oily skin usually prefer matte finish?:o

  7. You're sooo pretty~! Great review! I've been wanting to get this product but I am still hesitant because of its coverage. Thanks for sharing this, Jessica!

    By the way, I followed you via GFC :) Follow back?♥


  8. BTW, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Please check it out


    Thanks ♥

    1. Thankyou so much! Ill look over it and try to make the post ASAP ^^

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  10. dari dulu pengen banget nyobain ini XD tapi belum kesampean. next time mungkin. by the way, thanks for the review kak! ^^


  11. Ah? bikin white cast?? aduhh jadi ragu nyobainnn ><
    kulit kuning langsat agak terang bagus w13 ato w24 ya?

    1. Tapi bagus kok menurutku jadi cerah wajahnya :)
      Kalau agak, honey beige aja masuk kok :) soalnya ini aku pake w13 natural beige aja udah sedikit keputihan , tapi aku suka sih hehe xD

  12. Aku udah coba yang light beige, so far warnanya masuk ke kulitku yg pucat. Entah kenapa aku kerasa bgt coolingnya waktu di-apply hehe tp ya cuma sebentar. Bener apa kata kamu, bikin white cast terutama di daerah kulitku yg kering.. tp ketutup sm fungsinya yang praktis sih

    1. iyaa ^^ so far bagus sih yaa aku restock mulu nih xD
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  13. it looks so natural on the skin! sad that the oil control is so so. my skin is so oily and this would definitely melt :/

  14. I heard of this product before and it have quite good reviews. So I'm thinking of getting one myself =)

  15. Nice review! I've been wanting to try this out myself. I'd like to use it under BB cream or foundation to really give me super nice coverage.

  16. You did great detail review, i wish etude house were easily available in my country.

  17. dari kemaren pengen cobain beli ini..
    cuman harganya ga nahan :')
    bagus dipake sama kamu :)

  18. Great review! I'm not sure if I get this brand in my country.

    Sending in some holiday cheers!! Wish you a very Happy New Year in advance :)

    GIG Love
    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  19. i use this before..quite nice but ah a bit too fair for my liking!

  20. just wondering, is there other way to use the product other than the sponge? it feels a little icky to keep 'repatting' the sponge back into the product after it has been on our face...

  21. It looks great on you! Congrats on winning the product :) giglove

  22. Thanks for the review.....too bad that it doesn't covers decently...

  23. I wish etude products were available here! This looks so beautiful :)


  24. oohh.. so cute packaging. It looks great on you. Nice review. Gig

  25. Great review, loved the fact you also did neutral. This is really for me but I love the packaging.

    Happy New Year!
    GIG LOVE | The Life of Leeshastarr

  26. This is such a fab review - really liked how many details and pictures you included, great job! x
    | Life as a Petite || Fashion, Crafts & Lifestyle Blog |

  27. Every time I read an eTude review I'm reminded of just how much I'm dying to try out this brand!! I need to track this baby down! <3 GIGLove

  28. I never try Etude house products before. Thanks for the review. And i was thinking do 3 shades enough for all skin tones?

  29. Looks like another keeper from Étude. I like the packaging too!

  30. This is such a cute looking product and I loved its effects, too. Thanks for the great review :)


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