7 Nov 2014

[EVENT] Bangkok Beauty Laser Hair Removal Salon Grand Opening

Yeay! Another Beauty event report! :D

WAIT! If you live in Surabaya or planning to go to Surabaya, looking for hair removal salon which has plus value which you might not find in other hair removal salon, you would love to know more about Bangkok Beauty. You won't regret it and let's find out more! :D

Photo credit to : ce Mindy
Left to right : ce Cynthian, ce Lina, ce Sabrina (above), ce Kathy (with black hat), ce Yennyca, ce Mindy (above), Nessya (below), ce Sasha, Widya and me at the very back. xD

17 Oct 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge October 2014 : I-POP Makeup Challenge

 Long time no see everyone! xD
I was solo busy with my collage life T_T)a
Lot's of tasks to do and today I am sick. . . . T_T)
But my passion to join the challenge from Indonesian Beauty Blogger ft. SARANGE this month is still on. =)) So I tried my best to create my very own Korean Signature Makeup Style despite the hectic days and tasks and my sufferings(?). TwT)/

So below is the banner! :3
There will be 2 winners who will receive 2 packages of Sarange makeups which valued IDR 1.000.000,- ^w^)b

Since I've never tried SARANGE's products and they are actually looks interesting xD I decided to join this month's MUC. :D Please wish me luck! :D

So, I've followed their twitter :D twitter.com/sarange_id

Liked their Facebook page :D facebook.com/sarangeindonesia
 And followed their instagram :D instagram.com/sarange_id

So far I know, Korean Pop (K-Pop) look has many variants. But mainly they have straight eyebrows, winged eyeliner, gradient lips and mostly the don't play too much extreme colors. This time challengers (?) must make a/3 look(s) based on our personality correlated with K-Pop makeup look.

So here are my 3 looks :

13 Oct 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] HAIRandME Blue Yoghurt Hair Spa

As you might already know, I really love to style and color my hair. Because of that, giving more extra attention and treatment for my hair is a must to prevent hair damages. Lately, I don't really use hair spa and I was contacted by HAIRandMe owner to review this product and choose one of HAIRandMe Daily Hair Spa variants. I choose the blue one because simply just because I like the blue one! xD Blue hair spa? Looks so cute :D

Actually and unfortunately(?), each colors (variants) has their own specialities for our hairs! Let's get to know a bit about them first before choosing. ^_^) Tips : Don't choose based on the color, but choose based on your hair needs! xD
(from left to right)

This hair spa claims to be.......

Chocolate : The chocolate's unique scent can be used as aromatherapy that will make you more relax. The chocolate's inside will help to control your hair's moisture level until the roots. This will prevent hair damage, keep your hair smooth, lustrous and shiny.
Avocado : This variant suit you who have problems with rough and dry hair. Avocado helps to smoothen your hair and makes it look silkier. This helps to reduce hair fall and the avocado nutrition will penetrates to hair roots.
Strawberry : Strawberry's scent is all age's favorite! This will make your hair looks healthier and shinier. The strawberry extracts inside has enchanting aroma. <3
Candleberry : Good for dull hair and this one will help your hair color even blacker and shinier than before. Its nutrition will absorbed until hair roots and moisturize hair. Don't worry about the aroma, they have designed it to have a good scent. :D
Blue Yoghurt : Yoghurt is very good to be included for hair and skin treatments. This will strengthen hair until the root and prevent dandruff, also to diminish hair ends split. 

Well, I actually don't have any problems with dandruff, but more to hair fall so I think I should've choose the Avocado one. T_T)
Lol. xD But despite the dandruff thingy, I actually find this hair spa really good and interesting. Why? Let's g to the detail. :)

 The jar is made of un-fragile plastic so don't worry if you accidently fell it. :p
And the idea using batik is very brilliant!
The consistency itself is not too watery nor too thick. The thickness is just enough and it smells really nice after being rinsed. When I rinsed my hair after using this product, I can directly feels the super SMOOTHNESS on my first usage. My hair become shinier and easier to comb too. ^^

4 Oct 2014


Good day readers! This month's first post will gonna be a good news for my 2 lovely 1st giveaway winners! :D
Before announcing the winners, I want to apologize if I just can announce the winners now. My collage habits made my days getting busier and busier these days and I had to check all of the entries first to make sure disqualifying participants who cheat. ._.) Sorry! :o
Once again, don't unfollow because you don't win the giveaway or because you just want the prizes because I want pure readers on my blog >.<)/
And for those who doesn't win, please don't be sad because I'm planning on another giveaway! *yeay* ^_^)

Thank you so much for everyone who joined, you guys all are awesome! I saw all the entries and feels flattered (?) xD

Ok! No more talks, so here are the winnersssss... :D

29 Sep 2014

[EVENT] Miracle Aesthetic Clinic ft MakeOverID Beauty Blogger Gathering

On Saturday, September 27th 2014 Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and MakaOver Indonesia held a beauty blogger gathering with the theme " Beauty Talks About Beauty" for beauty bloggers which can reach Surabaya, Indonesia. Not only bloggers, bloggers' friends might join too. And I was asked by Ade Kumala Putri to join the event. Thanks Lala for asking me to join! Far away from the word regret! :D

Me with Miracle Clinic's product :D

This is my very first time attending beauty bloggers gathering. I wonder how the atmosphere will be and who would I meet. *lol* And I did not haaaaave green top since I moved to Surabaya and mostly my outfits are in Bali. So I went there with just whatever has white and green on my closet and I hope they would match. :'D (?) Thanks God and thanks Miracle I got the best dress and a voucher as a complimentary. Didn't know it would happen. ^^;; Well, back to the topic! Miracle gave every participants a 'fact or myth' board. On the slide there would be 10 statements about beauty and skin health which many people might have not known the truth of it. Then in every questions, we were given the chance to raise out board to show our opinion whether the statements are fact or myth. We also can discuss about it together! Interesting and not boring at all! :) The informations are also useful. Miracle and MakeOver gave 3 packages of products for active participants.

So here is the board look like
Here are the 10 statements and explanation :
Fact / myth about our skin....

25 Sep 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Good day readers!

FYI, I've never bought makeup from overseas online web because I'm afraid of fraud, I don't have paypal, I don't know much about overseas taxing and stuffs also for me it is quite complicated compared to buy makeup online like usual (from the same nation). But this time I found a web which is very helpful and makes shopping experience much easier, moreover because the customer service is very friendly.

HanaVillage.com aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service. We carry more than thousand of products in store. We also own another website LensVillage, a circle lenses store which has been established many years ago. You may find our customer reviews throughout different channel. 

You can open hanavillage.com and see their current interesting offers that you can only find in Hanavillage.com :)

HanaVillage unique selling points :
* We offer free delivery worldwide (minimum purchase $30)
* We offer 1 to 1 exchange on contact lenses if customer has problem with the lenses
* Customer can request for a return/exchange if they are unhappy with their purchase. 
* More than 2000 products available, we sell top colored lenses and cosmetic brands in Asia
They sell many circle lenses, cosmetics and accessories. They also sell instax! :D
They sell well-known makeups such as Etude House, Laneige, 3CE, Dolly Wink, Clio and many more. 
Yeay! They also sell the well known hair color brand from Japan, Liese! :D
They sell many colors of Liese too! Here in Indonesia, it's a bit hard to look for Liese with good price. :( Now no worry! :D I can buy it from HanaVillage next time ^w^)b

And this is what's interesting from HanaVillage! You can win a gift set worth $50 !

It's time for me now to shop with HavaVillage! :D
After long time thinking what I would buy from them, I choose to buy Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown :)
So now, let's see the review of this well-known product from Japan! :D

13 Sep 2014

Sumber Antioksidan Tertinggi di Alam, Xanthone dan Manfaatnya untuk Kulit, Hati, Jantung, Kanker, Penuaan

Xanthone diyakini merupakan salah satu kelompok zat antioksidan yang paling kuat yang bisa ditemukan di alam.

Di China,

 Xanthone telah diuji dan diverifikasi sebagai bahan yang mencegah aktivitas sel kanker hati, lambung, dan paru-paru. Sementara itu, beberapa penelitian dan eksperimen di Jepang mendapati bahwa Xanthone sangat baik dalam menghambat pertumbuhan dan penyebaran leukemia dan kanker usus besar. Sebagai antibiotik alam, khasiat Xanthone terbukti melampaui antibiotik buatan, seperti penisilin, floksasilin, oksasilin, dan vankomisin. Peran aktif Xanthone juga tampak dalam pencegahan dan pengobatan radang sel-sel otak, penyakit Alzheimer, arthritis, asam urat, dan bahkan Xanthone juga memiliki efek antidepresan, alias mencegah stres dan depresi.

Di Thailand,

Xanthone digunakan sebagai obat kemoterapi alami untuk memerangi kanker, dan juga mengobati meningitis (infeksi selaput otak), pneumonia, septimia, dan TBC. Sementara itu, penelitian medis di Australia membuktikan bahwa xanthonemembantu menurunkan kadar kolesterol jahat (LDL), yang dampak positifnya adalah pencegahan penumpukan plak di pembuluh darah (atherosclerosis), penyakit jantung, dan stroke. Tak hanya itu, Anda yang sering mengalami masalah dengan sendi, usus, dan saluran pernapasan akan sangat terbantu apabila mengonsumsi Xanthone dalam dosis yang tepat secara teratur. 
Konsentrasi Xanthone yang paling tinggi hingga saat ini diyakini terdapat dalam kulit buah manggis (Garcinia mangostana). Tak hanya Xanthone, manggis juga mengandung macam-macam zat bioaktif lainnya—seperti polisakarida, catechin, dan proanthocyanidin—yang turut membantu menjaga kesehatan tubuh kita secara holistik.

Khasiat-khasiat sari kulit manggis :

  • Membantu memulihkan kondisi sel-sel yang rusak akibat radikal bebas
  • Menurunkan kemungkinan terjadinya penyakit jantung, penumpukan plak dalam pembuluh darah, hipertensi, dan pembekuan darah secara berlebihan (thrombosis)
  • Mencegah efek degeneratif sel-sel tubuh dan kepikunan
  • Menyebabkan vasorelaksasi, sehingga meningkatkan aliran darah di seluruh tubuh
  • Menghadirkan efek antidepresan untuk mengurangi stres
  • Memiliki efek antioksidan, antiradang, antikanker, antialergi yang sangat kuat potensinya
  • Meningkatkan kekebalan tubuh untuk memerangi virus, bakteri, dan sumber penyakit lainnya
  • melangsingkan tubuh
  • mencegah pengeroposan tulang
  • mencegah terbentuknya batu ginjal
  • memperhalus kulit
  • menurunkan kadar gula dalam darah
  • menghilangkan kelelahan fisik
  • mengurangi rasa nyeri
  • memulihkan luka pada saluran pencernaan
  • mencegah pendarahan pada gusi
  • mencegah penyebaran HIV yang menyebabkan AIDS.

Karena tidak bisa dikonsumsi secara langsung seperti halnya dengan daging buahnya, kulit buah manggis haruslah diproses terlebih dahulu agar dapat bermanfaat bagi tubuh.
Maka dari itu, kini telah hadir Sido Muncul Sari Kulit Manggis!
Isi 50 kapsul, sehari 1-3 kali 1 kapsul.
http://www.sidomunculherbal.com/id/12-sido-muncul-sari-kulit-manggis.html (di web resmi Sido Muncul pun jual RP. 60.000,-)
Info pemesanan :

9 Sep 2014

Giveaway of The Month! :D

Another month, like usual, there must be another giveaways! :D
Here are some giveaways I am currently joining this month :D :

4 Sep 2014

UPDATED [SALON REVIEW] Bleaching and Coloring in Shinjuku Hair Make PTC Surabaya

Hello my super lovely readerssss!
It's been a long time for me since I left the blog because my orientation week on university. T_T)
So sad for being MIA for several weeks but now here I am! :D

I'm super busy doing my university's big project making a billion rupiahs project, which is far away from easy and free time. @_@
Oh! Anyway don't forget to join my 1st mini giveaway here >> http://iamfoodeater.blogspot.com/2014/08/1st-mini-giveaway.html^.^

Okay, move to the point.
I've never thought I would bleach my hair since everyone says it is expensive, damages hair and so on. And now, because of the orientation week of my university which says that every newbies must have black hair, so I dyed my hair black. T_T)
The hairstylist said that the color of the dye would not make it because I just darkened my hair. Poor me and I decided to bleach my hair to get bright color. For me who usually dyed my hair at home, it is a waste if I don't choose bright or at last blonde color when I dye my hair at salon. xD

The salon I choose was Shinjuku Hair Make Salon in PTC Surabaya. The place looks professional and quite big. But one lady staff on the front desk does not seems so nice, actually.. when I said I want to blog about their salon. .__.

This is how the salon looks like.

23 Aug 2014

1st Mini Giveaway

Good news ladies!
Finally I can hold my very own first mini giveaway :D
Actually I've planned this since long time ago but I still have to save my money for this and that. :(

I want to say thank you (which will never be enough!) for my lovely and loyal readers. I am actually nothing without you all! :') *sobs*cough* :p
And of course above all, I feel so thankful of what my Jesus Christ has done in my love so that I am me now.

No more talks! Here are the prizes! :) *sorry if I can't make it a big giveaway with great prizes:( Still affording for the next upcoming giveaway! ;)*

*sorry, I forgot to take a pic of some prizes ^_^;;;;;

*some of them are preloved but still in good conditions and I've never used them more than 3 times*
There will be 2 winners :

[HAIR] My Hair Dye Story and Hair Mantenance

Maybe some of you know that I love to color my hair and in my young age *cough* I've died my hair  quite many times already--and sometimes I feels like I gotta stop to do this and that to my hair. xD

I used to be a senior high school student which made me have to have black hair, like most other people in Indonesia. But in fact, my natural hair color is already dark brown and sometimes people who ruled did not think it was a good excuse so...yeah. Gotta darken my hair 'till black many times. T___T)

No more talking, let's see the list of my hair colorants I've used so far. For some readers and friends who asked why do my hair still shiny, not rebellious, no breakage and smooth, I'll tell you everything I do here. :)

4 Aug 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH + NOTD] Revlon Super Fast Dry Nail Enamel #530 Glitz and Glam

Good morning everybody ^_^
Today I'll be posting my first nail product review :D
This post is actually already in my draft since 2013 ^_^;; But I've never really finished it and now I will. :p *finally xD*

This Revlon Super Fast Dry Nail Enamel in #530 Glitz and Glam caught my eyes when I was looking for a blush in the Revlon's store. There are so many pretty colors there but this glittery one is really nice! :)

Believe me, it's pretty! xD
And you know right that I love multifunctional products. Yes, I can use this nail polish in more than 1 way. :p

 So here are the swatches :

1 Aug 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] Changing Mono Lid to Double Lid Permanently without Makeup and Surgery

Do you have perfect neat double lids? You gotta be grateful for it! Many girls especially East Asians mostly don't have their desired double eyelids. Double eyelids make you easier to draw beautiful eye shadows and eyeliners and other eye makeups. Some might consider mono lids as unique, but most agencies that look for models prefer those who has double lids.

Park Sora from Stylenanda. Perfect double lid
Some of them did plastic surgery for it. As we know, plastic surgery is risky and costly. Good for them who can achieve the eyelids nicely after being under the knife, but there once like this women who failed having the right desired eyelids or was just being unlucky in this case.
Marilyn Leisz, a woman who did plastic surgery to have double lid but ended with having trouble closing her eyes.
I heard the woman above sued the doctor. :o

Back to the main topic. The rest who did go under the knife just use eyelid glue or scotch. But would you use eye glue that will disappear in couple of minutes or hours, or eye scotch forever that might fall off, would not stick perfectly, feel not convenient and distract your eye makeup?

So today, I'm gonna share my experience and a lil' success of having double eye lids without surgery or costly things. :p How did I get them?

28 Jul 2014

[FOTD] Natural Double Mod Gyaru

Some of you, especially eyeliner lovers must have heard about some of these eyeliner styles below. However, in this FOTD I choose to combine the 'double mod' eyeliner style (bottom right) with Japanese Gyaru style which is already well known all around the world too.
Details below :) 

Details of the eyes and products used : 

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Holika Holika Jewel Light Waterproof Eyeliner #09 18K Gold

* Color *
#1 Black Gem
#2 Black Crystal
#3 Lapis Lazuli
#4 Purple Amethyst
#5 Brown Amber
#6 Olive Peridot
#7 One Carat Diamond
#8 Pink Topaz
#9 Gold
#10 Chocolate Citrin
#11 Light Brown Amber
#12 Olive Jade

22 Jul 2014

July Giveaways

Who doesn't love freebies? :D
Here are some giveaways I've join this month :)

21 Jul 2014

[SHORT TUTORIAL] Korean Straight Eyebrow

Good day readers!
Today I'm posting requested post and just had the time to post this after loooong loooong time. So sorry! T__T)a
I have to prepare my college submission and every thing. :(

Well, this post not gonna be long and the tutorial is short, thou. I did post this on my instagram beauty shop Beatusbeautyshop too. You can see the Indonesian version there. :) Let's start! 

20 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream - Multifunction

I'm sure that most of you have heard about snail slime being extracted and included in many cosmetic brands nowadays, skincare and makeup. If you haven't, you can read HERE to know more about snail slime use in cosmetics. Well, with no more talk let's get to know how this one of snail slime skincares works on my skin, Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream. 

What this cream claims to be : 

So here is my review :
As you can see above, the packaging shape is simple, a tube with rotate cap made of plastic. The design is simply cute for me. It is very travel friendly because it is not fragile, spoiling and the cap attached perfectly.

13 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Rubelli V-Line Face - Small Slanted Face Without Surgery

Nowadays, small face with sharp chin like the letter 'V' has been a trend--moreover after Korean dramas and musics are booming. They tend to have slanted small 'V' face which not all people can have and they  mostly achieved them by doing plastic surgery. However, we know that plastic surgery needs lots of money and times, also it is super risky.
But people are getting more innovative and find new ways to achieve V-line face without plastic surgery. This is one of them, the well-known Rubelli V-Line Face.

10 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief - Glowy Face Without Shimmer / Enhancer

There are bunches of moisturizers out there, and today I'm not going to talk about Korean product. Another winner of my heart (lol) that I've always talked about on my previous posts goes to this amazing Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief. What makes it so special?

7 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Pasjel Purple Mildy Smooth

Have you ever heard about Pasjel, one of Thailand skincares which has a kind of uniqueness. Pasjel's skincare products are some kinds of lotions which has different colors for each functions, and lately they also launched some other kinds of new products such as soap and mask.

Last month, I received the purple Pasjel-Mildy Smooth which is an axillary cream that claims to be able to get rid of  wrinkled and dark skin on the knee, elbow, buttock and armpit. Does this cream really work?

source : tokobagus.com

1 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] V10 Plus Water Based Peeling by Yokota Lab

I'm sure every one who take care of their skin must have heard about 'peeling gel'. However, lately it is told that peeling gel-which many people use to remove dead skin cells and dirts on skin--might be harmful and damage skin's epidermis.

People nowadays are getting smarter, more innovative and creative in finding better ways to give the best for skin. V10 Plus Water Based Peeling Gel might be the answer for us which need exfoliator for skin that promises no side effects or hazardous chemicals inside that peeling itself.

V10 Plus contacted me and sent me a document with 10 sachets V10 Plus Water Based Peeling for a review purpose. However, V10 Plus look so promising and professional. They have received many awards since 2011 and has been sold also in Germany, Singapore, Finland and other country as well.

Reasons on why you should try this peeling :


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