28 Jan 2014

Gita Regina's Giveaway Winner

Good morning readers <3
Today I would gladly post about being the winner of Gitasyalala.blogspot.com's latest giveaway winner :D *convetti xD*
You can see her giveaway post here and discover her blog :D
She has such a unique blog and passion about fashion which inspire me lately :)
and that logo above. So cute xD
On her latest giveaway, she made a rule that participants have to write a post about their selves, make up and fashion style. And this is what I wrote xD

Okay, so onto the prizes I received :D

25 Jan 2014

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Bright Fit - no 01 Light Beige

Hello my lovely readers <3
Today I'm back with another BB Cream review^^

Before going to the review......
I want to say thank you so much for all my lovely and loyal readers :'D
Lately I received many comments on my instagram and email telling that they read my blog and other lovely things <3 Thank you so much.
I apologize lately I could not upload good reviews because I've got an error with my photoshop :( I'll try to fix it soon^^
And national exam is getting closer so I have so much to do in school. I wish I can always provide useful posts for you beside my schedules in school and with my dance team. :( 
I hope you understand :'D Thank you! And once again thank you so much! This blog is nothing without my readers <3

Okay.. Onto the review ^^

21 Jan 2014

[REVIEW & SWATCH] Etude House Silk Scarf Hologram Hair Serum

Another review for hair product from Etude House! ^^
Remember when I reviewed about Etude House Silk Scarf Moist Hair Mist? Now I'm going to review about the Hologram Hair Serum one, still on the same product line and cute packaging!><)b

  [ETUDE HOUSE] silk scarf hologram hair serum 120ml
Product Description:

20 Jan 2014


Good afternoon every one :)
How's your day? Hope it is great :)

I fell sick and caught a high fever so yeah :( couldn't blog lately. 

Okay. There is something that I need to deliver to my lovely readers, especially people who joined my last giveaway featuring Dressale.com

Dressale said that I do not need to pick any winners, they pick by their self and here is a proof if you want to see : (click to see clearer)

So if you are curious about the winner please kindly check as what they directed on the mail. They did not tell me about it and now I think I should be more careful in accepting cooperation offer with them.

Lately, one of my fellow beauty blogger Misaraisu also had a similar issue about Dressale.com. If you want to know the further issues :


also other bloggers' posts about Dressale.com :

I didn't know that many people had bad issues with this web so girls, I am really sorry if any of you has disappointed by the giveaway or you got any bad treatments from the giveaways I held with Dressale.com.

Please don't be disappointed! I'm saving and saving and always saving to make a future giveaway T.T)

Thank you for reading and especially I hope you all understand :(
Thank you once again and God Bless^^

12 Jan 2014

UPDATED-[REVIEW & SWATCH] Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ #01 Light Beige

Good morning readers!
Today I'm going to review another BB Cream.
【Holika Holika】luminous silk BB cream korean cosmetics
It is Holika Holika Luminous Silk BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++ #01 Light Beige. This BB cream is available in 2 shades which are :

cute box isn't it xD The box made of 3D stripes plastic with lace prints which is very cute ^_^ But because it is transparent, it's a bit hard to read the side texts (like ingredients etc :( )

11 Jan 2014

Little Things About Me and My Taste of Make Up and Fashion

Good morning readers! 
a good morning selca from this pretty sumin xD
Actually, this post is a giveaway entry to Gita's giveaway :D
You can join too HERE
What are the prizes?

10 Jan 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] Korean & Idol SULLI F(X)'s Secret of Slim Face Without Money (Free) and Natural Ways

Nowadays, Korean beauty is very famous and popular among people all over the world, not only for ladies but also for men. One of their standard of 'beauty' is having slim and small face, with sharp chin, having face like the letter "V'. Not only for Koreans, now many westerns also think that having face without 'fats' around the cheeks reveals more beauty, defined cheek bones and look more mature. 

With the popularity, many women want to have that V-lined face shape too. 

The easiest way to get it is with plastic surgery or botox which everyone knows surgery is very costly and risky. Wrong jaw surgery for having smaller face shape might cause permanent damage for ourselves. 

Maybe you want to have it too? Do you have slim body already but having chubby cheeks? And you want to get rid of it? Too afraid or thinking surgery too costly?

There are alternatives of it which are way safer, cheaper and easier to do. But they take time and patience to achieve the desired face shape. Of course you cannot have it instantly like plastic surgery but I hope the tips below inspire you, also can be useful for every of you who wants to know Korean's secret of having slim face without surgery, without money / free, easy and can be done anywhere.

The secrets are..

2 Jan 2014


Good morning everyone!
Hope you all starts your new year filled with great moments with your lovely people ^^
It's another post about an award, but this time not another Liebster Blog Award anymore :p
It's Versatile Blogger Award! *yeay*^^
I feel so touched that for almost 5 months being active in blogger I received so much loves from another awesome bloggers :'D
They all gave me unique and great questions on the Liebster Blog Award, you can read them on my bottom right sidebar to know more about me, my beauty choices and secrets xD
Well, getting back to this award, I am so thankful to Stella and Majorie Zoleta for nominating me on this award^^
Visit their awesome blogs too by clicking their names ^^

The Versatile Blogger Award is an award to recognize bloggers for their quality writing. If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award. The rules to accept the award are as follow:
  •  Thank the person who nominated you this award and include a link to their blog
  •  Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

So first, here are my 7 facts about me that not many people know :p


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