20 Jan 2014


Good afternoon every one :)
How's your day? Hope it is great :)

I fell sick and caught a high fever so yeah :( couldn't blog lately. 

Okay. There is something that I need to deliver to my lovely readers, especially people who joined my last giveaway featuring Dressale.com

Dressale said that I do not need to pick any winners, they pick by their self and here is a proof if you want to see : (click to see clearer)

So if you are curious about the winner please kindly check as what they directed on the mail. They did not tell me about it and now I think I should be more careful in accepting cooperation offer with them.

Lately, one of my fellow beauty blogger Misaraisu also had a similar issue about Dressale.com. If you want to know the further issues :


also other bloggers' posts about Dressale.com :

I didn't know that many people had bad issues with this web so girls, I am really sorry if any of you has disappointed by the giveaway or you got any bad treatments from the giveaways I held with Dressale.com.

Please don't be disappointed! I'm saving and saving and always saving to make a future giveaway T.T)

Thank you for reading and especially I hope you all understand :(
Thank you once again and God Bless^^


  1. Aww Jess :( I'm sorry you got similar issue as mine. They asked me to delete my previous post about my canceled giveaway and promised me they would credit the gift card to the winners without minimum purchase but considering many of my friends had similar issues with them I didn't respond anymore :/

    1. Yup Misa :(
      I decided to do the same thing like you :(
      Hope I can be more careful next time >.<

  2. That's too bad :( I've read quite a number of reviews and posts about this kind of issue occurring!

    1. Yup :( Hope an issue like this won't happen again :(

  3. TOO BAD! I thought you must've stumbled upon one comment of mine in one's post of this giveaway. I'm not going to brag here, but I think you might want to google up "dressale" and few posts will come up saying it's...a 'not really recommended site'. Hope this help!

  4. wah ternyata issue itu beneran ya kalo dressale ga recommended -_-

  5. ugh! i did the same thing too. and i was too ashamed to announce it to those participating it. a lot of people say it's a scam ): they even have a facebook page 'hate site'
    followed you (:


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