11 Feb 2014

[BEAUTY INFO] Snail Slime Use for Skin

Good afternoon readers :)
I'm sure some of you have heard about snail slime :)
Today I'm posting my school's work essay about snail slime benefits for our skin :)
Maybe it is not much but I hope this will be useful for you--as an introduction-- who have not know about this topic :D
I did minor research and put it on 5 paragraphs. Happy reading :D


                Have you ever touched the snail secretion—which is usually called snail slime? Snail slime is kind of mucus which is produced not only by snail but also by other kind of gastropods. Externally, one kind of mucus is produced by the foot of the gastropod and is usually used for crawling on. The foot mucus of a gastropod has some of the qualities of a glue and some of the qualities of a lubricant, allowing land snails to crawl up vertical surfaces without falling off. The color is transparent and it feels sticky if touched. Some people find it is unsavory to touch it, moreover having it on their body, right? But surprisingly it is found very useful for skin and many well-known cosmetic brands have included snail slime as the main ingredient of their products.
source : google.com
                Snail slime found to be having rich proteins of hyaluronic acid and antioxidants. Of course, with those famous two components in beauty-talks, everyone knows that both have the role to prevent premature skin aging. It claims to be stimulating the formation of collagen, elastin and dermal components which also can do a great job to prevent the photoaging on skin. No wonder those proteins can protect gastropod’s soft and sensitive tissues from damage and bacteria as they slither everywhere.
                But is it all of the snail slimes are the same? No, indeed! Snail slime also has some diversities in their appearance and quality. It is according to the environmental conditions of the place that they had been living in, the seasons and the food sources used by the snails. These factors supposedly determine the quality of the slime and may affect the quality and properties of a product made with it. Of course, cosmetic companies that have high quality and high processed products will extract and choose the best quality of snail slime they can get.
                But wait? Cosmetics? Yes. Nowadays, snail slime has gotten more and more popular. East Asians’ flawless skin has snail slime as their secret. Also it is start being popular in South America. You can now find snail-slime creams, eye patches, bb creams—foundation alike, facial sheet masks,  that contains snail slime which claims to be smoothen skin and removing dead skin cells, restore the skin, treat acnes, also to heal skin burn and has anti-aging efficacy in it.
                Would you choose to try a beauty treatment with snail slime in it? Despite your ‘little fear’ and out of the disgust you should consider the great benefits that this snail slime can do for your skin! Let it do the magic and what to wait? Include snail slime in your beauty treatments now. :) 

*addition : my dad's relative used to have very bad acne problems on her face but after keep consuming fried snail for quite some times, she got a great free-acne skin condition! >< Makes me wanna eat snail xD*

*you can also visit pretty and cute's blog --link above-- to see products with snail slime in it :) *

Thank you for your time reading my essay xD Maybe it is not perfect yet but I'll learn to be better next time :)
See you on my next post^^
God bless <3


  1. Ewh, snail slime skincare is a no no for me. It's not yucky for me. I'm okay with that kind of thing. But, based on my concern about animal exploitation, I choose no. To achieve better skin, there are lotta plant-based ways out there. :)

    But thank you for making me understand about this snail slime method! :D

    1. yeah for me too! xD
      But I'm curious about it so I think I'm gonna try it :)
      Thanks too for visiting ! ^^

    2. Snails are not harmed or harvested, nor are they fed antibiotics or anything to make them excrete mucin faster. The trail is collected from their holding tanks and purified. No harm comes of snails.

  2. I don't know about this... hehe~ :/


    1. great then, I hope you find it useful and informative ^^
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. that looks disgusting but hey it gives lots of benefits for skin.
    worth to try :D


    1. yup! I think so too xD
      Thanks for reading dear ^^

  4. yay, interesting! xx

    ✿ Rinako ✿


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