14 Feb 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] MakeOver Perfect Shade Blush On Single #06 Caribbean Sunset

Good morning readers ^^
Today I'm back with another review.
Not like usual, today I'm going to review a product from local cosmetic brand (Indonesia), MakeOver. :) I've been requested to make a review of this blush so..yup :D
I won this from Gita's giveaway ^^ Once again thank you, Gita for letting me try this ><
Ok, now let's just jump to the review :D

This blush is available in 8 shades. They are :
#01 Pink Fantasist, #02 Iredescent Pink, #03 Promiscious Peach, #04 Royal Espresso, #05 Brown Strada, #06 Caribbean Sunset, #07 Scarlet Sheen, #08 Cruise Coral
You can visit their website to view more variety of products HERE

Mine is number #06 in Caribbean Sunset. There is no specific description about the product in their web so I'll try to describe it clearly xD

The packaging is square, black plastic and I must say the design is simple but I like it :D
Not too bulky and travel friendly :)
It's a bit glossy and reflects light.

I cannot find the expiry date after opening time on the packaging like other products. So yeah.. Maybe I'll just continue using it until it is end. (?) lol xD

It has a square mirror too. It is not powdery and doesn't fall out everywhere which I really love! :D It comes with a small brush.
The brush is quite soft and doesn't mess up everywhere. But I think the brush should be a lil' 'wider' so that we can blend the blush easier. It is so small. '-')
It is not shimmery at all. It is matte, but I love it! The finish is so natural even though this blush is surprisingly pigmented for me. The color is warm tone of orange which I really love! >< But it is a bit hard to blend, maybe because it is very pigmented and the brush is so small. So I prefer using my other blush brush :D But not bad for travelling ^w^)b
*ps : in real life it is more pigmented, not like in the pic :s

Pros : 

  • Affordable price (75K in their website)
  • Comes with a brush which doesn't mess up
  • Pigmented
  • Very beautiful color
  • Travel friendly and nice packaging
  • Comes with a mirror
  • Doesn't cause falls out
  • Natural finish

Neutral : 

  • 6 grams
  • Stays for around 2-4 hours and will fade starts for 3 hours. Just like other pressed powder blush. 

Cons :

  • The brush is too small
  • A bit hard to blend
I can find the store in Bali :(
If I can find the store next time somewhere(?) I would definitely buy this :p The shade is just really really match with my taste xD
Makes me love local brand too! ^^
Here are some FOTDs using this blush <3

 ok. sorry but when I lay down on the bed the lightning gets better xD
anw this cute galaxy with horses top is a present from my beloved friends and sister Patricia. You should check her beauty blog too!^^ (click her name :D) She just started blogging about beauty, reviews and healthy tips and she's really into culinary stuffs!^^

sorry for the sudden(?) narcissm *chough*

See you on my next post! ^^
And thank you for reading :D

ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D

And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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  1. Soft ya warnanya.. aih selca'nya cantiikk jesss :)♥

    1. iyaaak xD tapi aslinya nggak se soft itu.. pigmented bgt diaaa :D
      thankyou x) Thanks for visiting too ^^

  2. Comment by Rinako : Love the color! You look really cute doll! : )
    NEW POST ✿ ❤

    *ps : I am rewriting missing comments bymyself from Disqus since they are not so many :p still.. so sad :'(*

    1. Thank you <3 you're cuter Rina xD i love the color too ^^ Thanks for visiting <3

  3. Comment by nurina adhalia : cute sekali difoto selcanya ^^

    *ps : I am rewriting missing comments bymyself from Disqus since they are not so many :p still.. so sad :'(*

  4. Di matahari ada ituu jeee ;) disini sih adaaa gatau klo dibali matahari gaada counternyaaa ;p

    1. iya ta? Matahari sby? '0') di bali gak ada c huhuuu TT

  5. kaaaa,thank youuu di promosiin ;;)
    the peplum top looks so good on you...
    you look so beautiful,flawless akkkk <3

  6. wihii, di revieeew :D
    nantai kalau kamu sudah di Surabaya pasti nemu ini di Mall :D
    baguus di kamu, tapi emang dia super highly pigmented ya, dan emang brush nya kekecilan, kalau kakak mending gapake brush sekalian tapi blush nya dibanyakin. wkwkwk
    Anyway, itu baru tiga bulan yang lalu kakak beli, kurang tahu juga expired date nya de, harusnya bisa sampe 5 tahun sih CMIIW xp


    1. He em ce XD
      Makasih ya! Ini favorit banget :D :*

  7. you're so beautiful :D
    love your natural make up


    1. Thank you so much! So do you dear <3 Thanks for coming ^^


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