23 Mar 2014

IBB MUC MARCH 2014 : Natural Glow

New month means new makeup challenge on Indonesian Beauty Blogger's site. :D
Another make up challenge that makes me want to join! :D

This time, the prize comes from Menard for 2 winners.
If you want to enter you can click HERE

I've never tried Menard's products before and here in Bali there is no Menard outlet so I can't even see their products yet T^T)/
I am so curious about their product and the theme this time really made me interested--since glowy face is my favorite!^^

Based on my research and what I have experienced, glowy face can be achieved with moistful healthy face or also with highlighter and enhancer. 

So I submit 3 looks : 
The first look is Moistful Natural Glow
 Sometimes highlighter or even volumer is not needed when you have moistful face to get the glow you want.

No edit beside the text and graphic

 The second look is Highlighted Natural Glow
Why? Because in this look I 'play' more to highlighting. Highlighter which has shimmers will makes our face look 'shiny' in some edges/parts. Mostly on the nose bridge, apple cheek, a bit around forehead and chin. With this, you'll have more noticeable glow. It is perfect to wear on the afternoon because we barely use flash right? Make sure don't use too much highlighter at night or it might turn you into a disco ball! xD Stay natural. <3
The pics are not edited at all beside the watermark. :)

Highlighter used : Etude House V-Line Slim Maker and Revlon Custom Eyes #Naturally Glamourous
The third look is Illuminating Natural Glow
Why do I call this look illuminating natural glow? Here, I use a bit of volumer. I try not putting too much of it and try to make it as natural as possible. :)

sorry my skin is not flawless :')

no edit except the watermark
I only tightlined my eye with black eyeliner, draw my eyebrow, use a transparent libalm and of course like I said, apply a bit of volumer and mixed it with my BB cream. :)

Volumer used : Etude House Nymph Aura #1

What are the main differences between my 3 looks : 
1st look : focus on lots of moisturizer
2nd look : focus on natural highlighting
3rd look : focus on enhancing, dewy look

This is my first time joining IBB's makeup challenge with 3 looks at once. >_<)
I hope I can try Menard's product by joining this MUC :D
Please wish me luck^^
Thank you for reading and God bless^^


  1. cantikk banget jes, glowingnya dapet! ^^ bener2 kembarannya krystal nih :*
    good luck yaa ^_^

    1. Thankyou kak><
      Kk juga good luck yah^^
      Hihi jauh ah u.u ak tembem xD

  2. You look so beautiful~ I love your healthy skin! ^^

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. Thankyou! I thought my skin is too far from good ;.;)

  3. cantik bangettt!
    good luck jes :D

  4. cantikk jess <3
    good luck yaa ^^

  5. Wihhh cantik banget Jes ^_^
    Glowing banget, suka dehhh
    Good luck ya Jes ^_^

    1. Cc juga ^^
      Thank yoh cee^^ good luck buat cc jugaa^^

  6. your skin is so flawless! good luck dear.


    1. Woah really? I have some skin problems thou ;'(
      Anw thankyou for visiting!^^

  7. Pip pip... pas lwt jd stop di sini karena ada cewk cantik yg mirip ama 크리스탈 ... 여쁘다... ♡♡

    1. Ngrayu yev xD
      당신도 이뻐용♡♡♡♡

  8. Kaaa ,cantik bangeett ♥.♥ glowing nya pas ,fav look : third look ♡ goodluck ka ♡♡

    1. Kamu juga cantik x)
      Thankyou Angie♡♡
      Good luck too^.^)

  9. Ya ampuuun Yuna SNSD!!!! Hahaha mirip ya apalagi 2nd look, cantik banget
    Eh btw aku fave yg pertama, glowynya berasa, apalagi pas di zoom <3

  10. Wah masa sih dear?><
    thankyou again for visiting^^)/


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