10 Mar 2014

[REVIEW & SWATCH] Etude House CC Cream #01 Silky and #02 Glow

Hello my dearest readers xD
Finally my photoshop problem is done ! XD
Today I'll be reviewing another Etude House's product.
Yes, another famous Korean product, Etude House CC Cream in Silky and Glow :D

Sorry for reviewing the product now xD
I've never been interested in this product before (except because Krystal was the current model of the product hehehe -,-)9 good marketing Etude! TwT) ), moreover I saw bad reviews about the product BUT not again until I tried the sample xD
And now I have the full size one :D

So let's see what it claims first :D  
aww so flawless ;___: *sobs*

It is available in 2 types : 01 - Silky and 02 - Glow

I love this Etude House CC Cream one since the first time I tried the sample! But which one I prefer? Silky or Glow? 

My swatches : (lol I forgot to take the pic of the product and I already sold it now T_T really sorry!)

*left side of the hand : without the cream

It has tiny little beige beads in the cream but you won't feel anything once you put it on your face. They're like changing into BB Cream-alike color :)

*well...this is an ugly pic of mine T_T) actually don't want to upload it but..yeah for review purpose xD in case for you to forgive me for not uploading the packaging xD*
Okay, so I applied it not too much in this pic. I didn't use any additional concealer or powder. As you can see, it doesn't completely hide my flaws and dark circle but it gives 'shiny and natural healthy glowing skin look'. In this pic I used the silky one and took the pic under neon lighting (indoor). For the glow one, because I think it is sheerer than the Silky one, I never use it alone. I always use it as my BB cream base. :) 
See? Even with flash looks very natural ^^

Pros :

  • Offer some coverage which is enough for me to go out with for daily life without bb creams. The coverage is better than the glow version one
  • Makes my face brighter, stay quite long
  • Has SPF 30 PA++
  • Does not oxidize or change color after hours
  • Easy to blend
  • With pump, hygienic
  • Give back my natural skin tone. <3 Makes my face naturally brighter, not because of the makeup effect but the 'care' system it has
  • I was surprised that...this has more than semi-matte finish but quite dewy for me!
  • Can be used as makeup base 
  • Natural finish
Neutral :
  • Contains 35grams of product
  • Expiry date after opening is 12 months
  • Stress care? No improvement
Cons :
  • Break me out :s (but I'm still not sure that if this product was really the cause of the sudden breakouts of mine since I only tried 2 samples of this product. But I didn't change anything on my skincare routine except this one when I tested it)
  • A bit sticky
  • Settle down in some dry areas :( makes some 'fine wrinkles' look more visible
Repurchase? I think since I love the coverage more and the 'dewy' finish it gives, I want to buy the full size later or maybe get more samples of it(?). :D despite the breakout issue :s gonna make sure first xD

Pros :

  • Makes my face brighter just like the silky one
  • Has SPF 30 PA++
  • Does not oxidize or change color after hours
  • Easy to blend
  • With pump, hygienic
  • Give back my natural skin tone just like the silky one (I've been using this daily for about 2 weeks now)
  • Can be used as makeup base 
  • Doesn't make my skin oily
  • Natural finish, a bit pinkish but still suits my yellow skin tone
Neutral :
  • Contains 35 grams of product
  • Expiry date after opening is 12 months
  • So so dewy finish (not too dewy)
  • No improvement about skin stress relieve
Cons :
  • Offers very light coverage
  • Fades a bit after 3-4 hours
  • Cause small pimples
So overall differences...
Silky gives more coverage and dewy finish, but breaks me out. The Silky one sometimes makes some wrinkles look more visible, which the Glow one did not have any cons about the wrinkle. The glow one doesn't give better coverage and dewy finish like the Silky one. Maybe I don't really think the Glow one gives really dewy finish because it's sheer coverage? (so I need to put much more on my face than I usually do? xD) It also fades way easier than the Silky one but doesn't break me out. It gives me 2 very tiny pimples lately but it wasn't a big deal. 

Despite my love to the dewy products I choose the Silky one xD

I prefer using this as makeup base for BB Creams rather than Etude House Baby Choux, just like my fellow beauty blogger Dewie :D But compared to that Baby Choux, Baby Choux gives smoother and more evened skin base before putting on BB cream ^^

Hope this help you to decide which one to buy or whether to buy or not ^^
Thanks for reading and have a blessed day everyone <3 :)

xoxo, Jessica Ie :D


  1. iyahhh aku juga ga suka lengket nya itu loh T_T
    sekarang duduk manis dia di kotak makeup uda ga perna aku pake lg wkwkkw

    1. Masa lengket yah? Bagi ak ngga sih ce :o cuma breakoutnya aja ;_;)

  2. aku juga pake Silky dan hasilnya agak dewy gitu memang (kulit aku combination). makanya pas pengen beli yg glow, takutnya malah jadi banjir minyak ntar hahahaa..
    mungkin gak cocok kali ya je sampe bisa breakout T.T
    and well that's not ugly at all! mirip sama Krystal :D

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    1. Iya nih huhuuu. Ak baca jg bberapa review blg mreka breakout gr2 ini produk '-') tp beside that bagus lah :D
      Jangan menghina deh(?) XD

  3. Buikk?? Baru aia paketku nyampe aku juga beli cc cream silky ,can I review this too,with my opinion of course ,aduh untung aku beli yg silky ㅋㅋㅋㅋ really2 nice post kaa

  4. Thanks a lot for the review Jessica chan! This product looks great! Your skin is so beautiful~ ^o^

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    1. Its so cute when you call me jessica chan! XD thanks! Its the camera effect i guess lol :p
      Thanks for visiting^^

  5. Eeek I hate the silky one because it settles into pores/lines like you said, and I think it looks really unnatural on medium/darker skin. I am happy with glow (:

    1. Woah great it is so!^^
      But idk why however i prefer silky xD

  6. Krystal nge-review krystal LOL d: Cantik banget...


    1. Wkakaka itu ak acak2an lin pulang skolah lgsg ke tempat les xD
      Makasih ud mampir :*

  7. Nah aku juga sama pake yg silky di daerah mata jadi kering dan teksturnya lengket.. untung aja ga bikin break out hehe

    Anw nice blog :)

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    I'll boojmark your weblog and check again here regularly.
    I am quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here!
    Best of luck for the next!

  9. sebelum pemakaian cc cream pakai pelembab dlu gak ya?


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