12 Mar 2014

Unboxing Shopping Lust Giveaway [The Balm and Urband Decay]

Hello dearest readers <3
Hope you guys have a great blessed new month!
Maybe some of you know I joined a giveaway last month from Shoppinglust.
I didn't know I would win and the prize is just...amazing for me! xD
They are US' products. Can you guess what is it? If you read my latest Yuri SNSD IGAB Makeup Tutorial you'll know it :D
*sorry just posted about it now T_T because I won it as a valentine day gift :D*

They hosted a giveaway with 7 winners and each winners get different prizes (2 AUTHENTIC and NEW) US cosmetics (which are pricey for my opinion T_T)/ )
All you need to do is to post a pic of their giveaway on instagram!
They're so generous :'D

I won.....
The Balm Nude Tude Eyeshadow and Liner Palette and Urban Decay Cream Shadow in Asphalt xD

I used it (The Balm one) for my tutorial here >> SNSD KWON YURI I GOT A BOY MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Collaborative Project 3) and SNSD IM YOONA MRMR MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Collaborative Project 4)
Haven't opened the UD one. Too good to open...yet x'D

sms / wa : 083879866676
LINE : shoppinglust
email : shoppinglust@me.com
fast delivery and great service! :D
I gave my address to them at Saturday night if I wasn't mistaken (heheheh) and I recieved it on Monday afternoon x)
The packaging was neat and secure <3
The product arrived with PERFECT condition. Also the admin talked to me very nicely <3
The best valentine gift! xD

So once again, thank you so much Shoppinglust for letting me be the 1st prize winner! I'm so blessed and happy^^

That's all for this post :)
Which one do you think I should review first? :D


  1. lucky you! congratss jes hihi :D

  2. Gilaaa! Terpesona gw sm foto terakhir luu <3 Krystal banget :p

  3. nude tude *Q*
    congratsss jess ^^

  4. Congratz Jes ^_^
    Beruntungnya dirimuuu ^_^

  5. Replies
    1. Yuppp^^ moga lain kali ada lagi yah hihi^^

  6. aww so lucky! congrats ya!

  7. Replies
    1. Makasih^^
      Ah masa sih xD dia bibirnya lebih kecil dr ak :p

  8. Yay! Congratulations!
    lol i've been wanting nude tude all my life :'(

    Bella / http://everythingaboutbella.blogspot.com/

    1. Thank you ci ^^
      Beli disitu aja ci.. clinique juga dia jual.. harganya spantaran sm clinique kok xD

  9. Beruntuung sekali dirimu sayaank ^_^.. Congrats yaa Dear. Btw saya dah coba berkali-kali tombol kanan atas buat follow kamu kok g bisa teruus yaah huuhuu T_T


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