6 Apr 2014

6th LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD + New Blog Design

Another happiness for me as a blogger is receiving another award. Again, I was nominated by Auzola for Liebster Blog Award. Thank you so much Auzola!^^
Because I have done this award before, maybe we should just move to the questions, shouldn't we? ^^

1. do you like to use contact lens better when doing makeup look or just stick with your natural eyes? why?
So far, I always have my natural eyes but I'm thinking of using contact lenses too since it gives more colorful look. ^^
2. what hair color do you want most?
Currently.... I want dark blonde or chestnuts hair color. xD
I'm bored with black and dark brown. :s
3. matte or shimmer eyeshadow? why?
I prefer shimmer eyeshadow because it gives like 'glowy' look. I prefer that than flat. :D
4. favorite disney princess?
I think it is Belle. Since she's pretty and loving someone not because of how does he like but because he protects her. *blink eyes* xD
5. what makes you want to be a beauty blogger?
At first I was just think that it might be fun sharing my experience about certain products like other bloggers as well. As time passed, I find it really interesting having fellow friends from blogging. My knowledge develop too little by little. ^^
6. your favorite person of earth?
My dad. He is my all time favorite person. He can do anything I can't imagine. He was just a senior high school man and never continue his study but he could make complicated house model and house sketch. He built our house and it is such an amazing job for me. He's very strong and irritable to pains that I can't even imagine if I get that kind of pain--like when he cross the heave gate wheel over his toe thumb. ouch... T_T He can cook, he can sing, he can play many musical instrumentals, he learn fast, he's good at language and let's say he's quite good looking. lol xD
The second person is my grandma. She cooks and serves my family with made-with-love food with different menus everyday. Even though she's almost 70, she still do the house works and it's just...perfectly awesome for me. Thank you so much grandma. Without you I would suffer eating instant noodles everyday #sob #slapped. xD nope. She pours love to all of her grandchildren :')
And the third one is my mom who works so hard for my studies and everything. Beside all of her weaknesses, I know that she loves me the most in this world. :)
Also... My uncle and my aunt Gun and Meme. They are my second parents which I can rely on when someday I am lonely in this world. :)
7. Smokey look or natural look? why?
Natural look! ^_^
As you know, I love Korean makeups which shows natural looks. Anyways, I think I don't really suit smokey look. ._.
8. Favorite makeup guru?
Um.. I think Jen^^ She creates flawless and amazing eye makeups and her face suits any kind of makeups. She makes exactly same makeup tutorial with the idols' look. She's pretty already without makeup. ^^
9. favorite face wash?
Clinique Rinse Off Cleansing Foam. Believe me it's great xD
Some people even use it for shaving and my mom often doesn't use makeup remover anymore to wash away her makeup. This also can do the job. :D
Suit all skin types and alergy free tested ^^
10. your biggest beauty problem?
I don't like my face shape. xD
Dark circle and acne scars too ;_;
11. What makeup brand you love most?
Um.. I think Etude House and Clinique :D

Well...I hope you're not bored to read lil stuffs about me xD
Thank you for reading! God bless :D

Oh! And.. Anyway
Do you like my new blog design or do you prefer the previous one? ^_^
What's important for me is your convenience while reading my blog so you can tell me anything I should do to make my blog better. ^^
Thank you once again^^
Know more about my other Liebster Awards :
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  1. bagus ce layout blognyaaa simple but elegant XD ^^


  2. layoutnnya kebesaran jee TT entah gimana keluarnya dilayar yg 1080x720, tapi since my laptop's screen 1280x720 pixels, rasanya terlalu luas bin lebar TT^TT
    anw, gila selfie lu kece abiss <3<3

  3. kaaaaaa,aku nominasiin kamu lagi hehe

  4. Congratulations! :) I love Belle too, but I always wondered why she was rewarded with the prince being returned to his attractive human form--as a child iI always wondered if that defeated the purpose of her being so accepting haha. I think up until recently she is the best Disney role model. :) I am happy you said your dad is your favorite person. Dads don't get enough credit <3


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