28 Apr 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] How to Deal with Oily Skin, Dark Skin, Armpit or Teeth, Dull Hair, Dandruff, Cracking Lips and Nail! with 1 Cheap Thing

Good morning lovely readers!
I know this time I named a post very very long xD
I just want to share with you the real multiple thing that I find can deal those many problems.
Is it cheap? Yes.
Is it easy to find? Yes.
Is it working? Yes.
and Yes!
But everything depends on everyone's body condition so the result might be vary. You need a bit of diligent too.
You might have guessed what 'object' that I would be talking about before I reveal it and you might already known it! xD
Well I hope for those who have not known about this will find this post useful ^^

Let's guess while I gave you one by one clues :D

First, it weight about 100grams

It is natural/organic

It is a fruit

It is yellow

And yes. It is lemon!

Then how is lemon related to what I've said before?
Below, I listed lemon's greatness for our body parts!


You can have shinier hair with lemon juice, or even bleach/highlight/color it up!
It is way cheaper than most hair dyes and also only need conditioner / water to combine with.
Detail on how to make your hair shinier / dye your hair with lemon juice >> HERE
BEFORE and AFTER (cr : wikihow)
Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair Step 2 Version 2.jpg
Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair Intro.jpg

Not only that, lemon also can help you to get rid of oily scalp and dandruff. How? Read HERE for complete method. Don't forget to follow the steps regulary to see significant change.


You can have whiter teeth too by mixing some lemon juices with baking soda. Use your tooth brush to brush it over you teeth and leave it for about 1 minute. Then you can clean it with water like usual way after you done brushing your teeth. *don't do this too often because baking soda might damage your teeth if used too much. 1 time a month is enough.

Below is baking soda. *if you don't know how it  looks like
source : consciouslifenew.com


  • Acne Treatment : lemon's acid can have the role as anti-bacterial for your skin and make it very effective to deal with acne. You can cut it for about 1cm thick and just freshly put it on your face that has acne. It might feel itchy a bit but that means that the lemon start to work on it. After 5-10 minutes you can wash is off with cold water.
  • Skin whitener : Not so different, put slices of lemons (or 1 might be enough already for you) all over your skin. Beware not to let the liquid get into your eyes or touch any wounds. No wounds on skin would be better.
  • Diminish acne scars or dark spots : Mix lemon juice with some honey and slathered it on your face for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water.
  • Diminish oily face : At night before going to sleep, you can use a cotton and drops some lemon juice on it. Brush it all over your face skin and sleep. On the morning you can rinse it off. (Do this after your night treatment)
  • Armpit, knee and elbow whitener : Mix lemon juice with baking soda *again* and put it on those skin areas which usually get darker easier. Let it there for about 15 minutes and rinse it off. Do this regulary before taking a bath. Not only will make them look brighter and whiter, lemon gives moisture for them at the same time.

The ways are not different from the ways that mentioned above. You only need to slather lemon juice over your lips and rinse it with water to get rid of dry lips. Lemon will erase lipstick stains so that your lips are healthier, moisted and cleaner. Lemon gets rid of your lips' dead skin cells. Beware of cracking lips that bleed, because if touches the liquid it'll feels hurt. *experience T_T*


If your nails are dull and get damaged easily you can try mixing lemon juice with olive oil and soak your nails in the mixture for about 3-5 minutes. You can read HERE too for another similar method but without olive oil. Not only brighter and moisted nails, you also have your strong nail! :)

Getbowlwithenoughlemonjuice Step 1.jpg
source : Huffington and Kompas

I hope this post can help you to deal with your body problems. :D
Have you ever tried this method too?
You can follow me if you like my posts and I'll try to write more usefull posts again. :D
Thanks for reading and God bless! ^^

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  1. wah banyak kegunaannya ya lemon ini trnyta, multi fungsi banget, yang aku tau cuma buat jerawat sih, trnyta bisa di pake buat bibir,dll
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  2. Pernah coba masker lemon dengan honey. Cuma satu kali sih.
    nice post.

    Im Piccha

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  4. bener jes kegunaannya lemon banyak bgt, mamaku sampe nyetok lemon di kulkas wkwk xD
    nice post jes <3

    1. iya la xD aku juga kadang beli.. saking mamaku gasuka ._.

  5. hehe nice postt cecee ^^ ternyata lemon banyak gunanya juga ya XD

  6. Bener banget.. setuju aku soal lemon ini. Merasakan sendiri... heheheh...
    Nice post dear....

    Main-main ke blog ku yah. Baru posting tentang tutorial dan cerita makeup ala Grunge Princess gitu. hihihihi... ditunggu...


    1. of course! Iya kan xD Makasih udah mampir ^^

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    1. of course dear <3 Thanks for coming ! :)

  10. Pertamanya kirain ada "cream ajaib" LOL tp ternyata lemon!
    Belom pernah coba lemon sebelomnya kecuali pas makan oyster atau minum lemonade, eh ternyata bs buat jerawat sama oily skin juga >w<
    Kayaknya mesti coba nyetok lemon di rumah~


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