21 Apr 2014

[EOTD] Australian The Balm Voyage Inspired Eye Makeup

Good after noon readers!
I'm always so excited finishing every posts on my blog xD
And I want to meet you again because it feels so long already since my last post xD

This post will gonna be not-so-long post and showing the eye makeup that I made last week for The Balm ft Lotte Mart and Polishwonderland's Makeup Challenge.
Well, though I didn't win I'm still happy by being the finalist. :D
*thank you juries for the great opportunity^_^*

So this is my submission :
*ps : sorry for not being very neat. This is my first time trying to combine a bit colorful eyeshadows and the next day of the day I made this was my final exam so I have to study T_T I made this secretly and in rush because I don't want my mom to nag at me xD
see? I didn't even have the time to trim my brows first. bleh T_T

and here are the details :

Products used for the eye makeup :
Coastal Scents 88 Palette in Original
Sariayu Pensil Alis #Coklat Matang
The Face Shop Daily Beauty Tool Eyelashes #08

Face :
Lioele Duo Mix Photogenic Concealer

My main selection colors are pink, blue and yellow. :)

That's all for this post, I hope with this short post it can gives you inspiration (?) or you find this useful!
Thank you and see you on my next post ^^
God bless you <3


  1. eyeshadow biru nya bagus banget, match banget eyemake up nya ..
    itu waterline nya make apa yah ?

    good luck anyway ^^


    1. Pake tony moly backstage gel eyeliner Wid :D
      Thank you yah ^^
      Udah pengumuman kok nggak menang sayangnya huhu T.T

  2. Cantiknyaa ><
    Good luck kakaa :3

  3. Cantiknya matanya… yg uda selesai ujian pasti bahagia

    1. makasih ceee :D
      iyakk bener banget! Lega xD

  4. bagus banget ceceeeeee XD


    1. thankyou jess^^
      kamu lebih jago buat eyeshadow2 gini >.<

  5. Replies
    1. woah its too far from perfect but thanks Rinako!^^

  6. You did a great job! I love how you used blue and yellow and it's so wearable and fun and not too strong! Good luck for your exams!

    1. Thank you ! ^^
      Thanks for visiting too <3 ^^

  7. Suka sama eyemakeup'na..
    You're so pretty <3
    Good Luck yaa..
    Salam kenal jugaa ^^
    Yohanna's Blog

    1. Salam kenal juga ^^
      thank you dear <3
      Thanks for visiting ^^

  8. Suka sama eyemakeup'na..
    Pretty.. ^^
    Good luck yaa & salam kenal jugaa ^_^
    Yohanna's Blog

  9. bandel ya Jes, bsk nya ujian msi sempet dandan *ud ky cici2 aku XD
    cantik kok, baru pertama kali aja ud jago gini *.*

  10. Colourfull ^^ you're preety eonnie~
    Followed you :)
    Btw, I'm newbie mind to follow back? ^^

  11. Ulzzang~ hi im piccha. nice to know you.
    its first time i comment on your post.
    followed~ its nice if you follow me back :p
    God bless you too~


  12. canttiikk, pemilihan warnany juga bagus bgt jess, keliatan fresh!!
    btw, aku nominasiin kamu buat Sunshine blogger award ^^ http://girlsweethings.blogspot.com/2014/04/sunshine-blogger-award.html


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