5 Apr 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Etude House Aloha V Line Slim Maker no 1 Sun Gold/Wood Brown

Many people nowadays want to have slim face instantly. One thing you can do about it is putting on makeup on your face by using bronzer and highlighter. There are so many bronzer and highlighter out there but I fell for this product :p Etude House Aloha V Line Slim Maker no 2. Why? This product is one of Etude House's Best Seller and once, I saw this on their top 10 product on www.EtudeHouse.co.kr (Etude House's official site), also it contains bronzer and highlighter in one, and what else? Comes with a brush :D
So how good is the product that made it on the top list?

Actually, this is an old product of Etude House for their summer product edition about 2 years ago--if I'm not wrong :D
This product is available in 2 shades :
#01 Sun Gold/Wood Brown ---which I have
#02 Sun Pink/Cherry Blossom ---which is more for pink skin undertone
source : unniebelle.com

This product comes with a built in brush which is good for shading/bronzing around cheek bone lines. 
So this is how the brush looks like :
It has a plastic cover with the watermark "Etude House" on it so you can bring it while traveling too. :D

It is wide and makes shading around cheek bones easier. The brush is soft but it the hairs might falls a bit. Well, I barely use the brush since it is separated from the product so..yeah a bit unflexible -,-

This is how the box looks like. As usual, Etude House's design never disappoint me. :D
Written on the side of the box :
To make the chin line as the true V line, don't forget that there is V line slim maker to express the skin in slim look!
[Directions] Use brush to gather and apply to cheeks and T zone
It's shape is round like in the picture above.

It has a big mirror. :D
As you can see like in the zoom above (right circle), the bronzer is matte and the highlighter has subtle shimmers which is not too much and won't turn you into disco ball :p
It has very nice leaves and flowers pattern and it smells really nice! xD 

Left : Highlighter
Right : Bronzer
The highlighter has a yellow hint of color, not like the #02 which suit people with pink undertone skin more. The bronzer is also like matte brown which might a bit too dark for my yellow skin tone but it's still OK and I can just dab it to make it look more natural. :D

Pros :
  • Contains highlighter and bronzer in one, available in 2 type of shades in store
  • Comes with a quite big mirror
  • Travel friendly
  • Not too chalky
  • Comes with a brush
  • Cute packaging and flowery pattern inside x)
  • Smells nice :p
  • Pigmented and very nice color of highligher. Not too shimmery nor too plain. <3
  • Doesn't irritate my skin
  • Stays long, about 4 hours and so before it starts to fade. Waaay better than my powder blushes. <3

Neutral :

  • Affordable price (about IDR 120.000) 

  •  The expiry date after opening : 24 months
  • Cons :

    • It doesn't have division between the highlighter and the bronzer so they sometimes might get mixed a bit
    • The brush is separated so it's a bit unflexible
    Repurchase? Of course yes! But I am curious about the other highlighters as well and this one will last long I think. Maybe even more than 2 years? xD

    If you want to see the result on my face you can read on my latest post about my NATURAL GLOW MAKEUP CHALLENGE submission. I wrote some glowing face tips too there. Hope would be usefull. ^^
    That's it for this product. I hope you find this usefull^^
    Thank you and God bless <3

    ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
    And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
    What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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    1. I don't have highlighter & bronzer. This is definitely a nice choice for me <3


      1. true!
        It is multifunctional right xD
        I love multifunctional products :p
        Thanks for visiting ^^

    2. Pernah jadi wishlistku nih haha. Tapi gak jadi beli gara2 katanya brushnya gak terlalu bagus. Pengen cobain juga jadinya. Kayaknya bagus ya. Nice review Jes ^_^

      1. Iya bagus kok ce ^.^
        Thank you for visiting too ^^

    3. Aloha, i nominated you for Liebster Award :)

      1. thank you ! I've posted it ^^ Please enjoy reading :D

    4. produk andalanku nih, suka banget sama bronzer maupun highlighternya :D

    5. hi sis bole tau ini beli dimana ? saya cari no.1 agak susah soalnya dah produk agak lama jg hehe

      1. Di instagram.com/beatusbeautyshop dear ^_^

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