23 Apr 2014

Sunshine Blogger Award - 11 Facts about Me + Lil Secret xD

Good morning readers!
Yes, just like the title we're gonna say hello to the sunshine today xD
I feel so happy when my fellow friend, Nurina Adhalia nominated my in Sunshine Blogger Award. I've never heard about this award before so I was even happier when I know the meaning of this award! Thank you so much Nurina for nominating me!^^ So here is what the award all about :
The Rules :
1. Post picture of Sunshine Blogger Award
2. Post 11 random facts about you
3. answer 11 question from the nominating blogger
4. Link back to the blogger who nominated you
5. Nominated 11 wonderful bloggers, that you feel bring sunshine to the blogging world
(be sure to notify them)
6. Write 11 question for your nominated blogger

11 Random Facts about Me :
*I'm sorry if I might have shared some of them to you in my previous posts, I might forget or mistaken! But I hope these are still fresh and you enjoy reading it! xD*
  1. I used to cry while watching almost all of the episode of Kpop Star Hunt on SBS! Lol! Why? Simply it reminds me of myself that doesn't get the chance to develop and to reach my dream like them. Contestants that were eliminated one by one just makes me sad so much by watching them! x'D
  2. Currently, I prefer yellowish hair color more than to red/copper/mahogany. Get really bored at them sticking on my head ;A;
  3. I can't wake up above 8 a.m. Whether it is holiday or not xD
  4. Well.. I think I've never talked about this before but most of you knew that I am a Kpop lover right? xD My current bias are Jeon JungKook from BTS, Moon Jongup from BAP (boys). Also Jung Krystal from F(x) and Im Jinah from After School (girls). Love their skill, appearance, their everything =')) Oh and AILEE!! Since she first debut I really really really really really adore her amazing golden voice :'D
  5. There are 3 things I dislike while many people like it. Coffee, coffee, and coffee. Lol xD Especially black coffee! -,-
  6. I think pink (especially hot pink) doesn't suit me. :s
  7. I don't like wearing watch. It feels weird, annoying and my wrist diameter is so small that most watch doesn't have my wrist size so..yeah. I don't like oversized watch -_- It will keep moving downside -_-
like this -_- cr : http://fashiontribes.typepad.com/
*sorry. Blogger's numbering can't be customized like in Ms.Word @_@* 
8. I don't play barbie, hello kitty or anything girly since I was a kid. I liked naruto, dragon ball, power ranger and anything boyish xD I was so tomboy! Could you believe it? :D Now I turn out being a beauty blogger that plays with makeup lol xD
9. If I bought Ddeokboki (Korean dish, rice cake with spicy red sauce) I would separate away the Odeng (made of fish). I dislike it xD
10. I don't really like seafood! Smells fishy and difficult to eat. They have shells, sharp thingy in their body and many more. xD
11. I think the best steak I've ever tried is Amsterdam's and The Nanny's Chicken D.....-something (forgot ;A;). They're just taste heavenly.... *w*) Many people says that Nooris, Wahaha, Kaki 5, Boncafe etc's steak were great but nope. Those 2 are the best for me xD

Now it's time to answer questions from Nurina! *yeay* ^^
1. What is your favorite movie?
The lord of the rings trilogy! Even though I have forgotten most of the plot since the movie was so long and I watched them when I was in elementary school xD still loving them <32. You're favorite makeup products?
Sariayu Pensil Alis in Coklat Matang

Sariayu Pemulas Bibir in Intan 02
3. Do you have phobia?
Phobia? Hum.. I think nope. But I dislike cocroach ._.4. Do you like reading beauty magazine?
Yes but I don't have lots of them5. Please, tell me your unforgetable moments?
There too many of them I think. I think one of them is when I was the protocol of my school's ceremony. It's just sooo embarassing T^T As I kid I didn't know what to do and read them all in once x'D 6. Warewolf? Vampire? or Aliens?
If the Alien is Do Min Joon (Korean Drama My Love From the Star) xD I would choose alien! lol..7. Pizza or Pasta?
Pizza! =a I think Pizza is way more customable with the toppings and crusts :D
8. Do you prefer applying foundation with brush? sponge? or your finger?
Finger. :) No products wasted on sponge/brush. Fast application too :D
9. What is your signature makeup?
Um.. Signature makeup? *tilts head* '-')10. Can you tell me your dirty little secret :p?
What could it be? ='DD I vandalized (?) / write most in every my school desks with Korean words when I am bored x'D pssst don't tell my teachers and classmates! x'D
11. What is your favorite perfume?
Etude House Belle Dress Lady Perfume (white package one)

This is the end of my answers :D

Once agaiiiin, thank you Nurina who nominated me as a blogger that brings sunshine to blogging world for you!
Hope this is not boring x'D 
Thanks for reading and God bless you!^^

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