19 May 2014

2nd Sunshine Blogger Award - My All Holy Grail Makeups & Celeb-Beauty Inspired

Another award, another happiness for me! Yeay :D
Hope you're not bored with awards posts on my blog xD
This time I was nominated by Nindy from Silver Treasure and you can read her post HERE

She made me one of other lucky bloggers to nominate this time. :D So glad! >w<)
Anw she is a unique blogger! Why? She is a budget blogger aka trying to keep her stuffs below $10 / IDR 100.000 xD You should stop by for the beauty-meets-budget products xD

Because you--my lovely readers--might have always been reading my previous awards posts, today I'll just go to the point xD
Here are the answers of the questions from the generous blogger, Nindy :D

*ps : I'll skip the 11 random facts about me because I'm running of it!--currently xD
I think I've shared them too often already and don't know what to say anymore. xD

1. Do your friends know about you being a beauty blogger?
Yes, most of them yes I think '-')
2. Have you done some spending bans? If yes, was it success? If no, do you plan on doing it?
Spending bans? What is it? '0')'v
3. What are your favorite colors?
Um.. White, gold, silver, pastel colors. *grins*
4. What is(are) your favorite lipstick(s)?
Sariayu Pemulas Bibir and The Face Shop Black Label Lipstick. Hahaha they are the most moistfull lipstick for me so far. :D
5. What lipsticks are you lusting for right now?
Um.. I'm not really into lipstick but I think Holika Holika Heartful Moist Lipstick and Lioele Dolly Lipstick. They have been on my wishlist since years ago but still haven't got to try them. xD
6. Are there any makeup products that cost a lot but you wanna have it? What is it?
Of course! Lioele's makeups seems good, however they are quite expensive for me. Sephora's big eye shadow and lip palette also! xD
7. What are your holy grail products for mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyeliner, face powder, foundation/base, blush on and lipstick? (name the brands and/or shades)
Mascara : Clinique Lashpower Mascara no 01 in Black Onyx
Eyebrow pencil : Sariayu Pensil Alis in Coklat Matang ('cuz I love the shade so much xD) and Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD no 3 Brown
Face powder : Clinique Loose Powder
8. Which celebrity is your beauty inspiration?
I think it is Yun Son Ha. She's 39 (1975 line) but her skin is SOOO FLAWLESS! Her makeup is always very very natural but her skin looks sooo glowing! :'( Envy her! Even way older lady has way better skin than me xD
If you don't know her, she is Yoo Rachel (Kim Ji Won)'s mom in the K-Drama the Heirs and also Do Hee (Kang So Ra)'s step mother in the K-Drama Ugly Alert. :D

ps : her skin always looks like this in every episodes I watched xD 

9. What product did you wear when you first tried to know makeup?
10. Do you share your beauty products with your Mom?
Some of them, yes.  
11. What is the best advice your Mom have told you about beauty?
Nothing. She doesn't know much about beauty. She sometimes asked me. =))

Well.. That's all for this post! :D
Thank you so much once again for Nindy who has nominated me. ><
Please be patient and wait for my other reviews and beauty tips. xD
I'm working on it T_T)
Okay, have a great day and God bless you! ^^


  1. Awww...such a lovely post! I've been nominated for quite a few awards but haven't gotten around to any of them! I love reading and learning more about fellow bloggers! I too also "don't know" what a spending ban is!! hehe

  2. Spending ban is sort of like a therapy for not purchasing things you really can't stop buying for a certain period of time.

    Yun Son Ha's skin is so glowing! I can't believe it! :O Why Korean girls always have those kinda skin look?? -_-"


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