19 May 2014

Very Inspiring Blogger Award - 7 Facts About Me

Another award post of the day! :D
This time the award named Very Inspiring Blogger Award and this came from Jessica Alicia and Patricia Evangeline! :D
You can read their posts HERE and HERE

Jessica has been a junior for me in school for several years and we started to get along when we know each other that we both blog about beauty stuffs and frequent dance practices. xD And Patricia is a far cousin of mine which also started blogging about beauty stuffs. ^^

I'm so glad that I can inspire other people! It feels like all of the hard works writing gave me result. ^^

So here are some brand new--I hope--7 random facts about me xD

  1. I can't sleep without any lights at all :(
  2. I like using eyelid tape / scotch lately xD
  3. I barely tie my hair
  4. I honestly still dislike my body shape -_-
  5. I wish I have way slimmer face
  6. I've never went to other countries so I hope next year will be my first time :D
  7. I'm planning on taking invasalign very soon to fix my current ugly teeths -.-) 

So short right? xD
A bit spoiler about my next post is....about a unique beauty tips and related to lips! :D

Thank you for reading and thank you Jessica Alicia who has nominated me! ^^
I'm nothing without my readers and fellow beauty bloggers ^^
Have a great day and God bless! ^^


  1. ceceee y u dislike your body shape? I envy yooouuu ;-;

  2. cintaahhh aku nominasiin kamu lagi lol

  3. You have a wonderful body and you look great, so no need for the insecurities.

    Feel free to visit my blog, new post: Color me RED



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