1 May 2014

[CULINARY] Yakiniku Sama Sama Japanese Restaurant

Good afternoon readers!
Today I'm writing a different post than my usual posts.
Yup! It's about a place, Yakiniku Sama Sama Japanese Restaurant which is located in Bay Pass Ngurah Rai Street 128, Mumbul, Nusa Dua - Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia. 

Before you go on to the details, let me tell you first why I wrote this post. *lol
As you know, I am a beauty blogger and did not have any idea at all at the first place yesterday to blog about anything outside of beauty and fashion. Then my friend said, "Why don't you took picture and blog about this?" I--who was totally too excited and had eaten some of the dishes before taking beautiful pictures of them xD--then immediately think it is a good idea.

If you're curious, let's go on! ;)
*I think this will gonna be worth reading if you plan to trip to Bali someday!*
I honestly don't know if there are another Sama Sama restaurant in other cities, so yeah. :s
Sorry for not taking the place's pics since this was so sudden and I had to kill the time with my friends so I didn't took some. :( *sorry >_<*

But first, here is the description of the place I got from their facebook fanpage : HERE

Sama Sama Yakiniku and Japanese Restaurant was found since 1999. Their special menu is yakiniku (Japanese BBQ). Every tables are set with stoves without fog which are specially imported from Japan. Their speciality is that every guests will cook (grill) their own meat, seafood, and vegetables that they have served and dipped in real Tare Sauce from Sama Sama Restaurant.
Their restaurant interior is design with the combination of Japan and Balinese's concept so that the atmosphere of the restaurant itself feel warmer, more romantic and comfortable, moreover with the sea scenery.
Beside Yakiniku menu, they also have endemic Japanese cuisine menu, Korean and Indonesian cuisine too. For example sushi, sashimi, tempura, kimchi jjigae, bibimbab, fried rice, fried noodle etc.
phone : 0361-771129
fax      : 0361-776366
e-mail : info@samasamabali.com

From their website :
japanese @_@
As you can see above, it has red curtains with kanji on it. The place is clean, comfortable and also the TOILET is CLEAN! sorry. who doesn't love clean toilets xD
The restaurant outer look is a big building with very big leader steps which tired me. xD *I need more exercises xD* And the place above is the place I ate yesterday with my classmates. It is located on the second floor so when you're arrived there, now you know where to go! xD

sorry guys to put this here xD wasn't plan to. We all look so tired T^T) *just for documentation xD
Me and my friends asked for ALL YOU CAN EAT program. Each person pays IDR 125.000 with tax 18%. For 90 minutes you can ask for aaaaaaaaany foods or drinks or dessert you want! xD For me it is very worth money spending! If you don't want "all you can eat" program, you can just order usually with individual foods' price.^^

I didn't take all of the foods we got but here are some of them. Sorry, I know nothing about the name (just guessing and named them by myself T_T) because when we got there and say that we wanted the "all you can eat" program we just get everything directly. xD

The food deliver to us quickly so we don't wait until we starve to death! *hyperball*
First of all, we got those boiled peas. Just so you know, it is healthy for our skin so I ate them all xD
And the kimchi too! The kimchi contains of cucumber, carrot and chicory.
We got 4 sushi(s) and 4 sashimi(s). 2 with the red fish meat and the other 2 white meated fish. *sorry they're gone from the picture xD my friends ate them.
You also got the soy sauce of course! And red sasame sauce?(?) It tastes similar to kimchi's sauce.
Oh and! We eat with chopsticks so you better learn how to use them if you can't xD
We got a bowl of soup. I don't know what exactly it is but it doesn't taste much for me. :/

Since I am no into cooking, I don't know what are the seafoods was seasoned with. All I know they looked fresh and taste great!^^

We also got these vegetables. We can make meat wraps with the lettuce.^^ The lettuces were fresh and I didn't see any single flaws on them. xD They tasted great as well!^^
The beef fillet were cut quite thin which makes us easy to cook. ^^

This one looks like bulgogi (Korean food) for me, moreover when I cook them. :|
The one which is on the upper side was beef and the bottom one is chichken meat.

The stoves are VERY CLEAN when we arrived there *before we ruined them with overcooked meats--sorry T^T* 

For the beverage, what I knew is that they have :
Aqua mineral water, ice tea, lemon ice tea, orange juice (which I ordered and then everyone started to order that too xD), green tea and many more. You can order as many glasses as you want as long as it is in that 90 minutes. :D The orange juice tastes soooo fresh and not like a drink in box which tastes like preservatives more than a juice for me -__-)
Also! You got dessert such as fruit (watermelon) and/or ice cream (vanilla/strawberry).

I love love love everything there! :D
Great price with great foods, comfortable and clean place. ^^
Just one thing. :S I think the waiter there could be a bit more friendly? :|
Well.. I know we always asked for this and that and add a portion of this and that but we always say thank you every time they helped us and the thing is we paid for it. '-')a
Not pissed off just saying my opinion ^_^;;
The rest is near to perfection for me! ^_^ Satisfieeeeed <3

"I'm sorry if there are anything wrong-mentioned by me-since I'm not a food expert T_T. I just want to share this great recommended place for you guys^^"

Thank you for reading <3
I hope this post is useful for you who wants to travel to Bali or love Japanese / Korean cuisine ^^
God bless <3

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  1. I'm craving for a japanese bbq nowww...! The food looks so yummy:9


    1. yup ><
      should go there if you go to Bali ! ^^
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  2. doh semuanya keliatan enaaaak, jd lapar nih TwT
    btw sering2 bikin post ttg kuliner gini buat selingan yaa jes ^^

    1. iya nih la xD
      Kayak kamu yah suka bikin resep >w<
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  3. the food looks delicious !! and it is always a plus when a restaurant has a clean toilet :D


    1. Yes! I do agree ^^
      Thank you for visiting <3


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