25 May 2014

My Beauty Journey With Falsies

Good evening readers!
Today I'm writing a bit different post than usual--which are mostly about product reviews :p--posts. In this post I'm going to tell a bit history of my beauty journey about false/fake lashes.

I used to be like a guy and didn't know much about makeup. Until one day my friends started to bully me *poor me xD* and I felt so ugly that time. I didn't even have the gut to see mirrors, I said no to camera and that kind of stuffs.

I decided to make an effort to boost up and gather back my confident and makes my self love my self. I want myself to think that I am beautiful so does every girls.
I started to use makeup and falling in love with it. :)

Day by day after getting used to make ups, I realized that eyes are the center of beauty--at last it is for me! :D
I started to learn how to 'decorate' my eyes to make it looks nice, eye-catching and stand out, fitting to my natural eye shape.
I have slanted small eyes, narrow eyelids (which make me hard to make eyeshadow pops up on my eyes) which I think needed to be touched up.

Just eyeliner and mascara won't do, I thought. So I came across to fake lashes. :)

My first lashes, which is still my favorite fake lashes until now is the Face Shop Daily Beauty Tool Lashes no. 8. --Sorry no much pictures of it because I gave it to my cousin, Angie. :D
It looks like this : *click for clearer image*

For me it looks so beautiful and natural when I wore it, even though it might looks unnatural because the lashes crossed each other. Using this lashes gives me wider eyelid which makes my eyes look even bigger! xD
Drawing eyeliner and eye shadows on my lids went so much better too with this lashes which makes me super duper happy.^^--looking forward to have another similar lashes with this one :D
This is me with the lashes :D :

After giving it to my cousin, I missed using lashes again. xD Then I bought another fake lashes. ^^
I bought this looong falsies and colored it with glitter liquid eye liner to give a different touch. xD
I did it in order to make a fairy look for February's Makeup Challenge in IBB group. ^^
Actually it's sooo long for me. xD
I was a bit shocked but it turns great for any make up challenges because it shows up on pictures, not like other common falsies. :D
After those lashies and coloring lashes, I tried to split my lashes to make a modified look. I once cut my lashes into half and it turns out like this : 
Well, I can attach them again if I want more dramatic and fuller look, so for me it can be multifunctional. xD

I also tried individual lashes and messed them up! xD
I didn't know that using individual lashes would be that hard, especially to clean them up, to put them in the right place and find them when they fell down into my messy make up stuffs. xD
And moreover, I barely use pinset when I put on fake lashes on me, so for this one, it was sooo hard for me. xD But now thanks God I'm quite used to it. xD

Because I don't have lower lashes (which I hope I could buy them soon -,-) I used them to be my lower lashes. xD If they are too long, I cut the tips a bit to make them shorter and looks like fake lower lashes. Another multiple use! xD

And finally, I bought a fake lashes special pinset like this :

Which until now I haven't open it yet. xD 
Gonna try it soon. ^^ I hope it will makes me easier to apply falsies. :)

Well.. Sometimes if I already use falsies, I barely use mascara again. They're just great their self to me on my eyes. xD
After all of those short journey with falsies, I still have so many to discover. I'd love to try using extreme falsies someday. xD
*ps : Hope they won't scare people around me! xD

That's all about me and falsies. <3
They used to be strangers which made me fall in love with their simple way to change my eyes into something that makes me love myself more. :)
Thank you false lashes! xD

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Good Luck!

Please wish me luck!^^
Wish I can try Yukkiyuna's lashes. So curious and excited ^_^)
Thank you for reading and good luck for you too!^^


  1. Nice story . sangat inspirasi~ everygirl are beautifull

  2. You make me want to try criss-cross falsies like this! :D Is the single lash one any good? It looks so tricky to apply :/


  3. I can relate to you..they're a must to me now since they make my eyes wider!

  4. yang terakhir it falshies jerapah ?


  5. That second one looks good on you :D I love falsies too, they make our eyes look fabulous~



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