3 May 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Tsuyagla Wave 32mm Professional Hair Styling Tool

Good afternoon my dearest readers^^

Are you a perfectionist? Are you East Asian's wavy hair admirer? Loving your hair always looks perfect? But only have lil' time to style your hair? This is the solution! *convetti* xD


Before you go on...
A lil bit info why you should buy this from the shop Flame Paradise, they talked to customer very nicely and they packed this hair tool with wooden packing and loooots of bubble wrap so don't worry! Your precious stuff will be safe if you shop with them. :D So I was super glad when they told me about this amazing hair tool! :D
Let's see more about the details and who's Kpop idol hair you can get with this tool! :D

Like as you can see at the picture above, this hair styling tool has 3 barrels to give us wavy hair result.
Actually, this tool is available in 2 types, 32mm--which I am reviewing--and 26mm. 
Flame Paradise recommended me the bigger one because my hair is pretty long. And yes, they're true. If I have smaller one maybe I would have more to affro rather than Korean wave--just kidding xD 

If you see above, there is a small 'square' (next to my blog domain watermark) botton. You can lock this tool by pushing it up (to the left) and unlock the iron by pulling it down (to the right).
The cable is rotatable 360 degrees, which makes us easier and more comfortable while using it. The cable is quite long too, about 180cm. ! :D

And this is the adaptor looks like.

To use, just plug the adaptor then push the power button. There are 5 levels of heat you can chose. 120, 140, 160, 180 and 200 C degree. For choosing and turning off, just push again the power button.

 The top of the box.
The bottom side of the box.

Okay, now the result of the hair!

I once wondered how Korean idols can get very neat and even wavy hair. Now I just known the secret. xD
This tools make my dream comes true *sobs*cough*
So many idols / stars, especially Korean top stars use this kind of hair styling.
You can achieve the looks like Korean idols below : 

sunny SNSD
To achieve the hair like Sunny's, you can start ironing half of your hair from the sides of your eyebrow until the ends. For the rest, you can braid them and curl the braid and lock it with bobby pins to make a braid bun. So cute!

Taeyeon SNSD
To get the hair look like Taeyeon's you just need mid-length hair and iron it starting from an inch above the eyebrow. Finally, pin half-side of your hair aside. Pretty <3

Seohyun SNSD
For long hair, you can get Seohyun's look by ironing about from your ears down to the ends. After all done, get a bandana and ta-dah! Gorgeous! :D
Not only them, many other Kpop stars also have the wavy hair that this Tsuyagla Wave can achive! :D
Yoona SNSD!
*uneven hair length also can use this too! :D

Jessica and Tiffany SNSD

*you can use it too even you have bangs! :D

Ulzzang Baek Su Min & Yoona
As you can see, ulzzang Baek SuMin uses this style a lot too! x) 

Really recommended!
  • Flexible
  • Very easy to use, just clamp your hair like usual hair irons, wait for several seconds and done <3
  • Long cable
  • Rotatable 360 degress cable
  • Cute design, doesn't look cheap
  • Has many heating degree options
  • Give PERFECT and NEAT wavy hair!
  • The wave stays for hours even without hair spray :D
This tool is very worth buying with the prize aka you won't regret it. xD
Thank you Flame Paradise!

Usage tips :
  • Before ironing, make sure your hair is dry
  • For max result, you should not use conditioner before ironing
  • Before ironing, you should use hair protection first (optional) for the good of your hair ^_^

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BB pin : 75897A9D
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Thank you for reading and God bless!^_^

Disclaimer : Even though this is sponsored, I wrote all my honest opinion.

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  11. http://www.lazada.com.ph/32mm-3-barrel-hair-curler-curling-iron-tongs-curl-pink-intl-4029368.html


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