16 Jun 2014

IBB Make Up Challenge June 2014

After long thought and plugging up guts to join this month's makeup challenge by Indonesian Beauty Blogger and Silkygirl, I think I'm gonna submit this look. Trying won't hurt right? :D Who knows I can be lucky this time? ^_^)

You can join too HERE

And this is the picture I'm going to submit :
Smokey doesn't have to be deep black, grey, purple or brown right? xD :D I wanted to create something new about smokey eyes so I didn't focus on those usual colors, and I think this still looks natural on picture? ._.)a

Below are the details :
I barely post FOTDs since I am afraid people would feel bored seeing my face across their timeline *sorry* xD
So today, unlike the other days I post a smokey makeup look that I created this morning. Still learning but I hope this can be somehow inspiring! :)

Products used :

yeayy, this Silkygirl lippie just suit smokey makeup so well. xD Match the theme and brand. xD

Eye makeup :
ps : sorry, they're a bit blur :(

I think the key of smokey look is bold eye with nude lip color.
Since the eyes are the focus, I'll talk a bit about the eyes.
First of all, I draw the brows naturally. After that, I used light metallic grey color to put on my tear duct and  stretch it below the eyes (just half) and also on the inner lid (around the inner corner). Next, I blend the color on the upper lid with darker silver color and top the lid near the end of the eye with glittery dark grey cream shadow. I love how the glitters reflect the light! ^^
For a bit deeper look, I apply dark matte purple eye shadow over the lid (bolder on the end of the eye part) and blend it lightly so it won't block the color of previous eye shadows. 
Last, I apply metallic blue eyeliner starting from tear duct and stretch it near the end of the eye, and end up with black eyeliner and make a black winged eye line. 
I also apply long and a bit dramatical falsies. :)

More pics *you can skip them TwT)b*

I'm actually not sure about having smokey makeup on me since I always put on natural makeup and I know that nude lippies are no match for my chubby face. ._.)a
But well, I don't think it's that weird. ^_^;;

"I actually wanted to join this month's makeup challenge by Silkygirl and Indonesian Beauty Blogger but I changed my mind and just posted this as FOTD. xD" -> first thought and changed my mind again and enter the MUC xD

yippie. xD I like my hair color there xD

I actually really not good at naming something so.. yeah, I'm sorry if Mysterious Smokey sounds weird. xD

Please wish me luck! :D
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!
God bless!^^


  1. Awww Jes, cantik banget ^0^
    Ayo disubmit aja Jes, cantik kok ^_^

  2. Your makeup is so so beautiful, I love it! *u*

  3. Rapi bgt jess… cantik… ga diikutin ibb juni?

    1. Thank you ce ^^ masih banyak yg belepotan huhu xD
      nggak ce T.T

  4. So gorgeouuuus! Cocok kok pake nude lipstick gitu je ^.^

    felishmichelle.blogspot.com | My latest post

    1. really? I thought it was a big no for me xD
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  5. heh km gitu dibilang chubby lah trs nek aku iki trmasuk opo ha T___T wkwk
    btw keliatan beda lho jes, tp tetep ayu kok <3

    1. Huahaa xD
      Nanti lek ketemu di sby liaten lak ak chubby -_-) iki efek angel sm rambut ae huakakakkakak xD
      Thank you la :p :*

  6. baguuuussss.... chubby dr manaaaaanya... =)

    1. pipinya huhuhu :'( xD
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  7. Lhoo kenapa ga diikutin Jess? Submit aja! ^^ It's pretty anyway :))

    1. Huhuhu not confident la seperti biasa ^_^;;
      Thank you kak! ^^ <3

  8. Such a gorgeous eye look! And you def. don't have a chubby face!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  9. baguss jesssicaaa....
    buat tutorialnya please jess :)

  10. Gorgeous eye look. Good luck in the competition.

    Love from,

  11. Super pretty♥♥♥ suka birunyaaa..

    Godd luck nonn

  12. canntiikk bangeett Jess !!


  13. Look I kami syuuuuuka.. Ada shimmer blueenya yang bikin beda^^

  14. Omggg cantik as alwayysss
    Ikutin ajaaaa muc nyaaaa
    Goodluck cintaaa ♥♥

  15. Cakep banget Jess!!♡♡


  16. Pake gliter kah?seperti ada blink2 gliter gitu...

  17. Bagusss!! pake gliter kah?


  18. Bagusss!! pake gliter kah?



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