19 Jun 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Bangkok Face Gem Fruit Pudding Cream and Lotus Sparkling Mask Review

I'm not really into Thailand skincare until these babies convinced me that I am wrong! :D
Now I got it why Thai actress and actors have nice and radiant skin.
Maybe not many of you have heard about these cosmetics but after reading my review you might start wondering where to buy them! *confident overload*cough* xD

No more intermezzo let's move on to the review! ;D

These products were claimed to be bestseller in Thailand. They are sold every 2 mins!

I love the box, it doesn't look cheap. The texts were printed in glossy texts and carton quality is nice. xD
Both of them are very similar. The box was sealed with 'Bangkok Face' stickers like what you see on the cap of the jar above, on each sides of the box. Also, the box is quite hard to open without damage for the box (lol -,-. I tried to opened them nicely for review purpose xD) so we could know that they are sealed well and have never been opened before. :)


Gem Fruit Pudding Cream

I've been using this cream for almost 2 weeks, once or twice each days. Let's see my thought about this cream. :D

This product claims to be :
All-day-all-night natural repair cream
Function : firming, anti-oxidant, whiten, rejuvinate and minimize pore

Below is the left side of the box. Please click the image to see the ingredients.

Below is the explanation about their 'gem' fruit.

So this is the jar inside of the box. The height is 3.5 cm (with the cap) and the diameter of the jar is 4.5 cm. Before I opened the jar, it was sealed with plastic wrap so don't worry, it's brand new. :)

The container is made of good plastic material so I think it is travel friendly. If only the cap designed a bit better, the look would be perfect and looks like high end products. *just my opinion xD*
Written "The sparkling glow jewel to flawlessly serve your skin."

[Direction] Apply to entire face routinely day and night.

The color of the cream is like soft orange. It smells nice, sweet like pudding! xD But the scent is not overwhelming so it's not a problem for you who's not a big fan of fragrance or sweet scent.

Pros :

  • Minimize pores well and make my skin smoother 
  • Unique and nice texture, not sticky, absorbed quickly
  • Nice scent
  • Moisturizing
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines
  • Doesn't cause any skin problems on me
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Makes my skin feels supple

Neutral :

  • IDR 229.000 for 15ml

Cons :

  • Not hygienic, no spatula and not a pump

I applied this cream day and night and I must say, I love the texture. It's unique and similar to pudding but will easily glides and absorbed into skin. Its smell is also nice, sweet but not sticky--smells like pudding! xD
Day by day I see my skin condition is getting better and better. Less fine lines, LESS BIG PORES AND I MEAN IT xD and less tired skin look. My skin looks fresher than before. I must say those improvements are quite significant compared to other creams I've tried. This cream also contains gluthathione which is known working great to whiten skin.

Lotus Sparkling Mask

This product claims to be :
The skin lighteners for ultimate beauty solution.
Functions : whiten, minimize pore, spot corrector, anti oxidant, anti aging

Explanation about what makes this product different from the others.

Some explanation on why you would like to try this product. ;)

The ingredients below.

Talking about the container, the size and everything are all 99% similar to the Gem Fruit Pudding's one. Just the texts are different.

Written "The purification of beauty that is heart-worthy and well-match with Asian gorgeous skin.

[Directions] Apply cream thickly over your face and leave it overnight without washing off 2-3 time(s) a week. *but I got an info from the seller that we need to rinse this off in the next day we wake up.*

It's a bit watery so when I first get the packet, it burst out a bit (but not spoiled). It smells nice, for me like Nivea's body lotion. =D

Pros :

  • Brighten my complexion
  • Whiten (slowly but sure ;) )
  • Doesn't cause any skin problems on me
  • Not sticky, feels light on skin 
  • Absorbed fastly

Neutral :

  • IDR 229.000 for 15ml

Cons :

  • Not hygienic, no spatula and not a pump
  • Might spoil because of the watery texture
  • Contains perfume (see in the ingredients box, second row from the bottom)
I applied this mask twice a week and still waiting for more significant result. I believe in longer term I will see bigger change on my skin. This whiten and brighten my skin on first week (used twice), but I need to magnify my skin first to really see it. I love how light it is and it does not concern my sleeping time being afraid if it will ruin my pillow. xD Easy to use and washing face in the morning freshly with this mask. <3 For some spots, I saw my acne scars are fading but it needs time to notice the difference. Hope it will work well time by time! ^^

Overall.. I would love to have another jar of the Gem Pudding one next time ;D Since I have stopped any other creams on my regular skin regime because my skin is quite sensitive for some other creams, but this cream is just...caught my heart. *lol* xD For the Lotus Sparkling Mask one, I'm still testing if it's better than Kiss Whitening Collagen one. ^^ Since I tested these 2 in the same period of time, I can't really tell which one gave me the lifting skin effect --since both of them claims to be lifting skin. I would say... I am satisfied! :) I hope they would improve my skin condition the longer I use them. ^^ Thank you so much Kissindonesia for sponsoring these amazing products to me! :D *a happy blogger xD*

TIPS : No need to use Gem Pudding at night in the day when you'll be using the Lotus Sparkling Mask. :)

What to wait? Curious? xD Try them yourself now! :)
Thank you for reading and God bless. :)

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BB : 2A9F9CC6
SMS / WA : +6289693668668

ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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  1. Skin care Thai lagi happening banget ya. Pengen cobain deh. Sayangnya ga dikasih spatula, I'm kind of picky when it comes to jar packaging :/


    1. Iya nih huhu.. itu aja kok kekurangannya.. harusnya bagus sih^^

      thankyou for visiting ♡

  2. Good day Miss Jessica,

    Thank you so much for the review :)
    Really really appreciated ^^

    However, I feel that I must straighten that Lotus Sparkling Mask does not contain perfume ^^
    It is made from 150 lotus flower and 100% organic. So the scent comes from the flower itself.
    And also I'm truly honored that you fell in love with our products (as I am :p).
    Hope you will use it in the long run.


    Authorized Distributor of Bangkok Face Indonesia.

    1. Hi dear, :)
      about the perfume, I wrote so because the box itself said so (please check the ingredients part). or maybe I am mistaken? :o

    2. Ah really.. Ok then my mistake ^^

  3. thai skin care lg happening bgt ya jes XD
    foto selfie before after dong jess :3 hahah *banyak maunya*

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    1. Iya nih ce xD
      Of course ^^
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  4. hasilnya aku suka bangett jes.. bikin halus n acne scar jd sedikit memudar hehe

    ♥ Pinastika Beauty Blog ♥

  5. Asikkk udah di review juga ^^
    Bener deh kekurangannya cuma jar nya ,kalo pump lebih enak ya ,kayak model2 kiss gitu ,tapi aku seneng banget wanginya ,kayak kue gitu manisss huhahahah
    Nice review cantikkk ♥


  6. So lovely! Thank you for the review dear! ^^

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  7. Wahhh bener2 thailand skincare mulai menyaingi korean skincare ya :))
    Nice review Jes ^_^

  8. Ah really? Sorry then, my mistake hehe :p

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  11. Nice review jes, iya nih, foto before afternya dooong ><

  12. wow! sounds great!!

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    ~ TheGrisGirl ~

  13. bellissimo post, baci Angelichic


  14. La crema è ottima, baci Angelichic


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