27 Jun 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Kiss Skincare Whitening Collagen Cream Mask 15ml

Many skincare products from Korea, Indonesia and western products I have tried, but not from Thai. This is the first Thailand face skincare product I've tried.
This Whitening Collagen Cream Mask from Kiss Skincare has been a hit in Indonesia since several months ago because many have said that this skincare can do significant magic to their skin since their FIRST experience with this product.

As you can see above, the packaging looks so elegant and the pump looks nice and not like usual other pumps form. :D I definitely love the design. ^^
But this might be somehow a bit fragile because it is made of plastic which might cracks--like mine a bit.

Press the white part and the cream will pumped out from the hole on the center.

The texture of the cream is not watery and near to thick but still can be blended easily. As you can see, the color is milky white. How thick I applied this cream on my face, this cream still feels so light on skin and did not dirt my pillow xD
It smells masculine--like man's perfume xD but it's not bad for my likeness. 

Below is the appearance of the box. 

What makes this product special :
cr : kissSG
Many people has sent their testimonials and this product has been used by many well-known people, such as actors and actresses from Thailand. Many people also said that they felt its effect since their first experience using this product.

How to use?

--translated from kissindonesia.com

Q : What are KISS Whitening Collagen Cream Mask's functions?
A : To diminishes acne and lightens its scars, to firms skin, to brighten and whiten skin complexion naturally, to make skin healthy and decreases dark spots and wrinkles.

Q : Can we use other creams while using KISS?
A : Should not use other creams while using KISS, but on the other day (when not using KISS), yes you can.

Q : Can we use KISS everyday?
A : Don't use KISS everyday. This mask is made exclusively 8-10 times more concentrated than daily masks. Only use KISS twice a week regulary. 

Q : Is this product safe?
A : Yes, this product is safe because this has been tested by TFDA laboratory (Thailand Food & Drugs Administration). This product is also has no side effects because all the ingredients are 100% safe.

Q : Can be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers?
A : yes, because this mask does not absorb to blood vessels and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

souce : kissindonesia.com/faq.html

Pros :
  • Available in 2 sizes, 15ml and 30ml
  • Elegant design of packaging
  • Minimize my pores a bit (still need more times I guess)
  • Smoothen my skin texture (makes me love to touch my skin in the next day xD)
  • Brighten my skin complexion and what's great is it reduces my dark circles which are soooo sooo hard to get rid of!--FYI, I've tried many creams before and 0 result.
  • Contains no hazardous ingredients
  • Tested by TFDA

Neutral :
  • 15ml = IDR 300.000 (well, you can use it for approximately 2 months.) ; 30ml = IDR 450.000
  • Smells masculine

Cons : So far, nothing :)

Here is before after pic from me (I'm sorry if it's unclear. It's hard to get noticeable skin difference on pic so...yeah. :s)

Sorry too for dark lighting, I used my front phone camera -.-)
sorry my skin is not flawless T_T)a
I don't know if you can see it, but my skin is actually brighter, smoother, pore minized a bit and an acne scar was fading. :) --after 4 times usage.
Thank you Annaliemcollection for sponsoring this product for me! ^^

LINE : novianaliem
BBM : 73D9075B
Kiss Authorized Dealer Surabaya
*ps : beware of FAKE products! Get the real one from Annaliemcollection :)

ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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  1. Akhirnya dipost jg reviewnya jes XD
    ga gt keliatan ya klo di km >.<
    tp beneran bikin halus bgt ya KISS ini :3 hihi

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    1. Iya ce ><
      Of course! :D
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  2. thanks for your honest review! so many promising Thailand skincare nowadays :D


  3. Aaaaaa makin baca review makin pengen coba >w< Dark circle nya memudar yah? Dark circle ku kalo diwarnain item trus mukaku diwarnain putih udah bisa jadi panda nih *gede banget emang* Perbandingan before-after nya keliatan bgt bedanya~

    1. Iya ^^ itu yang bikin jatuh cinta sama produknya heheh :p
      Thank you for visiting ^.^

  4. Ga begitu keliatan ya before afternya, mungkin karena kulitmu dah mulus je haha~ tapi acne scarnya memudar
    Reviewnya banyak yang bilang bagus. Tapi harganya itu bikin mengundurkan niat untuk mencoba haha.

    new review: impiccha

    1. Iyap ^^
      Coba beli banyak skalian ce siapa tau dpt potongan gedee :D
      Thank you for visiting ^^

  5. Rave nya bagus2 ya Jess, jd pengen XD
    Btw congrats buat MUC nyaaa, uda aku vote XD goodluck Jess ^^


    1. Iya xD
      Waaah thank you so much yaaa >.<)/
      thank you for visiting too ^^

  6. nice post~!!! the packaging si so cute...
    i have seen the improvement on your skin... gonna try it soon :)


    1. yup ! ^^
      Can't wait the review from you too ^^
      Thank you for visiting :D

  7. nice review jes~ ^^


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