7 Jul 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Pasjel Purple Mildy Smooth

Have you ever heard about Pasjel, one of Thailand skincares which has a kind of uniqueness. Pasjel's skincare products are some kinds of lotions which has different colors for each functions, and lately they also launched some other kinds of new products such as soap and mask.

Last month, I received the purple Pasjel-Mildy Smooth which is an axillary cream that claims to be able to get rid of  wrinkled and dark skin on the knee, elbow, buttock and armpit. Does this cream really work?

source : tokobagus.com

PasJel Mildy Smooth Axillary Cream is formulated to whiten and smoothen the underarms, groins, buttocks, knees, elbows, ankles and other stubborn darker areas of the body. Formulated with a combination of alpha arbutin, collagen beta glucan and natural extracts that works in combination to smoothen and whiten these stubborn areas.

Here are the other pasjel variants just FYI ;D

So, back to this purple Pasjel, this is how the box looks like.
Make sure you buy the original one, with that lil' hologram on the box. (When this product arrived to me, it was spoiled everywhere and the box was very hard to open because it was spoiled and sedimented, making the cream attached the box with the plastic container inside. :s I was afraid to broke the box for review purpose. lol ><)
And here is the back of the box :

Directions : Apply to underarm, knee, ankle and/or other skin area regulary.

The container is made of plastic.
The cream itself is purple, smells very nice like a bubble gum and it absorbed to skin easily. It's not thick nor too watery. Just the right composition. :)

The box is quite small, only about 3cms diameter and 2cms height.

Pros :

  • Nice scent, like a bubble gum xD
  • Soften my elbow
  • Reduce wrinkles on my elbow
  • Contains no steroid

Neutral :

  • 10grams, IDR 145.000
  • Didn't really see so much about whitened/lightened elbow on me. It might lightened up a bit, but very little. I have to really magnified it to know, which means it's far from a significant result.
Cons :

  • The container does not guarantee the product from not spoiling
  • Unhygienic 

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cheap and original Pasjel (also sells another Thailand skincares)

Thank you for reading and God bless! :)
Please tell me if you have any makeup tutorial request or product request. Maybe I can do for you! :D

ps : I will update the review if I feel something different / a change on me because of the product, whether it is positive or negative. So stay tune :D
And also, result in every person may vary because everyone has their own skin types :)
What I wrote are my honest opinion ^^
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  1. Waaa ungunya kayak eskrim rasa anggur yg meleleh XD
    Mahal yah Jess buat seimut itu ._.
    Pngn sih cobain XD

  2. Kok murah yaa? Kirain pasjel harganya kayak 200rban gitu loh jes. Sayang jar packaging kurang bagus jd tumpah kemana2 -_-


  3. jar ny parah banget ya.. sampe kemana-mana isinya..
    thx for reviewing dear,
    akhirny jdi tau beneren berfungsi atau engga pasjel, soalny banyak bgt yg jualan d insta


  4. Awesome product! I followed you already , thanks you for commenting to "My favorite summew oils" post!
    I have an international giveaway for a Sleek palette...did u check?


  5. Eh??murah ya?? Aku liat ada yg jual 200 lebih
    Tapi pengen banget ini buat mutihin armpit hehe
    Itu sayang banget loh tumpah ,padahal dikit isinya ckck
    Nice review sayy ♡

  6. waduh padahal tutup nya putar ya
    masih tumpah segitu banyak (tutup putar kan biasanya lebih aman)
    warna ungunya bagus yaa


  7. Great review.. I shall try this out for my elbow too..

    P.S. I'm following you on GFC, do you want to follow on bloglovin too ?


  8. aku juga punya ini tapi gak ngaruh apa apa soalnya pakenya gak teratur XD

    ☆itsbella.com giveaway☆

  9. Stauku jg hargany 200an :o pengen cb tp masi maju mundir krm tkut ga ngefek xD

  10. Murah bgt ce, beli di mana ? perasaan di olshop2 hampir sekitar 200 an.

    aku sudah fllow blog ini, mind to followback ?


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