21 Jul 2014

[SHORT TUTORIAL] Korean Straight Eyebrow

Good day readers!
Today I'm posting requested post and just had the time to post this after loooong loooong time. So sorry! T__T)a
I have to prepare my college submission and every thing. :(

Well, this post not gonna be long and the tutorial is short, thou. I did post this on my instagram beauty shop Beatusbeautyshop too. You can see the Indonesian version there. :) Let's start! 

This tutorial is based on my regular steps to make my 'straight eyebrows' inspired by Koreans. However you could choose other products and shades which might be more suitable for you. :D
I use :
Etude House Flamingo Eyebrow Razor

  1. Magnify your natural brows line and imagine your straight eyebrow that you will make.
  2. Using eyebrow razor, remove the hairs on the lower part of your eyebrows. Try to make the lower part straight, but keep natural.
  3. Color the inner part of your eyebrows roughly with pencil shaped eyebrow pencil.
  4. Use crayon eye brow pencil with triangular crayon shape to frame your eyebrows and to create straight and neat edges. Connect the end of lower and upper brows and extend them a little longer than the end of the eyes to make them look longer.
  5. Use the brush (you can find the brush at the other side of the eyebrow pencil/crayon) to slightly blend the inner of your eyebrows to create soft gradation to make it look natural. Also brush slightly following your eyebrows growing direction to make it neat.
  6. Ta-dah! You're done. :D

Thank you for reading and God bless you! ^^

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 Once again, thank you for your time and God bless! ^^
Love, Jessie


  1. Nice tutoriall jess <3
    I can't do it since my eyebrows are so thick T___T

  2. I feel that those straight eyebrow never suits my face shape, then I ended up with (almost) arch eyebrow for everyday. My bf said that straight eyebrow not suitable for my kind-of-bitchy-face,, so yeahh, damn him, I know -__-

  3. ahh aku suka alismu jess <3
    btw good luck buat olshop mu yaa :3

  4. love this style so much. but not dare to try it myself. Later I spoiled it! giglove

  5. You are insanely pretty and cute at the same time. Nice tutorial!!!

    xx Diras
    Fashion blogger

  6. Lovely Tutorial! But I haven't ever touched my eyebrow my stylist does it for me! So scared to try it out :)

    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  7. My eyebrows could definitely do with this. Your eyebrows are so lovely.

  8. I looove weaing straight brows myself! I find it more youthful and simple to do!

  9. Waahh.. Nice tutorial. Cocok banget straight eyebrows di kamu. Korean banget sih mukanya.


  10. I always wanted to try this look! Thanks for sharing!! =D

  11. Eyebrows are so important - It's always the first thing I do when I start my make-up. Great look! <3 GIGLove

  12. Nice tutorial. That Flamingo Eyebrow Razor looks fun. :)

  13. ga berani pake cukur alis, takut salah cukurnya .. :p
    nice tutorial btw!
    suits on you..

  14. The straight brow looks great on you... I have always want to try this out..


  15. wow you have such good skin! envious....
    my brows are naturally (quite) straight and full, so i've never ever drew my brows before...

  16. i am in need of those razors! great tutorial :D

  17. haha the Flamingo Eyebrow Razor is so cute... loving it! And is it pink!

  18. Nice tutorial cintahh ,love how you draw your eyebrows. Really straight and korean ^^

  19. Nice tutorial cintahh ,love how you draw your eyebrows. Really straight and korean ^^

  20. Great tutorial and you really look like Korean! :P

  21. Aww, I really adore this kind of shape for eyebrows, I hope I could do one but my eyebrows are pointed! Or I don't know maybe. LOL great tutorial hun!

  22. Great tutorial!! That eyebrow shape looks really good on you. I don't think too many people can pull that off.

  23. This tutorial helped me shaped my eye brows! Thanks

  24. Korean eyebrows are so straight to me :) I always prefer an arch type which looks better on me =D

  25. I learned a lot on your tutorial!

    GigLove! <3

  26. Nice and straight to the point tutorial! <3

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