23 Aug 2014

1st Mini Giveaway

Good news ladies!
Finally I can hold my very own first mini giveaway :D
Actually I've planned this since long time ago but I still have to save my money for this and that. :(

I want to say thank you (which will never be enough!) for my lovely and loyal readers. I am actually nothing without you all! :') *sobs*cough* :p
And of course above all, I feel so thankful of what my Jesus Christ has done in my love so that I am me now.

No more talks! Here are the prizes! :) *sorry if I can't make it a big giveaway with great prizes:( Still affording for the next upcoming giveaway! ;)*

*sorry, I forgot to take a pic of some prizes ^_^;;;;;

*some of them are preloved but still in good conditions and I've never used them more than 3 times*
There will be 2 winners :

[HAIR] My Hair Dye Story and Hair Mantenance

Maybe some of you know that I love to color my hair and in my young age *cough* I've died my hair  quite many times already--and sometimes I feels like I gotta stop to do this and that to my hair. xD

I used to be a senior high school student which made me have to have black hair, like most other people in Indonesia. But in fact, my natural hair color is already dark brown and sometimes people who ruled did not think it was a good excuse so...yeah. Gotta darken my hair 'till black many times. T___T)

No more talking, let's see the list of my hair colorants I've used so far. For some readers and friends who asked why do my hair still shiny, not rebellious, no breakage and smooth, I'll tell you everything I do here. :)

4 Aug 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH + NOTD] Revlon Super Fast Dry Nail Enamel #530 Glitz and Glam

Good morning everybody ^_^
Today I'll be posting my first nail product review :D
This post is actually already in my draft since 2013 ^_^;; But I've never really finished it and now I will. :p *finally xD*

This Revlon Super Fast Dry Nail Enamel in #530 Glitz and Glam caught my eyes when I was looking for a blush in the Revlon's store. There are so many pretty colors there but this glittery one is really nice! :)

Believe me, it's pretty! xD
And you know right that I love multifunctional products. Yes, I can use this nail polish in more than 1 way. :p

 So here are the swatches :

1 Aug 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] Changing Mono Lid to Double Lid Permanently without Makeup and Surgery

Do you have perfect neat double lids? You gotta be grateful for it! Many girls especially East Asians mostly don't have their desired double eyelids. Double eyelids make you easier to draw beautiful eye shadows and eyeliners and other eye makeups. Some might consider mono lids as unique, but most agencies that look for models prefer those who has double lids.

Park Sora from Stylenanda. Perfect double lid
Some of them did plastic surgery for it. As we know, plastic surgery is risky and costly. Good for them who can achieve the eyelids nicely after being under the knife, but there once like this women who failed having the right desired eyelids or was just being unlucky in this case.
Marilyn Leisz, a woman who did plastic surgery to have double lid but ended with having trouble closing her eyes.
I heard the woman above sued the doctor. :o

Back to the main topic. The rest who did go under the knife just use eyelid glue or scotch. But would you use eye glue that will disappear in couple of minutes or hours, or eye scotch forever that might fall off, would not stick perfectly, feel not convenient and distract your eye makeup?

So today, I'm gonna share my experience and a lil' success of having double eye lids without surgery or costly things. :p How did I get them?


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