1 Aug 2014

[BEAUTY TIPS] Changing Mono Lid to Double Lid Permanently without Makeup and Surgery

Do you have perfect neat double lids? You gotta be grateful for it! Many girls especially East Asians mostly don't have their desired double eyelids. Double eyelids make you easier to draw beautiful eye shadows and eyeliners and other eye makeups. Some might consider mono lids as unique, but most agencies that look for models prefer those who has double lids.

Park Sora from Stylenanda. Perfect double lid
Some of them did plastic surgery for it. As we know, plastic surgery is risky and costly. Good for them who can achieve the eyelids nicely after being under the knife, but there once like this women who failed having the right desired eyelids or was just being unlucky in this case.
Marilyn Leisz, a woman who did plastic surgery to have double lid but ended with having trouble closing her eyes.
I heard the woman above sued the doctor. :o

Back to the main topic. The rest who did go under the knife just use eyelid glue or scotch. But would you use eye glue that will disappear in couple of minutes or hours, or eye scotch forever that might fall off, would not stick perfectly, feel not convenient and distract your eye makeup?

So today, I'm gonna share my experience and a lil' success of having double eye lids without surgery or costly things. :p How did I get them?

I tried using eyelid glue but it doesn't stay long on me and I read many people felt the same way too. It also leaves white dry layers on eyes and cracked. It makes eye makeup look SOOO UGLY for me. :s
After that, I tried using some eye scotches. There are many types of eye scotches.
The one which the form similar with double tape will peeled off easily after couple of hours and it hangs (yes, hangs, not attached) on your eyelids and it looks so...weird and people will start asking you "what is that on your eyes?". No. A big no.
 <- double tip a like eyelid tape
If you use eye scotch, make sure it won't be too visible and un-noticable for people unless they magnify your lids. *lol*
not like this. cr : google

After many times trying different methods, I found this eye scotch very good! It sticks perfectly on me for hours even after I use it from the morning till the end of the day, or if I re-apply it, it does not feel hurt or uncomfortable, it can camouflage between the eye makeups and looks less visible than other eye scotches I've tried and the best thing is this is cheap and gave me PERMANENT WIDER DOUBLE LIDS. *cheers* xD

3M Sense Eye Scotch Korea

There are 50 pairs 1 pack and it is only IDR 19.000,-

All I did is use this everyday until I don't have to use this anymore to have permanent double lid. :D
Some need 1 week or maybe couple of weeks but it won't take long. :) At last not as long as waiting the blotching effect of eyelid surgery to be calm. >.<

You don't need to cut it again to get an eyelid tape shape like some other eye lid tapes. I sometimes also sticked it in the wrong direction on my lids but its still sticky after I re-apply it.♡♡♡♡

Well, lets see first some double lids shapes.
You can apply the right eye lid tape / scotch with the right position to get the result you want. The way you put the tape will determine the result of your double lids.

This is the image of before and after the eyelid surgery.
The result I get is quite similar with the picture above. Here are some picture of mine way back then before having double lids and some afters.

or maybe you already have double lids but it is so narrow that it looks like monolid. You still can change them into wider double lids! :)

So these are some old pics of mine before start using this scotch regulary.

And these are the afters--after 2 weeks. :D My permanent double lids without scotch or makeup effect for lids. :D

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Thank you for reading and I hope this can be useful for you too!
Jesus bless you! <3


  1. menarik banget jes produknya.. murah juga yaa.. jd pengen coba cz meskipun ak ada eyelid tp ga begitu keliatan.. kurang gede hahaha

  2. Park Sora is indeed an example of perfect double lid. Unfortunately though, she got it thru surgery :D I tried this double eyelid tape technique but it didn't give me permanent result T^T Maybe it requires more commitment :)
    Thanks for sharing dear!


  3. wow.. baru tau ada produk kayak gini.. :)
    hasilnya jg keliatan banget, mata jd keliatan lebih besar..
    Nice tips :))

  4. aq juga mono eyelid, da pake scoot maya bertahun2.. kebentuk sich double eyelidnya cuma ga terlalu jelas, mungkin karena lemak d mata aku byk bgt.. mata kamu bagus banget jes

  5. Kyaaa ~ Nggak pernah bisa pasang ginian :( Bagus jess :D Nice tutorial..


  6. Km pke brp lama jes?
    It sure takes a lot of patience and commitment :O

  7. Kalau aku pakia scootnya sorr atau malem besok paginya lepas deh krn lipatan mata udh kebentuk

  8. Keliatan banget ya efeknya, thank you for sharing sis ^^

  9. Wah i really want to try now!
    I have uneven eyes were one eye is double eyelid and the other has a small double eyelid making it almost monolid!

  10. beruntung banget kamu bisa jadi double eyelid,
    i'm using eyelid tape EVERYDAY for YEARS~! it didn't give me any single crease T^T
    hopeless banget deh.. hahahha


    1. Mungkin itu eyelid tapenya yang kurang rekat atau kualitasnya kurang bagus.. Dulu aku juga pernah pakai yang kayak double tip itu juga nggak jadi2.. kalau yang ini rekat banget makanya mau (pendaparku)._.)a

  11. Hi miss Jessica,,, you're beautiful with your Korean face, I see your eyes are pretty. Giglove.


  12. Wow.. This is d first time i am seeing such a product. Am sure it would be a boon to people who desire double lids. Those plastic surgery mishaps are so unfortunate. I strongly believe that we are all born beautiful. giglove

  13. OMG! This is a very good product! Only use for 2 weeks give you a permanent result? This is brilliant! giglove

  14. Wah aku malah mau jadi sedikit sipit gt matanya. Mataku bulat bangeetttt....

    ~GigLove www.revenian.com

  15. Wah aku malah pengen jadi agak sipit matanya. Soalnya mataku bulet bangettt dan besarrr... :D
    ~GigLove www.revenian.com

  16. wah nice tips banget nih buat yang matanya sipit ..
    and nice product! disamping itu juga murah ga usah sampe operasi :D

  17. you only used them for 2 weeks? i've been using double sided eyelid tape for a while. i wanted to even out my uneven doubles, but it doesnt work very well.

  18. Those falsie looks really natural and great on you darling.. I shall get some for myself too..

    Keep in touch ya. :)

  19. Great info. Any alternatives to surgery are worth trying first. GIG love <3

  20. Wow you used them for 2 weeks and it gives you permanent results? That's great!

  21. That is such a unique way to get double eyelids =) Nice tips!!

  22. So natural looking! Your evens are beautiful with or without it as cheesy as it may sound lol

  23. This is new to me. I've never heard of double sided eye tape before. However, I'm loving the change it made!

  24. wow nice leh..i want to get this for myself....how much does it cost?

  25. This has been a very curious beauty trick for me. I can't try it because I believe I'm fine in the lid department, but whenever I see this trick in action, I always end up feeling amazed by it. :)

  26. Woah!! I never knew you'd get products for that also!! Curious indeed!

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  27. aku penasaran deh rasanya pake eyelid tape itu gmn ya? berasa ada yg ganjel gitu ga sih? hehe.. ternyata kalo pake lama bisa berubah yah.. waw ^^


  28. I've always wanted to try this but I might screw it up! Hahaha it's amazing how you do it! <3GIGLove

  29. walaupun aku udah punya double eyelid, aku pernah pake ini buat ngeratain eyelidnya. hehe. cuma pake seharian aja efeknya bisa berhari2 di aku. harus rajin2 make biar efeknya lama.


  30. ak biasa pake tapi efeknya ngga begitu lama cuman 1/2 jam abis itu ilang , nice review cc <3


  31. She probably did eyelid surgery and used this post as a cover up. Look at the defined lines on her eyes... The sticker will not have that effect

    1. Lol.. Hi Anonymous! You should have used your name and picture thou ^^
      It's a wonderful thing that you think so! It means the product works really well and even people can't believe the result is so similar like plastic surgery! <3
      Thank you for the feedback ^^
      And I've never did plastic surgery since it's pricey man. And I was still in high school. :p No time, no money for that. :) Even if someday I unbelievably do plastic surgery, I won't cover it up. People would have known my previous face right since I blog way before I do the surgery? Hahaha :D
      Don't think negatively and assumpt first before asking. Thank you :)

  32. ci.... ini belinya bs di beatusbeautyshop ya? itu olshop punya cici? hehehe

    anyway thx postingannya ciiii sangat membantu ^^

  33. Am I supposed to wear this even when sleeping? 24/7?

  34. hi sorry bout this but my mom won't let me wear the stickers... so any other ways?

    grace xxx

    ps: ikr asian moms

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  36. You need to use two pieces of tape. One tape is shaped into the double eyelid curve that is natural to your eyelid profile, and the other tape is used to hold down the crease while it is compress as you sleep.

    Here is a link for the 'do-it-yourself' way of making these tapes:

    Here is a link for the commercial version:


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