23 Aug 2014

[HAIR] My Hair Dye Story and Hair Mantenance

Maybe some of you know that I love to color my hair and in my young age *cough* I've died my hair  quite many times already--and sometimes I feels like I gotta stop to do this and that to my hair. xD

I used to be a senior high school student which made me have to have black hair, like most other people in Indonesia. But in fact, my natural hair color is already dark brown and sometimes people who ruled did not think it was a good excuse so...yeah. Gotta darken my hair 'till black many times. T___T)

No more talking, let's see the list of my hair colorants I've used so far. For some readers and friends who asked why do my hair still shiny, not rebellious, no breakage and smooth, I'll tell you everything I do here. :)

Okay. Before my hair treatments, let's see my hair colorant first. :D
ps : you can request any of the products below to be reviewed specifically in separated post by e-mail (jessica_ie@yahoo.com) Thank you ^^

My very first hair dye. L'oreal Excellence Cream in Chocolate Brown.
(sorry I can't find the box image on the internet but if you live in Indonesia, they're everywhere on hypermart :D)
It looks like this on me.
L'oreal Excellence Cream in Copper Mahogany Dark Blonde (6.45)

L'oreal Excellence Cream in Dark Brown (4)

Bigen Hair Color in Light Copper Blonde (8-34) => twice

Sorry I could not find the packaging image on the internet T.T
The packaging looks like this (but in 8-34 shade, different model) >>

Actually it is very red under the sunlight. Like...scarlet bright red._.

L'oreal Excellence Cream in Dark Brown (4)--again -_-
The copper is still there, thou

Miratone Conditioning Cream Color in Black (2BL)

L'oreal Majirel in Gold with bleaching in Shinjuku Hairmake PTC Surabaya (will post about this soon)

That's all for my hair dye history. And now for the maintenance part.

Despite all of those hair colorants, my hair never get rebellious, dull or hard to comb or rough.
I've tried many hair care products but here are my favorites :

L'oreal Smooth Intense Shampoo

 L'oreal Smooth Intense Conditioner

L'oreal Extraordinary Oil

L'oreal Hair Spa for Dry and Damaged Hair
This product has the main role to keep my hair healthy after those bad chemicals on my head! Super sultry, smooth and shiny and this has been used by many professional salons but is not sold publicly. 

So can you guess what color / hair styling I'll do next? xD
Don't forget that you can ask me to make detailed post about one of the products above :)
Stay tune!
Thank you for reading and God bless <3 ^^


  1. wihh abis di bleach ya jes? o.o
    sampe pangling

  2. asli de kita sama suka gonta ganti warna rambut... pernah cici keterangan warnanya langsung deh cat item balik :'D untung ga ngerusak rambut :'D

  3. Loving your new hair ,really bright and fresh.
    Maybe you should try ombre for next experiment ^^
    So pretty as always


  4. What process do you use to dye your hair? Did you dye it yourself or went to a salon and dyed it? :)

  5. I really want to try the L'oreal Excellence Cream in Copper Mahogany Dark Blonde (6.45)! I have natural black hair right now and never dyed before.. do you think the color would turn nice on me? I don't want to end up with really really dark brown hair when I actually dyed *whatever color above*.

  6. suka sama yg light copper blonde! krystal abis :D

  7. really like the L'oreal Excellence Cream in Copper Mahogany Dark Blonde on you ~!
    i might try that XD

    visit my blog

  8. Iam curious where to find blonde hair dyes that arent yellow in indo. It's the bule struggle. I want to do my own low lights after hairstylist mess up with ombre. ��


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