29 Sep 2014

[EVENT] Miracle Aesthetic Clinic ft MakeOverID Beauty Blogger Gathering

On Saturday, September 27th 2014 Miracle Aesthetic Clinic and MakaOver Indonesia held a beauty blogger gathering with the theme " Beauty Talks About Beauty" for beauty bloggers which can reach Surabaya, Indonesia. Not only bloggers, bloggers' friends might join too. And I was asked by Ade Kumala Putri to join the event. Thanks Lala for asking me to join! Far away from the word regret! :D

Me with Miracle Clinic's product :D

This is my very first time attending beauty bloggers gathering. I wonder how the atmosphere will be and who would I meet. *lol* And I did not haaaaave green top since I moved to Surabaya and mostly my outfits are in Bali. So I went there with just whatever has white and green on my closet and I hope they would match. :'D (?) Thanks God and thanks Miracle I got the best dress and a voucher as a complimentary. Didn't know it would happen. ^^;; Well, back to the topic! Miracle gave every participants a 'fact or myth' board. On the slide there would be 10 statements about beauty and skin health which many people might have not known the truth of it. Then in every questions, we were given the chance to raise out board to show our opinion whether the statements are fact or myth. We also can discuss about it together! Interesting and not boring at all! :) The informations are also useful. Miracle and MakeOver gave 3 packages of products for active participants.

So here is the board look like
Here are the 10 statements and explanation :
Fact / myth about our skin....

Here are the 3 winners for active participants category :D
 And here are the small snacks that were prepared for us. Lil' and tasty! x3 Lala said she loves the lemon cheese cake! I like the mini pizza and resoles. They're so crunchy x3 And poor me, I put creamer inside my tea. ._____.) and I must deal with it *gulp*
error editing! T_T Why still text T.T)a
MakeOver's booth

After the beauty talk season, MakeOver did a makeup demonstration and we, as the participants got the chance to try their products. ^^

Looks like useful concealers! Concealer palette for any skin problems :D
 I fell in love with MakeOver Liquid Lip Cream in Red Temptation! I wanted to buy in at their booth yesterday but it was out of stock._.

 So happy! I met many other bloggers in Surabaya <3

This is me after being nominated as the best dress. Thank you Miracle! :) Sorry, my face was so ugly :'D
AND! There was a blogger award for those who have cooperated with Miracle Clinic before. 
The winners get a package of Miracle Clinic beauty sets. 
The first winner is Margareth Y :D
Second winner goes to Lala! xD
And the third winner goes to ce Xiao Vee :D
Congratulation for the 3 winners! :D
Sorry I didn't have the pic on my camera of them receiving the prizes because I was busy taking their pics with Lala's camera. xD

And here is what's inside the goodie bags by Miracle Clinic and MakeOverid :D

More pics : 

photo booth :D

le photographer, Fanny xD Thanks to Fanny's candids!

me when answering the question. I was the only one who wore shorts I think ^-^;;;.......

foooood! I am food eater xD

narcism + tongsis = crowd of people xD

me and my friends going there together. From left : Lala, Flo, Novi, Fanny, Me

That's all! 
Overall.. This event was very nice, useful, information was delivered with an enjoyful way so it wasn't boring at all like seminaries. xD
Miracle and MakeOver staffs are so friendly too <3
I'm so glad that I attended this event. :) Thank you Miracle Clinic and Make Over! Also for the goodie bags ^_^)b
See you on the next event! ^^


  1. wah kayaknya seru banget! tapi sayangnya aku di jakarta bukan surabaya T_T btw kamu difoto lagi ngambil makanan mulu, tapi ga gemuk2 ya, envyyyyy u.u

  2. Wohooo jess, nice to meet u . kiss kiss

  3. seru banget de acaranya hehehe..... susah ya kalau mang doyan selfie... =p


  4. nicee to meet you <3
    ayok kapan" ketemu lagi hihi :p

  5. aaaak seru banget cee, nanti aku kuliah disana lhoo semoga ada banyak gathering XD

    ♡ MY BLOG ♡

  6. Seems like you had a super fun time at the event! Glad you enjoyed it

    GIG love :)

  7. What a fun event - Congratulations on getting a chance to attend. Love the pictures! <3 GIGLove

  8. Looks like you had a great time! Gig LOVE

  9. looks like u had lots of fun! BTW u look very pretty :) giglove

  10. You look had fun so much.
    Makeover is really a good product, you will love it ^^

  11. sounds like a really fun and enriching event! congrats for getting best dressed!

  12. Nice event. I'm glad that you had a great time. :)

  13. You looks like having fun there :)
    Love your post :)


  14. I love this kind of event much. Can love beauty stuffs, the girls' fav. giglove.

  15. Looks like you had tons of fun in the event!! =)

  16. Sounds like an amazing event. I am glad you enjoyed yourself. Looking forward to detailed reviews later. GIG love :)

  17. The event looks super fun. Glad to hear you had a good time at your first beauty blogger one!

  18. Wow i cant remember the first time i ever attended a beauty blogger event. I really wish i could. Reading through this post got me all nostalgic

  19. sound like u hv heaps of fun!!such a great event catchup!

  20. It looks like a wonderful event.
    Do you know what winners got in their goodie bags?

  21. nice goodies! i like the look of some of the products

  22. Looks like it was a great event as well as great products! Glad that you were able to go!

  23. seru deh kayaknya acaranya ya.
    bisa banyak ketemu beauty blogger dari surabaya! :D
    so great..

  24. woo! nice! sumore got so many goodies to take home! =D

  25. Interesting event! And you definitely learn something new there :D


  26. Seems like a great brand! I'm sure you got to know about a lotta facts in this event!

    GIG Love

    New Post - xoxo Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  27. Seems a great event. And love that goodie bag. <3 GIGLove

  28. blogger meetup are always fun and i love meeting new bloggers too. you sure had an amazing time

    Shumaila Jaffer
    Beauty Redefined

  29. Hey! That's such a great post :) great job girl!

  30. Hey! That's such a great post :) great job girl!

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