25 Sep 2014

[REVIEW and SWATCH] Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown

Good day readers!

FYI, I've never bought makeup from overseas online web because I'm afraid of fraud, I don't have paypal, I don't know much about overseas taxing and stuffs also for me it is quite complicated compared to buy makeup online like usual (from the same nation). But this time I found a web which is very helpful and makes shopping experience much easier, moreover because the customer service is very friendly.

HanaVillage.com aims to be one of the largest beauty store selling quality colored lenses and top beauty brands in Asia. The brands we carry included KOJI, Skin79, Etude House, Nature Republic, Missha, Fujifilm,Geo Medical, ColourVue, Dueba,  and many other well known beauty brands in Asia especially Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Our office is based in Malaysia while goods are shipped from Malaysia and Singapore. We offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer service. We carry more than thousand of products in store. We also own another website LensVillage, a circle lenses store which has been established many years ago. You may find our customer reviews throughout different channel. 

You can open hanavillage.com and see their current interesting offers that you can only find in Hanavillage.com :)

HanaVillage unique selling points :
* We offer free delivery worldwide (minimum purchase $30)
* We offer 1 to 1 exchange on contact lenses if customer has problem with the lenses
* Customer can request for a return/exchange if they are unhappy with their purchase. 
* More than 2000 products available, we sell top colored lenses and cosmetic brands in Asia
They sell many circle lenses, cosmetics and accessories. They also sell instax! :D
They sell well-known makeups such as Etude House, Laneige, 3CE, Dolly Wink, Clio and many more. 
Yeay! They also sell the well known hair color brand from Japan, Liese! :D
They sell many colors of Liese too! Here in Indonesia, it's a bit hard to look for Liese with good price. :( Now no worry! :D I can buy it from HanaVillage next time ^w^)b

And this is what's interesting from HanaVillage! You can win a gift set worth $50 !

It's time for me now to shop with HavaVillage! :D
After long time thinking what I would buy from them, I choose to buy Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in Brown :)
So now, let's see the review of this well-known product from Japan! :D
So this is how to packaging looks like.

 Some explanation about the product. It is made in Japan.

Koji Dolly Wink Eyeliner has an ultra fine yet flexible point tip, which allow greater precision with a easy to handle eye lining experience. This eyeliner can accentuate the glamorous eyes of yours, giving you a more defined look. This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and with the quick dry formula, the eyeliner can tay on for hours without a smudge. Your look will be long wearing and gorgeous even without touch up. 

 It is light and won't spoil your purse if you bring it for traveling and the prints with brown flowers are so cute <3
 The brush is very thin and soft.
 The image below is the liner after being put under running water
 And below is the eyeliner after being put under water and was rubbed. It fades but it didn't smudge like hell. ._.)b I mean like other usual eyeliner does..

Pros :

  • There is no such difficulties in accepting the package, like tax / tariff like others said
  • The products arrived in perfect brand new condition
  • Friendly customer service
  • The eyeliner's brush is so soft and doesn't hurt while being used
  • The color is pretty intense and it is brown, not blackish brown. Perfect for those who look for eyeliner with actual brown color
  • Easy to use because it is in pen brush form
  • The super thin brush makes us easier to reach difficult parts of eyes, also creates intense edgy winged-shape eyeline <3
  • Cute packaging
  • Waterproof
  • Stays almost all for 18 hours in humid days
  • Dry quickly
  • Travel friendly, won't spoil <3
  • Doesn't irritate my eyes
Neutral :

  • Smudge only a bit, maybe because I live in super humid place! However, the smudge is not a big problem since it didn't turn me into a panda like other eyeliners -,-)a

Cons :
  • The product delivered to me in quite a while. Maybe it is because this was sent from Malaysia (and I am in Indonesia).
  • The liner fades away if it is rubbed after it contracts with water
Overall....I really love this product! I'm so excited to use this product for my upcoming makeup tutorial :D

Thank you for reading and have a blessed day! <3 ^^
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  1. cici juga punya de.., tapi sayang coklatnya kurang coklat ya...
    tapi ini ya ga sekali2nya pakek eyeliner coklat sih hehehe


  2. Aku punya yg black dan blm pernah coba yg brown :)


  3. Dolly wink ♥♥ nice review jess
    Hana Village become so popular lately ^^

    ★ www.xiaovee.com ★

  4. Oh it looks so lovely, definitely want to try it! thanks for sharing :)


  5. aduh dollywink <3 aku lebih tertarik sama eyelash mereka jess, lucu lucu banget :3

  6. Thank you for sharing , I will check it for sure :-) GiG

  7. It is great that u finally found a website u trust! The eyeliner looks great.... love the packaging ^^


  8. the eyeliner looks great! i'm now using Kate's super sharp liner and it works great as well :D

    Pudding Monster

  9. you should try K-Palette's brown eyeliner!!!!! it's really good :D I've tried it before:) giglove

  10. Keren ya, tp sepertinya warna coklatnya agak kurang intense. Nice review, Jes.. :)


  11. Lovely website and that product looked soo cute! But sad that it got smudged ! :(

    GIG Love
    xoxo Chaicy - Style.. A Pastiche!

  12. What an adorable package - Such a cute product, thanks for sharing! <3 GIGLove

  13. another korean makeup again..
    it absolutely looks so cute for the packaging and natural color <3

  14. i wanted to try this next..heard many blogger rave about it!

  15. i have this one in black and am in love with it but doesn't do well in the inner corner

  16. The make up products you bought are so awesome!! I want to try some!!

  17. this is an incredible review. I think the result is good and the product is worthy.

  18. niceee , brill packaging too, im such a sucker for nice packagine - giglove

  19. i love dolly wink products!!! i have a ton of their stuff. thanks for the review. GIG

    Chie | The Brown Eyed Fox

  20. Great review. A new online store i must keep an eye on.
    giglove http://www.icynosure.in/

  21. Beautiful review. There's so much hype about Dolly Wink products, maybe it is time for me to get some :)

  22. I really like how Dolly Wink makeup are packaged, but I'm not always a huge fan of how their makeup performs... I find them very expensive

  23. Great review! I love dolly wink falsies, they're awesome! :P


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